Remembering the County Board Members Who Voted to Maximize Our Tax Increases

With tax bills having arrived, it seems appropriate to call attention again to those McHenry County Board members who recommended to tax us to the max: Who Voted to Raise Your County Taxes? The Board members voted “balloon” levy, that … Continue reading

No Surprise to Tax Hiking Goal of McHenry County College

When I saw that “Election Workshop” item on the agenda of the special meeting of the McHenry County Board for Tuesday, I called and asked the President’s Office what was up. The woman I talked to did not know. I … Continue reading

It’s "Thank Your McHenry County Republican Legislator Who Voted To Raise Your Taxes" Day

Certainly it will be hard for some readers to grasp, but three of the four Republican legislators representing McHenry County voted for the tax increases on beer, wine, liquor, candy, soft drinks, etc., not to mention putting slot machines in … Continue reading