Democrats Mail 2nd Hit Piece Against Mark Kirk

Not a bad piece, but it came the same day as the first one. It, like the other one, was mailed by the Lake County Democratic Central Committee. Apparently it went statewide. This one has a Time Magazine-time cover. “Our … Continue reading

Lake County Democrats Hit Kirk on Behalf Libertarian Mike Labno

Something called “Illinois Victory, a Project of the Lake County Democratic Party,” financed two mailings pointing people toward Libertarian Mike Labno. Here is the address side: Here’s the outside of the mailing: Inside this is what one sees (click to … Continue reading

Harvard Lawyer Scott Summers, Green Candidate for State Treasurer, Suggests “Moth Balling” Two Public Law Schools

Third party candidates in American politics are famous for injecting new ideas into the governmental arena. They usually don’t get elected, but the power party candidates pick up on them and sometimes they get enacted. Former McHenry County College Board … Continue reading

Three-Party System Appears in Great Britain

After the first Prime Ministerial debate in the history of Great Britain, the third party is polling number one, according to a firm called BPIX. Undoubtedly, the three parties, the in-power Labour (that’s the way the English spell it), traditional … Continue reading