IL-11: Cassandra Tanner Miller Filing with the FEC to Run for Congress Brings Champion for Domestic Violence Victims and a Record of Accomplishment for Voters

Cassandra Tanner Miller

“The path to heaven isn’t created only by the amazing things that happen to you- the path to heaven is most often found when tragedy and pain comes your way.

In most people’s eyes God is found in the fortunate and happy times- but for those who have found God in the dark times when light was barely visible- the bond you can create with God is something that is unbelievably strong and beautiful.

I hate that tragedy is a part of my life and I wish more than anything in this world that Colton was here in my arms, but I am so grateful for the relationship that God and I have found, worked on and continue to grow everyday.” — Cassandra Tanner Miller Facebook post, 1/18/22

Cassandra Tanner Miller at Video Shoot 1/14/22

Cassandra Tanner Miller filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to run for Congress in the 11th Congressional District being represented by Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville).

Miller, who lives in Kane County, filed with her campaign’s operation address being a Gilberts Post Office Box.

McHenry County Blog has been hearing about the active recruitment effort for a mainstream Republican candidate to challenge Foster in the new IL-11 since the lines were approved by the Illinois General Assembly on October 29.

Many, including national Republicans in D.C., believe they’ve found their candidate in Miller.

Miller, through the ugly tragedy of September, 2019 when her estranged husband broke into her Joliet home in Kendall County, beat her within an inch of her life, left her for dead, killed their 18-month-old son Colton, beat his oldest brother before taking his own life, worked with legislators beginning with her own state Representative David Welter (R, Morris) to pass “Colton’s Law” in 2021.

Governor JB Pritzker signed the Domestic Violence Task Force bill in August of last year.

Now, Miller ready to take her message from Illinois to Washington, D.C.

And as today’s Facebook post shows, Miller clings to her faith, openly, as the ultimate Source for her strength.

In her own words from last year being interviewed with Welter by WCIA TV:

In the coming days, Miller will formally kick off her campaign with information about her stances on the major issues facing the 11th District, and all Americans.

Video cameraman at the home of Cassandra Tanner Miller and husband Brady Johnson, note Wedding pictures in top right of pic.

Today’s filing with the FEC was required because she has raised/spent over $5K, with the shooting of her introductory video, and post-production putting her over the spending threshold.

The Republican primary voters in IL-11 have much to discern from Miller and all candidates to determine which candidate will best represent them in Washington by winning in November against Foster.

Miller and her husband Brady Johnson, who married last August, are expecting their first child together later this year.

Miller revealed in a Facebook post in November and this month by the grace of God, they are expecting a son.

Veteran Attorney Joins McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office

From the McHenry County State’s Attorney:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, is pleased to announce that Ashley Romito joined our office on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, as the Chief of Special Prosecutions in the Criminal Division.

Ashley is coming to us from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office where she has gained over 30 years of experience as a career criminal prosecutor.

She started out in the Appellate Division as an entry-level Assistant State’s Attorney, spent a couple years working in the Juvenile Justice Bureau and then later achieved her goal of becoming First Chair in the Felony Trial Division.

In 2003, she was promoted to Deputy Supervisor in the Appellate Division and then in 2012, promoted to Supervisor in the Felony Trial Division.

Ms. Romito brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of criminal prosecution.

During her impressive career, she maintained a caseload of significant and complex cases, many of which were first-degree murder cases.

Ashley received her Juris Doctor from DePaul University College of Law in 1990 and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Illinois State University.

Please welcome Ashley as she continues her career on behalf of the citizens of McHenry County.

Darren Bailey Seems to Have Been Endorsed by Donald Trump

Darren Bailey musr have escaped the Illinois cold to fly to Florida.

Here he is standing next to former President Donald Trump:

Darren Bailey and Donald Trump

Look at the note Trump wrote:

Donld Trump writes, “Good Luck!” and “WIN” to Darren Bailey.

This is what the Facebook post says:

“I appreciate the words of encouragement from a leader who understands what it’s like to take on the corrupt establishment and put the people first. 

“When the liberal media and the establishment attack me and attempt to mislead you, they are not really coming after me. They are attacking our freedoms, children, parental rights, and way of life, but I will not waver under pressure, and I will never stop standing up for YOU. 

“Friends, they are scared of the grassroots movement we are building that has swelled to well over 10,000 motivated volunteers across the state. 

“With your help, we will win this election and begin the work of reforming Springfield and restoring Illinois.

“We will fight for our freedoms, demand law and order, and get our economy growing again as it has never grown before. 

“I will end Pritzker’s mandates and be a Governor for the people. I will fight every day to give working families, taxpayers, parents, students, law enforcement, gun owners, the unborn, and every forgotten community a voice in our state. “

GOP Blasts Democrat State Comptroller Suzanna Mendoza for Connections to Corrupt Politicians

From the Illlinois Repulbican party:

Comptroller Susanna Mendoza’s Only Qualifications are Her Corrupt Connections 

Susanna Mendoza has been a bought and paid for corrupt politician since getting her start in Illinois politics.

