Druggies Arrested in Marengo

From the Marengo Police Department:

On Friday, August 12, 2022 the Marengo Police Department arrested Joseph Crago, 32, of 33320 N. Sunset, Wildwood, IL, for the following alleged offense(s);

  • Possession of Stolen Registration Plate (Felony),
  • Unlawful Display of Registration (Misdemeanor),
  • Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Misd.),
  • Possession of Hypodermic Syringe or Needle (Misd.) and

citations for

  • No Front Registration Plate,
  • Defective Windshield,
  • No Valid Registration,
  • Operating Uninsured Vehicle and
  • Registration Card to Be Carried.

Mr. Crago was transported to McHenry County Jail where his bond was set at $1000.

In the same incident, the Marengo Police Department arrested Christina Kalter, 33, of 33320 N. Sunset, Wildwood, IL for the following alleged offenses;

  • Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance (Felony),
  • Obstructing Justice-False Information (Felony),
  • Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Misd.),
  • Possession of Hypodermic Syringe or Needle (Misd.) and
  • a Lake County (IL) Failure to Appear Arrest Warrant.

Ms. Kalter was transported to McHenry County Jail where her bond was set at $5,075.

23-Year Old Man Arrested for Hit and Run

From the Harvard Police Department:


On 07-25-22 at 0058 hrs, Police responded to the 500 blk of 2 nd St regarding a Hit and Run Property Damage Accident.

Upon arrival a Harvard Resident (m-26 yoa), reported an unknown vehicle had struck and damaged his 2001 Nissan and fled the area.

On 07-27-22 Horacio Prado-Prado (m-23 yoa), 608 Killeen Court, Harvard was arrested and charged with Obstructing a Police Officer after it was discovered he withheld information on the offending vehicle and driver. Prado-Prado posted $100.00 bond and was released with a court date of 08-17-22 at 1330 hrs. This incident remains under investigation.

Woodstock Police Cite Three Establishments for Selling Alcohol to Minors

From Woodstock Police Chief John Lieb:


On Thursday, August 11th, 2022, the Woodstock Police Department conducted alcohol sales compliance checks on establishments that hold liquor licenses within the City of Woodstock.

Of the 23 establishments checked, three were found to be in violation and served alcohol to persons under the age of twenty-one years old. The establishments found not to be compliant were as follows:

• Main Street PourHouse, 214 Main Street
• La Placita Taqueria, 108 Cass Street
• Rosati’s of Woodstock, 1652 South Eastwood Drive

The store employees who served the alcohol products to the minors in the aforementioned establishments were issued a City of Woodstock Municipal Code Violation Citation.

The Illinois State Police Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement (ACE) Team assisted with this compliance check.

Compliance checks are performed by the Woodstock Police Department to determine if local liquor license holders are complying with state and local alcohol laws, which prohibit the sale, purchase and acceptance of alcohol to persons under the age of 21.

The City of Woodstock educates local alcohol retailers on minimum-age alcohol laws and the importance of verifying the age of customers before selling age-restrictive products such as alcohol.

Pritzker’s Hypocrisy

From Ray Hanania, republished with permission:

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s hypocrisies make him unsuitable for re-election

Gov. J.B. Pritzker is behind the advertising blitz which criticizes Republican rival Darren Bailey for comparing the Holocaust, many years ago, to the loss of fetuses to abortion.

The comparison was really innocuous and Bailey wasn’t denying the Holocaust, which is one of the greatest atrocities in human history.

The Holocaust should not be used by anyone to justify anything and should be recognized for the NAZI evil that it was.

My father and Uncle proudly fought against the NAZIs during World War II, even though they opposed the creation of Israel which undermined Christian, and Muslim, rights in Palestine where my parents are from.

But unlike Bailey, Pritzker wasn’t making an innocuous political argument in order to score points.

He was tapping into a vicious libel in order to paint Bailey, who is a decent human being, to destroy him.

Calling Bailey anti-Semitic is a horrible tactic that undermines the fight against hate of any kind, especially anti-Semitism, or against Holocaust denial.

The Holocaust happened. It can’t be denied.

But just as no one should use it in political comparison as Bailey did, it shouldn’t be used in a political war either or grab for power.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker is no angel.

He knows the power of demonization and mixing politics and hate.

In his 1998 failed run for Congress in the 9th District, hoping to succeed longtime Jewish American Congressman Sydney Yates, Pritzker turned to weaponizing hatred as a political tool to undermine his two rivals, both Jewish Americans, Jan Schakowsky and Howard Carroll.

