Will Higher Toll Taxes to Increase Traffic on Algonquin Road through Barrington Hills?

The preferred routes to southeastern McHenry County may change for cheapskates like me when they drive to and from Chicago. That’s because the Pat Quinn Administration’s tolls at the Route 31 Exit will almost double from 40 cents to 75 … Continue reading

Pat Quinn vs. Ordinary Mike on Popularity of 88% Toll Tax Hike

I guess no one should be surprised that no local media took a poll on whether people wanted tolls hiked. Chicago’s Mike Engle took on Governor Pat Quinn’s assertion that 85% of Illinois motorists understood and approved of the need … Continue reading

Echoes of Blagojevich

The second trial of disgraced ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich is but an echo of the first. Who cares the second time around? It’s not front page news. No Saturday Night Live skits about his hair and swear words. “If Illinois politicians … Continue reading

Kirk Dillard Opposes Jim Ryan’s Proposal to Privatize the Tollway

Apparently the leading candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination (according to the Chicago Tribune pollster), Jim Ryan, has called for privatizing the Illinois Tollway. Actually, I see in the Daily Herald, Ryan wants to sell it. One of his DuPage … Continue reading