Her close ties to Danny Solis, Ed Burke, and Mike Madigan have haunted her as the truth of their transgressions has come to light.  

Mendoza received the biggest donation Solis’ political organization ever made, totaling more than $100,000 from Solis and his associates for her mayoral race alone.

Solis, now indicted in the bribery scandal alongside Ed Burke, hired Mendoza on his first campaign for Alderman and has been a champion of hers ever since. 

 Mendoza got married at Ed Burke’s home and has spoken adoringly of him, until he was indicted of course. 

Mendoza said of Burke “Thank you so very much, Alderman Burke, you are a true champion of mine. He is really primarily the reason why I stand before you today.”

Funny how a little thing like a federal indictment can make you change your tune on a long term friend. 

And then there’s Mike Madigan.

Mendoza nominated Madigan for Speaker during her time in the General Assembly.

Madigan helped clear the field for her as her career advanced under his tutelage.

She has called him a “brilliant politician, tactician, and public servant and a great man“ and her “political mentor.”

We’ll see if she stands by her mentor as his investigation process continues and an indictment looms. 

Susanna Mendoza is a product of the corrupt Madigan Machine that has permeated the Democrats in Illinois after decades of cultivation.

Mendoza is just another part of the corrupt circle of politicians Illinois Democrats have elevated to state office, and exactly why we need a competent, qualified comptroller to take her place

Steve Reick’s Campaign Disclosure Report

State Representative Steve Reick has filed his campaign disclosure report with the State Board of Elections.

He reports having $51,455.14 in the bnak, having raised $19,700 and spent $3,756.69.

Receipts and expenditures under $150.01 do not have to be reported.

His contributions follow:

Accel Entertainment Gaming, LLCP.O. Box 1218
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
12/31/2021 Services LLCP.O. Box 80683
Seattle, WA 98108
Chicago Mercantile Exchange20 S Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60606
Exxon/MobilP.O. Box 7659
Spring, TX 77387
Ford Motor Co Civic Action FundOne American Road
Room 1001-E4
Dearborn, MI 48126
Gardner, RichardRR 3, Box 98B
Lawrenceville, IL 62439
Hagenbruch, Joseph502 N. Hart Blvd.
Harvard, IL 60033
Hepperlen, Mike6823 W Hillside Rd
Crystal Lake, IL 60012
J & J Ventures Gaming, LLCPO Box 1709
Effingham, IL 62401
Kasper & Nottage, PCP.O. Box 3590
Chicago, IL 60654
Peoples Gas200 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601
PhRMA500 W. Madison St.
Suite 1000
Chicago, IL 60661
Raven Securities, Inc.P.O. Box 23259
Belleville, IL 62223
Rivers Casino3000 S. River Rd.
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Target CorporationP.O Box 1296
Minneapolis, MN 55440
Walgreens108 Wilmot Rd.
Deerfield, IL 60015
Walgreens108 Wilmot Rd.
Deerfield, IL 60015
Walmart Stores702 SW 8th St.
Bentonville, AR 72716
ABATE PAC618 S. Pine St.
Freeport, IL 61032
Chicagoland Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC6200 Joliet Rd.
Countryside, IL 60525
Citizens for Matt Murphy952 N. Arrowhead Dr.
Palatine, IL 60074
Health Care Services Corporation Employees’ PAC300 E. Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60601
IL State Medical Society PAC20 N. Michigan Av.
Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60602
Illinois CPA’s for Political Action550 W Jackson Blvd
Suite 900
Chicago, IL 60661
Illinois Soybean Growers PAC1605 Commerce Pkwy.
Bloomington, IL 61704
Manufacturers Political Action Committee220 E Adams St
Springfield, IL 62701
Wine & Spirits Distributors of Illinois27 E. Monroe St.
Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60603

Expenditures follow:

  • Butterball Turkeys – $303.02, turkeys
  • Constant Compact – $210, email marketing
  • Crain’s Chicago Business – $169, subscription
  • Destination Kohler – $513, Christmas gift
  • Holzlager Brewing Company -$159, hall rental
  • Liberty Self Storage – $180, storage
  • McHenry County Department of Transportation – $600, constituent fare cards
  • Woodstock Chamber of Commerce – $180, dues

No Indication Zahorik Ramping Up for State Rep. Campaign Against Steve Reick

When I first saw the central State Representative district–the only one totally in McHenry County–included Demcoratic party Chair Kristina Zahorik, I thought it might have been drawn to allow her to have a good chance to become a member of the Illinois General Assembly.

Nancy Pelosi and Kriztina Zahorik

But, looking at her fourth quarter campaign disclusure report to the Illnois State Board of Elections, I see no fundraising at all.

Of course, she could still run.

No one in the Democratic Party would challenge her for the nomination.

And she’s still have plenty of time to tap union piggy banks and Governor Pritzker before the November election, so I don’t think it’s time to completely write off a Zahorik candidacy.