Pritzker dipped into his family wealth, as he always does believing that buying an election is easier than trying to win one, dumping $500,000 into a campaign media buy to promote his candidacy.

But I wasn’t enough.

So Pritzker had to demonize Carroll and paint Schakowsky in a way that would turn off the district’s influential Jewish American vote.

Pritzker accused Carroll of taking money from “terrorists,” referring to a donation he received from the growing Muslim American community on Chicagoland’s North side and suburbs.

Pritzker called the Muslim group “terrorists” because he disagreed with one of the organization’s board members who was critical of Israel’s government.

I always find that I have to remind many readers that Israel is a “Foreign Country.”

Why do they get a pass?

We criticize foreign governments all the time without being punished.

But in Illinois, if you oppose Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, you can be punished by state law.

Americans criticize governments all the time without being demonized or libeled.

And you can criticize the Government of Israel for its policies without being unfairly and wrongly demonized as anti-Semitic.

Defenders of Israel’s government actions often use the attack label “anti-Semitism” to silence critics rather than to address the facts.

And that’s what Pritzker did. He knowingly demonized Muslims in the hopes of undermining votes for Carroll and for Schakowsky and giving himself a boost in the polls.

When Pritzker digs back years to cite Bailey’s mistake, it makes it just a sfair to dig back and cite Pritzker’s racism, too. What about Pritzker’s hatred and demonization?

Why is that not an issue?

During Pritzker’s purchase of the Governor’s office in 2018 — I won’t call it an election because he spent so much money voters were bought and paid for by an ugly and twisted campaign message — I and other Arab Americans (I am Christian, by the way), demanded that Pritzker publicly apologize for criticizing Muslims as terrorists.

The Arab American Democratic Club, (AADC) which hosted more than 50 candidates and elected officials during its Candidate’s Brunch and Forum last May, demanded that Pritzker apologize. He refused. Pritzker was invited to attend the Forum but Pritzker refused that, too, knowing the issue would surface.

But as the issue gained momentum, Pritzker met privately, in a secret meeting, with a small handful of Arab and Muslim insiders who were already sucking up to him for their own personal clout.

Supposedly, Pritzker apologized.

His press spokesperson Jordan Abudayyeh, a former Springfield TV reporter who became his campaign spokesperson, told that to CapitolFax.

But nowhere did the Pritzker campaign release the text of the so-called apology.”

By refusing to meet with the Muslim community, or addressing the issue publicly, Pritzker was hoping to make it all go away.

But his secret apology only underscores the fact that what he did was wrong and he was finding a way to wiggle out of the scandal without harming his gubernatorial candidacy.

In other words, Pritzker really doesn’t care about Muslims, doesn’t care about using hate as a political tool to attract votes, and he doesn’t care about demonizing a minority group that can easily be demonized in today’s hate-driven world that Pritzker empowers.

The bottom line is that if Pritzker can attack Bailey for comparing the Holocaust to abortion, then Pritzker is even more guilty as a hypocrite calling Muslims “terrorists.”

Jay Robert “Bob” Pritzker is really a coward who uses the initials “JB” rather than his real initials “JR.”


Because the initials “JR” would remind people too much of the evil, sinister Dallas TV character “JR Ewing,” one of the most hated TV characters of all time.

Even as a young teenager growing up under JR’s negative aura, Pritzker was already thinking about how to exploit the world’s fears using his unlimited billions.

JR. Not to be confused with JB, although Pritzker’s real name is “Jay Robert.”

What Illinois should do is set a limit on how much candidates for office can spend on any election, forcing them to put their money into important message Ads rather than inundating an election in mud.

But of course, we all know that the driving force cheering Pritzker is the mainstream news media, which profits from all those hundreds of millions that Pritzker is spending to buy himself another election term.

This column isn’t about Israel, Palestine, or even terrorism.

It’s about a politician who understands negative perceptions and who doesn’t hesitate to use them to demonize others when he thinks the billions he has isn’t enough to achieve his goals or buy his way into office.

In this race, Darren Bailey is clearly the better and most honorable person, even if you don’t agree with everything he believes.

Lakewood Planning & Zoning Again Taking Up RedTail Clubhouse on Monday Night at Current Clubhouse

Here are the minutes about a new clubhouse from the April 18, 2022, meeting:


Chairman O’Hara provided an outline of the meeting objectives for Commissioners so that recommendations may be sent to the Board relative to the redevelopment ofRedTail Golf Club.

