Billionaire Dem Candidate Pritzker Backs Term Limits for Legislative Leaders

Well, what do you know? Reading Capitol Fax yesterday, I learned that JB Pritzker has followed Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Danial Biss in supporting Term Limits for Legislative Leaders. As I have reported earlier, the idea was first put into play … Continue reading

Democrat Daniel Biss Supports Term Limits for Legistlative Leaders

Capitol Fax is reported this week that State Senator Daniel Biss, running for Governor as a Democrat, has adopted the proposal that I set forth on the day I announced my 2002 candidacy for Governor on the Libertarian Party ticket: … Continue reading

Idea Surfaced in 2002 Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Campaign Gaining Legs

When an idea gains strength journalists say it has “legs.” The idea for a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms a person could be House Speaker or Minority Leader and Senate President or Minority Leader was a major … Continue reading

McConnaughay Praises Term Limits for Senate Leaders

A press release from State Senator Karen McConnaughay: Sen. McConnaughay applauds Senate rule change imposing term limits SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Karen McConnaughay (R-St. Charles) issued the following response to a newly adopted Senate Resolution imposing term limits on Senate … Continue reading

Term Limits for Legislative Leaders 13 Years after Proposed

My first press conference in the 2002 Libertarian Party campaign for Governor against chickenhearted Rob Blagojevich and Jim Ryan focused on Term Limits for Legislative Leaders. Below, you can see the poster that my Lt. Gov. candidate Jim Tobin and … Continue reading

Term Limits for Legislative Leaders Now Has 83% Support

Back in the spring of 2002, at a press conference in Jim Tobin’s National Taxpayers United of Illinois office, he and I held our first press conference in our Libertarian Party quest for the Governor’s and Lt. Governor’s Office. The … Continue reading

Term Limits for Legislative Leaders Catches Tribune’s Eye

First promoted over ten years ago in my Libertarian Party campaign for Illinois Governor against Rod Blagojevich and Jim Ryan, my proposal for Term Limits for Legislative Leaders made the Chicago Tribune editorial endorsement of State Senator Dan Duffy. Here’s the … Continue reading

Northwest Herald Editorializes in Favor of Idea Advanced in 2002 Libertarian Party Campaign

I don’t know if anyone at the Northwest Herald was there in 2002 when I ran for governor on the Libertarian Party ticket, but Sunday’s editorial writer provided a flashback for me. When I announced my candidacy, the main pitch … Continue reading

Althoff Endorses Matt Murphy for Lt. Governor

I guess I’ve slipped off State Senator Pam Althoff’s press release list, but, fortunately, I discovered on < that one of McHenry County’s legislators is endorsing her colleague Matt Murphy for Lieutenant Governor. Murphy started off running for governor, then … Continue reading

Term Limits for Legislative Leaders – Where State Senators Stand

Previously, McHenry County Blog extracted the responses of state representatives to a proposal to impose term limits on leaders. Locally, Republican Mike Tryon was the only one opposed to imposing term limits on legislative leaders. That’s the reform I championed … Continue reading

Term Limits for Leaders

I’m pretty amazed that the issue I stressed when I ran for governor against Rod Blagojevich and Jim Ryan in 2002 is getting attention during this year when the media is pushing reform: Term Limitsfor Leaders When my Libertarian Party … Continue reading