She has $22,341.55 in the bank.


The only reportable expenditure was a $750 contribution to Mary Mahady, who seeks a pay raise from the $45,000 she is paid as McHenry Township Assessor to the $109,000 paid rhe County Clerk and Recorder.

Incumbent Steve Reick, running in almost a totally new district reports $51,455.14, reported having raised $19,700 and spent $3,756.69.

D-11: Cassandra Tanner Miller Enters GOP Congressional Race

The following shows a new emtrant in the race for the Republican nomination to run against 11th Congressional District incumber Bill Foster–Cassandra Tanner Miller of Kaner County’s Gilberts:

Cassandra Tanner-Miller

Miller has experience the tragedy of her ex-husband’s killing their baby boy.


“CBS 2 has been following Tanner Miller’s story for nearly two years. It started with a walk through the crime scene in 2019. It was just months after Cassandra’s estranged husband broke into her Joliet home, savagely beat her

“After Christopher Michael Miller beat hear, he then went upstairs — and shot and killed their little boy, Colton.”

Infuriating her was “her ex’s revoked FOID card that was never turned in, to his unmonitored stint out on an I-bond, to Cassandra’s warning to the Illinois National Guard, for which he served, of his violent behavior and drug use that unfortunately fell on deaf ears.”

Last August, “Colton’s Law created a taskforce that will hopefully help identify other issues in the system by conducting a comprehensive review of processes, operations and enforcement of domestic violence laws in the state.

“’I hope that they continue to listen because this is just the beginning,’ said Tanner Miller.

“‘The end is when we do not have another family that is hiding, that is dying, that is trying to escape at the hands of their abuser.’”

The Daily Mail described the horrific incident with these headlines:

Mother details horrific moment her estranged husband stormed into her home yelling ‘Are you all ready to die today?’ as he attacked her and their daughter before fatally shooting their baby boy nine times and killing himself

  • Cassandra Tanner-Miller gave a harrowing interview just days after the murder-suicide in her home in Juliet, Illinois on Saturday 
  • Her ex Christopher Michael Miller fatally shot the couple’s 18-month-old son Colton nine times while he slept in his crib before turning the gun on himself
  • In the moments prior, Miller had brutally attacked his estranged wife and their daughter but the little girl managed to break free
  • Tanner-Miller and her daughter suffered severe injuries from the attack 

Compensation of McHenry County Employees for 2020-21: Pe-Re

Each year McHenry County goes beyond the letter of the law and publishes compensation for all of its employees (1,237 this year).

The figures are explained like this:

“In accordance with PA 97-609, and certain requirements within this act, a government entity is required to list on its website the total compensation package for every IMRF covered employee earning a total compensation package in excess of $75,000. Salary and benefit information for IMRF employees are for salaries on FY 2020-21 as it represents numbers that are projected to be earned at the completion of the fiscal year. Numbers do not become actual until the completion of the fiscal year. This information is offered to provide transparency.”

Below are only a summary of the information–name, position and total compensation. The figure includes salary and benefits, for example, health insurance, pension, uniform allowance.

Kathryn A. Perkins Correctional Officer – Union $93,796.40
Kayla N. Peshek Deputy – Union $66,915.20
Karra Pessetti Training & Auditing Officer $63,032.96
Jennifer L. Peter Professional Nurse $79,749.44
Ciarra A. Peters Certified Nursing Assistant I $72,540.00
Ryan D. Peterson Senior Transportation Planner $71,240.22
Victoria M. Peterson Lead Court/Courtroom Spec $41,866.50
Wileen Peterson ETSB Applications Specialist $83,216.46
Ashley N. Peto Secretary/Dep Coroner $32,104.80
Michael L. Pettet Assistant State’s Attorney $69,521.31
James J. Petty Deputy – Union $91,757.76
Ronald M. Pfeiffer Facilities Maintenance Manager $99,160.60
Jessica Phillips County Board Member $21,008.00
William L. Pickens Senior Probation Officer $79,350.54
Kara M. Plonczynski Vet Public Health Asst Manager $66,695.04
Christo M. Poggas Building Inspector $46,800.00
Diane R. Poli Recorder Office Supervisor $68,004.16
Tara R. Polte Nursing Home Assistant Admin $100,621.89
Sydney A. Ponitz Probation Officer $51,719.04
James D. Popovits Deputy Sheriff LT $151,042.56
Jesse R. Porter IT Project Manager $81,713.96
Jeffery J. Poynter Dir Workforce Network Board $87,039.32
William P. Prim * Sheriff $183,036.56
Fouzia Qazi Clinical Patient Navigation Sp $84,157.74
Michael E. Quick, II Deputy – Union $129,972.16
Carlos M. Quiles Court Security Ofcr – Union $42,744.80
Amy Quinlan MHB Executive Assistant $64,158.10
Colleen A. Quinn Custodian I $38,209.46
Alma R. Ramirez Registry – RN $22,464.00
Deborah S. Ramirez Court/Courtroom Spec III $61,866.60
Yadira L. Ramos Intern $6,429.70
Christopher W. Rardin Correctional Officer – Union $106,900.16
Mary J. Rath Certified Nursing Assistant I $57,327.89
Trent D. Raupp Deputy – Union $85,918.00
Sarah M. Rausch Mental Health Court Clinician $67,109.10
Jimena Rea Registry – CNA $5,777.20
April Reams Ramoni Zoning Coordinator $37,479.00
Rachel E. Reddick Certified Nursing Assistant I $36,592.40
Benjamin A. Redding Design Manager $114,607.18
Dawn G. Redner Director of Nursing $108,823.90
William E. Reese, Jr Correctional Officer – Union $114,834.32
Kelly K. Reid Communication Coord/Supv $92,126.72
Terra L. Reid Court/Courtroom Spec I $29,562.00
Michael R. Rein County Coroner $105,305.60
Sharon D. Repplinger Clerk I $39,040.64
Susan A. Retek Mapping Technician II $55,549.80
Eric M. Retz Correctional Officer – Union $102,886.40