The Planning and Zoning Commissioners reviewed potential clubhouse construction and project funding options. In addition, with incorporating previous discussions, the following is a summary conclusion of recommendations to be presented to the Board of Trustees:

Proiect Scope

  • Design as published; 7700 square foot +/- facility
  • Modem look with residential feel Year-round event space

Delivery Method

  • Design Build Developer Option
  • Contractor provides financing
  • Lease back option to Village

Additionally, recommendation to create a committee to include members from both the Board of Trustees and Planning and Zoning Commission to oversee the project.

President Stavropoulos requested the Commissioners for a future discussion to address the Maintenance Barn building. Thinking points would include incorporating an approximate 3,000 – 4,000 square foot, pre-engineered building; to be used as a workshop with equipment storage. Consideration to any historic significance of the existing structure is to be researched.

= = = = =

RedTail’s proposed non-banquet hall.

The Monday, August 15th meeting will consider

Subject: Conceptual Floor Plan and Exterior RedTail Clubhouse Review of conceptual ideas for:

1) Initial conceptual floorplan space allocation
2) Draft conceptual floorplan for 60W x 100L Clubhouse
3) Exterior conceptual design
4) Halfway house positioned near 10th tee box
5) Program Steps

The proposed floor plan follows:



The view of the proposed building in the committee packet appears to be a patio:

Here is the view from above of the pacement of the building:

Next comes these design tasks:

Program Steps

  • Identify Space Function(s)
  • Assign SF to Functions

-— Apply Budget to Proceed -—

  • Space Plan (design schematic)
  • Interior Finishes (materials and colors)
  • Exterior Finishes (materials and colors)
  • Add on Design Elements

-— Apply Budget to Proceed -—

  • Rendering of Floor Plan and Elevation
  • Rendering of Interior (Optional)
  • Publish Room Finish and Equipment Schedule
  • Design Build Bid Package

= = = = =

It appears a decision to proceed has been made

  • without telling taxpayers how the Clubhouse will be financed,
  • without telling constituents such financing will not dependent on property tax hikes on all Lakewood homeowners should said financing mechanism, specificially, Debt Certificates of Alternative Revenue Bonds, be insufficiently funded by golf club revenue.

83-Year Old Algonquin Man Missing

From the Algonquin Police:

Missing Person: Silver Alert

The Algonquin Police Department is seeking assistance in locating a missing elderly man.

Joseph Nies, age 83, was last seen at his residence in Algonquin, Illinois on 08/11/2022 at approximately 9:00 a.m. and has not returned home nor has he contacted his family to advise of his location.

Joseph is believed to be driving a 2010 dark green Lexus LS460 (IL registration 1049095).

Joseph is described as being 5 foot 05 inches tall and weighs approximately 170 pounds with blue eyes, gray hair and a fair complexion.

Joseph may be in the area of Alton, Illinois or possibly in Missouri, as investigative leads are indicating.

It is believed that Joseph may be in the beginning stages of dementia and therefore may be unaware of where he is.

A SILVER alert has been issued statewide.

Anyone with information should contact the Algonquin Police Department (847) 658-4531.

UPDATE: Denmark Outlaws Covid Innoculations for Those Under 18

Found on the WIND morning email:

“Denmark is going even further, essentially banning Covid shots for kids. Dennis Prager: 

So, here’s a headline, a statement from the Danish government…

‘Children and young people only very rarely become seriously ill from Covid-19 with the Omicron variant. Therefore, from 1 July, 2022, it will no longer be possible for children and young people under the age of 18 to get the first jab. And from 1 September, 2022, it will no longer be possible to get the second jab.’…

Did you hear the words? ‘Will no longer be possible.’ The Danish government is outlawing this so-called vaccine to children under the age of 18 in all of Denmark (Daybreak Daily).”

As you can see from the screen shot of Coronavirus deaths in McHenry County, no one under twenty has died:

McHenry County Covid deaths separated by age groups as of the morning of 8-12-22.

= = = = =

WBEZ reports the following:

A lot of kids under the age of 5 in Illinois have not gotten their first COVID shot

Since June, about one in 20 Illinois children — and one in 10 Chicago children under five — has gotten at least one dose, reports Lisa Philip for WBEZ. 

