Slot Machine Win for Rural Bar Owners, Electronic Billboards Delayed Again

Two issues were considered for the second time at Tuesday night’s: slot machines at bars and restaurants in unincorporated McHenry County electronic billboards outside of municipalities Also called video poker machines, the electronic devices will be allowed after a 15-9 … Continue reading

The Other Tuesday Night Meetings – Township Annual Meetings & McHenry County Board’s with Vote on Slot Machines in Rural Bars

Besides the 6 PM meeting at McHenry County College at which the lame duck Board seems destined to renew President Vicky Smith’s contract, there are other meetings people might find of interest. Each of McHenry County’s 17 Townships will hold … Continue reading

Diane Evertsen Stops Passage of Video Gambling…for Now

The McHenry County Liquor and License Committee met Monday morning with an audience of liquor license holders pretty much filling the room. According to Committee chairman Ken Koehler, there were 15 people testifying in favor of a vote on a … Continue reading

Slot Machines on County Board Committee Agenda Monday at 10

Monday morning video poker (or slot machines, if one wants to be accurate) returns to the Liquor & License Committee again. Opponent John Hammerand isn’t Chairman any more. Now, proponent Ken Koehler has the gavel. The other members are VC … Continue reading

Is Another Push for Slot Machines in Unincorporated Taverns Coming?

OK. You can say another effort to legalize slot machines and video poker is not likely. But, before you or I come to that conclusion, let’s look at what happened to the Liquor & License Committee make-up for the next … Continue reading

Fox River Grove Approves Slot Machines

With slot machine salesmen and liquor licensees urging the Fox River Grove Village Board to legalize what proponents like to call “video poker,” the Board complied on a 6-0 vote. Frank Gumma, owner, Ideal Gaming, Inc., East Dundee, made the … Continue reading

Spring Grove Refuses to Turn Over Andy Zinke’s Emailed Campaign Pitch

On night last week, I shot off 20-30 Freedom of Information requests for emails from announced McHenry County Sheriff candidate Andy Zinke. I’ve gotten a lot of replies. Today I received my first rejection. It was from the Village of … Continue reading

Spring Grove Village Board Approves Video Slot Machines 4-3

Some notes from a friend of McHenry County Blog about the Spring Grove’s Village Board’s approval of what supporters call “Video Poker,” but what will really put slot machines at any restaurant or tavern with a liquor license: Tonight, Spring … Continue reading

Legislative Update from St. Rep. Mike Tryon

An email from Mike Tryon about the next-to-the-last week in Springfield: Key legislation was debated and voted on last week in the General Assembly. Here is an update of some of the more noteworthy items: Bill to Curb use of … Continue reading

Slot Machines in Crystal Lake: No, No, No, No, No, No, Who Am I To Judge?

An informal discussion was held Tuesday night by the Crystal Lake City Council about whether to allow slot machines (“video poker,” if you favor the idea) in town After presentations by two gambling machine purveyors, City Council members expressed a … Continue reading

Tryon Shares Survey Results that Show Opposition to “Gaming Expansion”

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon tells us the results of a recent poll.  When I asked I was told about 100 people participated. Interestingly, one result is exactly the opposite of the way that Tryon voted. He … Continue reading

The Senate Roll Call on the Gambling Expansion Bill

Monday, the Illinois Senate passed Senate Bill 744 by a vote of 30 to 27 with two voting “Present.” The Senate roll call follows. The roll call by state representatives and an explanation of the bill can be found here. … Continue reading

Massive Gambling Bill Passes with a Little Help from a McHenry County Friend

And who is that friend who voted for a casino in Chicago and many other places? State Rep. Mark Beaubien (R-Barrington Hills). The 65-50-2 vote roll call is below: In McHenry County State Representatives Jack Franks and Mike Tryon voted, … Continue reading

Dan Duffy Reacts to Court Decision Dumping Video Gambing, Liquor and Candy Taxes, Calls for Enforcement of Balanced Budget Mandate

With the backdrop of the appellate court having invalidated the law that imposed higher taxes on liquor and candy, plus the spreading of video gambling machines all over the state, State Rep. Dan Duffy made the following comments: I agree … Continue reading

Bill Dugan, Long-Time, Now-Retired, Head of Operating Engineers Local 150 Indicted

The U.S. Attorney has released the following press release about the indictment of Bill Dugan, long-time president of Local 150 of the Operating Engineers. The Operating Engineers are the only Chicago-area union that tends to side with the Republican Party … Continue reading