Bill Prim

Perez,Brenda E Registry – CNA $5,357.57
Perkins,Kathryn A Correctional Officer – Union $91,966.00
Persinger,Carrie L Certified Nursing Asst I $29,076.45
Pessetti,Karra Probation Officer $44,646.18
Peter,Jennifer L LPN $75,152.52
Peterson,Patricia R MHB Executive Assistant $81,607.14
Peterson,Ryan D Senior Transportation Planner $70,474.82
Peterson,Tabitha Workforce Adult $6,500.00
Peterson,Victoria M Court/Courtroom Spec II $39,741.00
Peterson,Wileen ETSB Applications Specialist $82,943.46
Petterson,Ryan M Activity Assistant $35,516.34
Petty,James J Deputy – Union $87,805.76
Pfeiffer,Ronald M Facilities Maintenance Manager $102,440.70
Pickens,William L. Senior Probation Officer $79,350.30
Pienschke,Cailyn N Registry – CNA $6,137.94
Plata,Dianayeli Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Platt,Claudia Administrative Specialist I $14,069.25
Plonczynski,Kara M Vet Public Health Asst Manager $65,884.90
Poli,Diane R Recorder Office Supervisor $65,267.94
Polnicka,Wieslawa E Housekeeper $40,342.92
Polte,Tara R Nursing Home Assistant Admin $94,351.28
Ponitz,Sydney A Probation Officer $41,769.00
Popovits,James D Deputy Sheriff LT $148,700.44
Porter,Jesse R Systems Analyst I $71,831.76
Poyer,Mary M Registry – RN $18,720.00
Poynter,Jeffery J Dir Workforce Network Board $85,318.84
Prescott,Elizabeth K Senior Case Manager $49,404.34
Prim,William P * Sheriff $189,460.80
Qazi,Fouzia Clinical Patient Navigation Sp $82,704.22
Quick II,Michael E. Detective – Union $128,066.84
Quinn,Colleen A Custodian I $37,019.84
Raabe,Kimberly S. Administrative Specialist III $47,307.00
Ragheb,Sayda Registry – RN $18,720.00
Ramirez,Alma R Registry – RN $18,720.00
Ramirez,Deborah S. Court/Courtroom Spec III $60,774.36
Rangel,Oscar Legal Admin Specialist I $45,268.34
Rardin,Christopher W Correctional Officer – Union $105,069.28
Rath,Mary J Certified Nursing Asst I $49,529.60
Raupp,Trent D Deputy – Union $80,352.00
Rea,Jimena Certified Nursing Asst I $11,630.58
Reddick,Rachel E Certified Nursing Asst I $29,076.45
Redding,Benjamin A Design Manager $112,367.06
Redner,Dawn G Director of Nursing $106,309.60
Reese,William E Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Reid,Kelly K Communication Coord/Supv $89,025.52
Rekenthaler,Susan M Registered Nurse $83,386.56
Rendant,Brittany N Court/Courtroom Spec I $41,293.86
Repplinger,Sharon D Clerk I $39,301.34
Retek,Susan A Mapping Technician II $53,825.22
Retz,Eric M Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56

= = = = =

*With the exception of $4,000, the County Sheriff’s stipend is reimbursed by the State of Illinois.

Mancow Mueller Second Radio Guy Wanting to Run For Governor as an Independent

Earlier McHenry County Blog showed readers that Star105.5 morning guy Joe Cicero was rumminating about running for Governor as an Independent.

Now comes reitred shock jock Mancow Mueller with similar ambitions:


Illinois is in a state of emergency!

A recent study* put the Illinois as the most corrupt state in the Union. What’s worse is Chicago tops the list for the most corrupt city.

Mancow Mueller announcing candidacy for Governor.