“A breakdown of Chicago vaccination rates by race reveals even lower numbers,” Philip explains. 

“Just 2% of Black Chicagoans and 3% of Latinx Chicagoans under 5 have gotten one dose of a COVID vaccine, compared to 18% of white Chicagoans in the same age group. As pediatricians and child care center providers work to understand why, they are confronting parent skepticism about vaccine safety and barriers to access.” [WBEZ]

Firearm Restraining Orders & FOID Discussion

From the JB Pritzker Administration:


SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Police (ISP) today convened the third meeting of the Commission on Implementing the Firearms Restraining Order Act (Commission).

The Commission was created to advise on strategies for implementing the use of Firearm Restraining Orders (FRO).

“The Firearms Restraining Order is another mechanism to keep firearms out of the hands of those who pose a significant threat to themselves or to others,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly.

“However, if people don’t know about this mechanism or how it works, it’s not an effective.

“ISP and the Commission are committed to raising awareness about the Firearms Restraining Order, not only among law enforcement, but among the public, and identifying strategies that allow for its successful implementation.”

During today’s meeting, Commission member Kimberly Wyatt, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, in Seattle Washington, presented to the Commission on the practices, policies, and training that its office has advanced to promote use of extreme risk orders of protection in their community.

This included looking at an after-hours policy, training various partners beyond law enforcement such as designated crisis responders and faith communities, standing orders, identifying relevant case law, and data collection.

During the Commission meeting, Director Kelly provided an overview of Illinois’ Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) System, including prohibitors, revocations, Clear and Present Danger reporting, and Illinois’ Firearms Restraining Order Act.

Since the Firearms Restraining Order Act became effective January 1, 2019, a total of 228 Firearms Restraining Orders have been entered into the Law Enforcement Agency Data System (LEADS) as of August 3, 2022.

Director Kelly also covered the emergency amendment to the Firearm Owner’s Identification Card Act filed on July 15, 2022 that allows for implementation of broader use of clear and present danger reports that can bar applicants from receiving a FOID card or revoke a current FOID card.

The rule change allows for the use and maintenance of historic Clear and Present Danger information even if the subject was not actively seeking or holding a FOID card at the time a Clear and Present Danger report was made and allows for use of these reports in possible future evaluations.

In an ongoing effort to protect the publics’ safety, ISP has been working with the Illinois State Board of Education and last month hosted two webinars for schools about Clear and Present Danger reporting. ISP also convened two statewide calls with law enforcement and discussed the use of Firearms Restraining Orders, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, and Clear and Present Danger FOID revocations.

During these calls, ISP also covered the law enforcement portal and reviewed various resources available to law enforcement such as eTrace, which can assist officers in tracing firearms, as well as information submitted to the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network.

Additionally, ISP encouraged law enforcement to reach out to ISP for Rapid Deployment training so that law enforcement can respond cohesively in the face of intense danger such as active shooter situations.

The Commission is developing a policy that will serve as the overall framework for timely relinquishment of firearms whenever a firearms restraining order is issued.

The Commission is consulting with counties and other states with extreme risk protection order laws that have been successful implementing such laws.

Once the policy is approved, ISP will work with local law enforcement agencies to design a comprehensive strategy using the model policy.

The Commission, chaired by ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly, includes State’s Attorneys, chiefs of police, a sheriff, circuit court judge, representatives of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, public defender, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

The model policy is scheduled to be finalized by October 2022.

Embezzelment Charge

From the U.S. Attorney:

Former Accountant for Chicago Construction Company Charged With Embezzling Millions in Company Funds 

CHICAGO — A former senior accountant for a Chicago construction company has been indicted on federal fraud charges for allegedly embezzling millions in company funds.

RICHARD A. MANDARINO entered false payment requests in the construction company’s accounting system, causing checks to be issued to vendor companies for goods and services that Mandarino knew were never provided, according to an indictment returned Thursday in U.S. District Court in Chicago. 

Mandarino then converted those payments to his and others’ personal use, the indictment states.  Mandarino allegedly concealed the thefts by creating fictitious credits and offsets in the construction company’s accounting system.

Mandarino committed the alleged fraud from 2015 to 2017 while he resided in Canada and worked on the construction company’s Canadian business projects, the indictment states. 

The charges allege that Mandarino fraudulently embezzled and obtained more than two million Canadian dollars.

The indictment charges Mandarino, 43, of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, with three counts of wire fraud.  Arraignment in U.S. District Court in Chicago has not yet been scheduled.

