Last Minute Pitch for GOP Precinct Committeemen to Attend Special Saturday Meeting in Crystal Lake

As an operative for the Republican Party in McHenry County sends out (again, not to me) Chairman Mike Tryon’s letter discouraging attendance at the Special Meeting of the local GOP at d’Andrea’s Saturday morning at 9 AM (public is invited), … Continue reading

GOP Central Committee Meets Saturday at 9 at d’Andrea’s to Decide Fate of Tonya Franklin’s Bid to Oppose “Chainsaw Jack” Franks

Tomorrow is the day that willing Republican State Representative candidate Tonya Franklin learns whether she is authorized to seek 500 “good signatures” in two days The meeting, to which the public is invited, will be held Saturday at 9 AM … Continue reading

New Precinct Committee Appointed Right Before Special Meeting to Consider “Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ Opponent Tonya Franklin Increases Quorum

Here are the Republican Precinct Committeemen, newly appointed by McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon: CORAL 2 – Josephine Gilio (Appt 5/29/12), Huntley GRAFTON 5 – John McGuire (Appt 5/25/12), Crystal Lake GRAFTON 9 – Eric P Hartmann (Appt … Continue reading

April 8th Northwest Herald Editor Dan McCaleb Decried Lack of Electoral Competition

Editor Dan McCaleb was aiming his April 8th comments mainly at McHenry County Democrats, pointing out the minority party locally had until June 4th to fill slots. For some reason McCaleb didn’t mention the obvious gap on the Republican side … Continue reading

Tonya Franklin Reaches Out

An email from Tonya Franklin: We know we do not have a lot of time, so we set up temporary headquarters at Vaughan’s Family Restaurant 790 S Eastwood Dr, (Hwy 47) Woodstock, IL Temporary Campaign Phone Number 847-304-8800. We have … Continue reading

Illinois Reformer Castigates Mike Tryon

Back in his student days, Andy Martin-Trigona so irritated the legal establishment in Illinois by probing the corruption in the Illinois Supreme Court that when he got his law degree he wasn’t granted a license. Since then he has been … Continue reading

What’s the Downside of Tonya Franklin’s Running against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks?

The upside is obvious. Democrat Jack Franks has to pay more attention to getting re-elected. That means Jack Franks will have less time to go elsewhere in Illinois to elect other Democrats who will vote to make Mike Madigan House … Continue reading

Sharon Meroni Replies to Mike Tryon’s Call to Boycott Grassroots-Called Central Committee Meeting intended to Pave Way for Tonya Franklin Candidacy against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks

The following came into my email inbox from Algonquin Township’s Sharon Meroni, the new Precinct Committeeman who won a  write-in campaign this past spring. Meroni  is one of the people who convinced Tea Party-inspired Republican activist Tonya Franklin to volunteer … Continue reading

10 Days Before the McHenry County GOP Hands “Chainsaw Jack” Franks an Opponentless Election

Led by Sharon Meroni, a successful write-in candidate for GOP Precinct Committeeman in Fox River Grove, over 25% of the members (both elected and appointed) of the McHenry County Central Committee agreed to call a 9 AM  special meeting on … Continue reading

Tonya Franklin Introduces Herself

A press release from Tonya Franklin, who is seeking the McHenry County Republican Central Committee’s blessing to run for State Representative against Democrat Jack Franks. Tonya Franklin Introduces Herself Tonya Franklin, a local Republican and a nationally renown Tea Party … Continue reading

Tonya Franklin Supporters Get Enough Agreement to Call Special Meeting of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee

Here is the notice being sent by Sharon Meroni and over 25% of the Republican Precinct Committeemen to all Republican Precinct Committeemen in McHenry County. It announces the call of a Special Meeting to appoint two Representative Committeemen for Jack … Continue reading

Effort to Put Tonya Franklin on the Ballot against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Seeks Special McHenry County GOP Central Committee Meeting

Having watched or been a part of the McHenry County Republican Party since 1966, I’ve never seen something like what you see below. It is an effort by a Republican Precinct Committeeman to get a special meeting of the Central … Continue reading

13 Days Until “Chainsaw Jack” Franks Can Schedule a First Week of November Vacation

I guess McHenry County Republican County Chairman Mike Tryon could still decide to call a special meeting of his GOP Central Committee to allow the 63rd District Precinct Committeemen to select the two additional and needed members of a 63rd … Continue reading

14 Days Until McHenry County Republican Inaction Annoints “Chainsaw Jack” Franks for a Third Uncontested Term

Over the weekend I became convinced that McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon is the only one who can either take steps to allow Tea Party activist Tonya Franklin a chance to get on the ballot to run against … Continue reading

15 Days from “Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ Big Celebration Because the McHenry County GOP Didn’t Put Up an Opponent, Even though Tonya Franklin Volunteered

There’s still an opportunity for McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon to call a Central Committee meeting at which the two Representative Committee members besides himself could be appointed. But, it’s his call. Is he willing to take responsibility … Continue reading

16 Days for McHenry County Republicans to Put Someone on the Ballot against State Rep. “Chainsaw Jack” Franks

The McHenry County Republican Party bylaws say that there was supposed to be a meeting of the Central Committee last Thursday, the third Thursday of the month. Earlier this week I emailed newly-elected Vice Chairman Mark Daniel and asked him … Continue reading