Our politicians have bought and sold our state to corporations and have sold-out the good people of Illinois. We have some of the highest taxes in the country, where is that money going?

How is it being managed?

We should be prospering but instead our citizens are leaving by the tens of thousands to find homes for their families in more reasonable states.

What happened? How did we get to this place?

One thing is clear!

It is time for something different!I’ve been interviewing politicians in Illinois for over 30 years.

I’ve seen this corruption firsthand.

Brothers and sisters, I’m tired of talking and I’m ready to do something about it.

Unlike the current people in charge, I’m here for you, I actually care about you and your family.

I’m ready to listen and I’m ready shake up these career politicians who just get fat on our expense.

This is the Mancow movement

The Mancow militia of love and I am asking for your support in my run for Governor of this great state of Illinois.This website is our headquarters.

Reach out to me through this site or on social media.

I want to hear from you.

Unlike our other political adversaries, I’ll listen, I’ll give you straight answers.

Enough of the Left, enough of the Right, we need to stop politicizing everything, and need to start talking to each other to fix this mess.

Each week we will be releasing more videos on the issues we will be campaigning on and more info on our campaign and how you can get involved.

I care about the good people of Illinois; I care about the great city of Chicago, and I am going to get us back on track in 2024!

Thank you for your support.

Your friendly neighborhood Mancow!

= = = = =

Maybe Joe Cicero and Mancow Mueller will form a slate.

McHenry County Board Districts 2022-32

Below are the maps approved by the McHenry County Board.

The office pays about $21,000 a year and, although membbers are no longer eligible for pensions, but theyu can still opt in for health insurance for themselves and family members that can almost double the compensation.

I recommend getting twice as many signatures as reequired so one can withstand a petition challenge (the easy way to defeat an oppoent is to keep him/her off the ballot).

District 1

McHenry County Board District 1 map.

District 2

McHenry County Board District 2 map.

District 3

District 4

McHenry County Board District 4 map.

District 5

McHenry County Board District 5 map.

District 6

McHenry County Board District 6 map.

District 7

McHenry County Board District 7 map.

District 8

McHenry County Board District 8 map.

District 9

McHenry County Board District 9 map.

The Republican Billionaire’s Choices

Billionaire Republican Ken Griffin’s candidates have been identified by WMAQ-TV.

The NBC station’s graphic is below:

Ken Griffin’s selections for statewide office. From left to right top row: Aurora Mayor Richard Griffin for Governor, State Rep. Avery Bourne for Lt. Gov., former Springfield Federal District Attorney John Milhiser for Secretary of State; bottom row: Steve Kim for Attorney General, State Rep. Tom Demmer for Treasurer, McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi for State Comptroller.

Notables Endorsing Aurora Mayor for GOP Gubernatorial Aspirant

From the Richard Irvin campaign:

The list of support for Irvin and Bourne includes the following leaders throughout Illinois:

• Nick Africano, Kankakee County Treasurer & Kankakee County GOP Chair (Kankakee County)
• Mark Aguilera, Former National Committeeman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois (Cook County)
• Janice Anderson, Former DuPage County Board Member (DuPage County)
• Shweta Baid, Aurora Alderman (Ward 10) (DuPage County)
• Dwight Baird, Kendall County Sheriff (Kendall County)
• Sue Barfield, Former Chair of the Massac County GOP Women (Massac County)
• Dick Barr, Lake County Board Member & Lake Villa Township GOP Vice Chair (Lake County)
• Mark Batinick, Illinois State Representative (HD97) (Will County)
• Bob Berlin, DuPage County State’s Attorney (DuPage County)
• Mike Bigger, Stark County Republican Chairman, Former Secretary of the Illinois Republican Party
• Adam Brown, Former Illinois State Representative (HD102) (Macon County)
• Tim Butler, Illinois State Representative (HD87) (Sangamon County)
• Eugene Carpino, Former Executive Director of the Illinois House Republican Organization (DuPage County)
• Sandi Cianci, Kankakee County Circuit Clerk (Kankakee County)
• Dan Cronin, DuPage County Board Chairman (DuPage County)
• Tom Cronin, River Forest Township GOP Chair (Cook County)
• Tom Cross, Former House Republican Leader (Will County)
• Judy Diekelman, Illinois Republican Party Treasurer & State Central Committee (CD2) (Cook County)
• Jim Durkin, Illinois State Representative (HD82) and House Republican Leader (Cook County)
• Marianne Eterno, National Chairwoman of the Private Enterprise Advisory Council of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (Cook County)
• Larry Falbe, Lake County Republican Federation President (Lake County)
• Ron Gidwitz (Honorary), Trump Co-Chair & Former U.S. Ambassador
• Andy Goleman, Sangamon County Auditor (Sangamon County)
• Scott Gryder, Kendall County Board Chairman (Kendall County)
• Patty Gustin, Naperville City Councilmember (DuPage County)
• Tom Haine, Madison County State’s Attorney (Madison County)
• Aren Hansen, Grundy County GOP Chairman & Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee (CD16) (Grundy County)
• Kathy Hilton, Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee – Deputy (CD1) and New Lenox Township Trustee (Will County)
• Nathan Hoffman, Former Vice Chairman of the Illinois College Republican Federation and Chairman of University of Illinois-Springfield College Republicans (Sangamon County)
• Nimish Jani, Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee (CD8) (Cook County)
• Diante Johnson, Black Conservative Foundation President & Former Blacks for Trump Advisor (Vermilion County)
• Brian Kasal, 43rd Ward Republican Committeeman, Northside Chicago GOP Organization President & Illinois Republican Party Finance Committee Member (Cook County)
• Ammie Kessem, 41st Ward Republican Committeeperson (Cook County)
• Jake Lee, Kankakee County Auditor (Kankakee County)
• Gus Leventis, Addison Township Trustee & Addison Township GOP Member (DuPage County)
• Alejandro “Alex” Lopez, Elgin Township Trustee, Elgin Township GOP Member & Invest Aurora Board Member (Kane County)
• Joan McCarthy LaSonde, Executive Director of the North Cook Republican Organization (Cook County)
• Joe McMahon, Former Kane County State’s Attorney (Kane County)
• Raquel Mitchell, Will County Board Member & Wheatland Township GOP Chair (Will County)
• Sean Morrison (Honorary), Cook County Commissioner, Cook County GOP Chairman & Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee (CD3) (Cook County)
• John Munger, Vernon Township GOP Chairman (Lake County)
• Leslie Munger, Former Illinois Comptroller (Lake County)
• Gray Noll, Morgan County State’s Attorney (Morgan County)
• Lynn O’Brien, Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee – Deputy (CD6) & Illinois Republican Party Finance Committee Member (Lake County)
Jim Oberweis, Former Illinois State Senator (SD25) & Former Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee (CD14) (Kane County)
• Steve Orlando, Former Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois (Will County)
• Tim Ozinga, Illinois State Representative (HD37) (Will County)
• Rocky Pintozzi, Past Chairman of the Aurora Convention & Visitors Bureau (DuPage County)
• Matt Podgorski, Northwest Side GOP Club Chairman (Cook County)
• Randy Pollard, Former President of the Illinois County Chairmen’s Association & Former Chairman of the Fayette County GOP (Fayette County)
• Richard Porter (Honorary), Republican National Committeeman (Cook County)
• Matt Prochaska, Kendall County Circuit Clerk & Young Republicans Statewide Executive Board (Kendall County)
• Dennis Reboletti, Former Illinois State Representative & Addison Township Supervisor (DuPage County)
• Jay Reyes, Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee (CD4) (Cook County)
• Terry Richmond, Montgomery County GOP Chair (Montgomery County)
• Bob Schillerstrom, Former DuPage County Board Chairman (DuPage County)
• Tim Schneider, Former Illinois Republican Party Chairman (Cook County)
• Mike Shackel, Lemont Township Supervisor & Lemont Township GOP Chair (Cook County)
• John Shimkus (Honorary), Former U.S. Congressman (Madison County)
• Patrick Simon, Calhoun County GOP Chairman (Calhoun County)
• Grace Simpson, Mercer County State’s Attorney (Mercer County)
• Patty Smith, Aurora Alderman (Ward 8) (DuPage County)
Dan Ugaste, Illinois State Representative (HD65) (Kane County)
• Richard Veenstra, Mayor of Addison (DuPage County)
• Grant Wehrli, Former State Representative & Naperville City Council Member (DuPage County)
• Neil Williamson, Former Sangamon County Sheriff (Sangamon County)
• Ron Woerman, Aurora Alderman (At-Large) (Kane County)
• Jim Zay, DuPage County GOP Chairman & DuPage County Board Member (DuPage County)

The only ones with a McHenry County connection are State Rep. Dan Ugaste and Jim Oberweis, who won McHenry County in his race against Lauren Underwood.

Drawdown of McHenry County Jail’s ICE Detainees Occurring

McHenry County Shneriff Bill Prim reports that there are 39 in the jail today.

The Federal Appeals Court ruled that the County does not have a good chance of success at overturning Illinois state law banning local governments from jailing ICE detainees, this Chicago Tribue story reports.

“ICE has been notified of the contract termination and are arranging for the remaining detainees to be relocated,” Prim wrote.

A Story from Informed Choices

From Informed Choices:

You can help women make the brave decision to carry their baby

Informed Choices office behind the Crystal Lake McDonald’s.

The women and men who call Informed Choices are usually experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, but some are dealing with so much more…

Kelsey’s had two abortions.

She’s also experienced pregnancy loss; a stillborn daughter during her 8th month.  

Plus, she has two other children who do not live with her.  

Bipolar and suffering from depression, Kelsey called Informed Choices last summer while researching abortion.

Our staff talked with her about her options and performed an ultrasound, offering that a second ultrasound could be done to include her boyfriend. 

When she showed up crying 2 weeks later, it wasn’t for an ultrasound with her boyfriend, but because she wanted the abortion pill.

So an advocate compassionately explained again that we don’t provide the abortion pill.

When we did our routine follow-up a month later, Kelsey replied, “I’m not okay – I’m homeless.”

She was staying in a hotel that night, and promised she would call back the next day so our team could provide her with resources for housing.

But she didn’t call or want to talk the next day.

So, we waited and contacted her later saying, “we are checking in to see how you are feeling and how your situation is going?” to which Kelsey replied, “It’s a whole mess.”

She was struggling with nausea, was waiting on an apartment with her boyfriend, and was trying to get custody of her daughter.

Again, our team offered to help Kelsey with pregnancy & housing resources,  telling her they were continuing to pray for her and her situation. But Kelsey never called or came back.

Until this past week…when Kelsey emailed us to say she had decided to keep her baby which is due in less than a month!  

As we celebrate the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, you can help women like Kelsey make the brave decision to carry their babies, even in the midst of difficult life circumstances when you give today:.

Just click this link to give now: 

If you are part of a church that  is hosting a Baby Bottle Campaign this month, please put your church name in the “Company Name” box.

With the support of our church & ministry partners, Informed Choices will continue to help women and men during their time of crisis. 

On Behalf of the women and men we serve, THANK YOU!
Sarah VanDerLip
Executive Director

Darren Bailey Replies to Tribune Revelation of Covid Money Received

Last year the Federal government was tossing out money to businesses and governments in amounts that has led to 7% inflation, which will have property tax hike impact in 2023 that will bew the highest since Governor Jim Edgar pretty much forced Mke Madigan to pass the Real Estate Tax Cap in 1992.

From “Morning Brew,” a daily financial email.

Last week, the Chicago Tribune called out GOP gubernatorial hopeful Darren Bailey for having accepted $231,475 in Federal Covid subsidy money. See

According to Fox 32 News in Chicago,

“Bailey’s campaign released a statement, saying Bailey and his family farm were ‘tremendously impacted by the government shutdowns and economic downturn.’

Darren Bailey on Fox 32 News.

“In addition, he ‘stands by his comments against the government forcing private businesses to close and over incentivizing workers to stay home which created an economic mess that continues to devastate local businesses and families as inflation soars.'”

UPDATED IL-11: Alex Bruesewitz Continues the Catalina Lauf-Lie She’s Reason Congressman Adam Kinzinger Not Seeking Reelection

from Catalina Lauf Instagram 12/11/21
Alex Bruesewitz

Did Bruesewitz take a swipe at IL-11 candidate Major (ret.) Michael Pierce in his tweets about Veterans last night, as well as a swipe at the “Candidate Xs” about to announce?

Florida-based hired gun Alex Bruesewitz doubled down on the Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) Lie it was her congressional campaign from 2021 that vanquished Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon) into political retirement on October 29.

Early Monday afternoon, the 24-year-old Bruesewitz tweeted the following (UPDATE 1/18/22 6:55AM CST: Late Monday night, Bruesewitz placed the Monday morning tweet as his pinned tweet. One gets the impression Bruesewitz is back on the Catalina for Congress campaign’s payroll with the tweeting he started to do last week):

Bruesewitz, since being sought by the U.S. House Select Committee investigating January 6, 2021, last week has been taking to public appearances and Twitter by storm.

Mike Pierce

McHenry County Blog already covered why the Lauf campaign “…raised over $1m dollars in just a couple of months.” is likely a lie, but Lauf’s year-end Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing due in two weeks will confirm the embellishment.

Last night, Bruesewitz took an indirect shot at Republican candidate for IL-11 Mike Pierce (R, Naperville), with this subtle dig at Pierce:

Tweets transcribed for ease of reading:

“I love our Veterans.

“But the political battlefield is a different fight.

“If the only thing you’re running on is your Veteran status, that isn’t enough.

“I support the candidate that is most equipped to help lead us in the cultural & spiritual fight that our country is in.

“However, I am supporting many Veterans who were warriors on the battlefield but also in the culture war.

“Like Anna Paulina Luna [FL-13], Max Miller [OH-13] and Joe Kent [WA-03]”

– Alex Bruesewitz, CEO of X Strategies, LLC via Twitter January 16, 2022


One wonders if Bruesewitz knows Anna Paulina Luna (R, St. Petersburg, FL) never served on the battlefield, as her entire 5 years in the United States Air Force saw her stationed state-side, and she was never deployed in a combat theatre.

Given Bruesewitz’s habit of exaggeration, one is not surprised he doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story (and one may also wonder how he made his first million dollars in earnings at age 20 and has earned a few more millions since; and he turns 25 in March).

Light Boom Proof Video Being Shot

Now that McHenry County Blog confirmed the imminent entry into the IL-11 Republican primary field by the two “candidate Xs” in the coming days, complete with proof one of them was shooting an introductory video last Friday at their home, Bruesewitz, last night, made a preemptive strike against both Candidate X1 and Candidate X2:

“Do you believe in the idea that Republicans should compromise on their beliefs and move to the left to just win elections?

“I don’t.

“Republicans have been ‘winning’ with the wrong people for too long.

“Hopefully we change that in primary 2022.

“This midterm cycle we have a chance to elect people who will never waiver in their conservative beliefs.

“People who won’t change their politics based on their Cook PVI.

“Do you believe in the ‘majority maker’ concept?

“If you haven’t heard of it, this what it means: Recruit RINOs (closeted Dems) to run as R’s in ‘swing’ districts.

“Or do you believe we should only nominate/elect conservatives who never waiver in their beliefs?

“I believe in #2.

“I don’t like the ‘majority maker’ concept because it comes back to bite us when we take control.

The ‘majority makers’ end up siding with the Dems when push comes to shove.

“It’s why the Wall wasn’t finished, why Planned Parenthood wasn’t defunded.

“’Majority Makers’ obstruct.”

Alex Bruesewitz series of tweets January 16, 2022, transcribed from Twitter


From the desk of John Lopez: Bruesewitz’s bluster looks like projecting, comparable to what’s taking place in the Illinois governor race with the promotion Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin is “definitely a Republican” as IL State Republican Chairman Don Tracy tries to explain-away Irvin’s Democratic voting history going back to 2014.

Bruesewitz trying to project Lauf is the real deal, outside of the facts she’s been caught in numerous lies, which is why national Republicans and local Republicans have sought, and are about to see, at least two additional Republican candidates launch their campaigns for Congress for the IL-11 in the coming days.

Apply discernment to what is being said, especially from out-of-state campaign consultants trying to convince Republican primary voters in IL-11 that a woman who has no real-life accomplishments to her name, and can’t even tell the truth about herself and her job history (read, Citizens for Rauner employment 4 years ago) will represent Illinois best in Washington, D.C. but can never prove what they say about Lauf is true.

Bob Anderson’s Government Consolidation Campaign Taken to Twenty-One Newspapers

Here’s what Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson sent for publication to papers throughout Illinois:

Fight Waste! Consolidate! It’s Common Sense

There are 90,065 governments in the United States. Source from U. S. Census Bureau of Government. 

Illinois taxpayers fund 8,925 units of local government. If all states had the same number as Illinois there would be an increase of 258,094 governments, bringing the U. S. total from 90,056 to 348,150. 

Illinois’ news media, civic groups and activists have long called for government consolidation or elimination. I suggest that the Illinois news media include in their legislative questionnaire for the upcoming 2022 elections for those seeking office for governor, senator or representative:

What is your plan to reduce the size and cost of Illinois’ nation leading governments?  

The governor and all members of the General Assembly are up for election in 2022.

If you are approached to sign a petition ask this question.

What is your plan to reduce the size and cost of Illinois’ nation leading governments?

If they do not have a plan, don’t sign. In 2022 government consolidation must be a top priority. It’s all about saving Illinois through property tax relief.

Home owners in Illinois pay $5,500 on a $217.000 home.

The United States medium is just $1,952 on a $217,000 home. Illinois homeowners will pay $35,000 more to live in their own homes over the next 10 years than those living in homes that are taxed at the medium level. 

“Potential for Global Cooling” This Spring and Summer

“Stop Global Warming” yard sign.

It appears the vulcanic erruption in the Pacific Ocean near Tonga will result in this Crystal Lake homeowner’s wish.

Beginning of volcanic erruption near Tonga.
Erruption near the isaland of Tonga.

According to Renee Duff, as reported in the Chicago Tribune, “In the longer term, there’s a potential for global cooling this spring and summer, as ash could block a small amount of sunlight, she added — a phenomenon that scientists will be following in the coming months.”

Bill Being Heard Wednesday to Require Reporting of Vaccination Status to State Government

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

File witness slip opposing HB 4244

Hearing is Wed. morning on HB4244, which makes registration of a person’s COVID (or other) vaccine, or immunization exemption form, mandatory.

House Sponsors: Rep. Bob Morgan

Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the Immunization Data Registry Act. Provides that health care providers, physician’s designees, or pharmacist’s designees shall (rather than may) provide immunization data to be entered into the immunization data registry. Provides that the written information and the immunization data exemption forms must include information that the health care provider shall (rather than may) report immunization data to the Department of Public Health to be entered into the immunization data registry. Effective January 1, 2023.


How to fill in witness slips (a bit tricky first time):

Witness Slip Instructions:

Section I. Enter your name, address, city and zip code. You can leave Firm/Business and Title blank. If it won’t allow you to leave them black, enter self.

Section II. Leave it blank if you are not representing a group, or enter self.

Section III. Check that you are an Opponent to this feckless proposal.

Section IV. Unless you are filing a written statement, select Record of Appearance Only.

Lastly, check that you agree to the terms of agreement.

Click Create (Slip).