The indictment was announced by John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; and Emmerson Buie, Jr., Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Field Office of the FBI.  The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick J. King, Jr.

The public is reminded that an indictment is not evidence of guilt.  The defendant is presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Each count of wire fraud is punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison.  If convicted, the Court must impose a reasonable sentence under federal statutes and the advisory U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

The Taxman Cometh

There are 3,242 counties (not all called “counties”) in the United States.

The U.S. Census in 2020 showed the country with 329,500,000 people.

Doing the division shows the average county has just over 100,000 residents.

McHenry County has 307,000 people.

Under the Democrats recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (sic), almost 87,000 more Internal Review employees will be hired.

Dateline: Mordor.  In order to ensure the kingdoms of Middle Earth pay their fair share to The Great Eye, Saruman has created an army of 87,000 tax collectors in the breeding pits of Orthanc Tower.

“I have finally built an army of tax collectors worthy of Mordor,” exclaimed the corrupted White Wizard as he looked upon his creation. “Tax collectors were elves once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated. A ruined and terrible form of life. Now… perfected! Go and collect tribute from men and elves!” …The army of tax collectors will be equipped with armor, swords, and spears in case anyone objects to their tax collecting.
Babylon Bee – The Fake News You Can Trust.

Again, doing the division, residents in the average county will have to contend with almost twenty-eight new tax collectors.

Being over three times the size of the average county, it seems likely that our share of the new taxmen/women will be about eighty.

That’s enough employees for a new office right here in a river city.

= = = = =

Babylon Bee’s entire post can be found here.

See also the follow-up entry from the best satire site on the internet:

Gamers Eagerly Await The Release Of ‘Call Of Duty: IRS Auditor’

LITH Resident Comments on “Kid-Friendly” Bakery Drag Shows

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

Congressman Bill Foster at Uprising Bakery.

“All I will say with regards to LGBTQAI+ agenda and schools, is what about the civil liberties of the rest of us? (including our kids)

“There was a small family owned business, a Polish Deli, in that same spot. 

“They also opened a restaurant.

“They had to close the business, maybe due to the whole situation with the pandemic/COVID-19.

“We used to shop there on a regular basis.

“This strip mall is located in a residential area.

“Based on the info from the village of L.I.T.H., that business is not zoned for the types of events that they want to host, (entertainment events, such as Drag Shows, etc.)

“Maybe the owner should take her business elsewhere.

“Again, this is in a residential area.

“There are families with children, we also have older people who are retired.

“People don’t want this in our area, in our neighborhood. 

“As a resident and a parent, I will be writing to the Village of L.I.T.H. myself. 

“Although it will probably fall on ‘deaf ears’.”

Attorney Gets 30 Days in Jail for Contributing to the Delinquency of 18-Year Old Female, a Minor

From the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that on August 10, 2022, Javaron D. Buckley, 34, of Mount Prospect was sentenced to 30 days in the McHenry County Jail by the Honorable Judge Tiffany E. Davis.  

Javaron Buckley

Buckley, a licensed attorney, pleaded guilty to

  • one count of Contributing Liquor to a Minor and
  • one count of Renting a Hotel Room for Liquor Consumption by a Minor,

both Class A misdemeanors.

Buckley must report to the jail on Friday, August 19, 2022 to begin serving his jail sentence.

On January 17, 2020, officers from the Woodstock Police Department responded to a call for suspicious activity at the Best Western on 990 Lake Avenue in Woodstock.

Investigative efforts determined that Buckley sent an Uber to pick up an 18-year old girl from her house to bring her to the courthouse.

From the courthouse, Buckley drove her to a liquor store in the area, purchased alcohol, and then took her to the Best Western where he rented a room.

Surveillance video roughly an hour later showed the victim, unable to walk, being led out of the hotel lobby by Buckley.

As part of Buckley’s sentence, convictions entered on both counts, he was placed on conditional discharge for one year, required to pay a fine of $500, plus court costs, and must have no contact with the victim or any members of her family.

This case was investigated by officers of the Woodstock Police Department.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Ashur Y. Youash.

McHenry Call Dispatch Center Gains Award for Excellence

From McHenry Police Chief John Birk:


McHenry, August 11th, 2022 — The McHenry Police Department Dispatch Center, known as North East Regional Communications Center (NERCOM), has been recognized by The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAEDTM) as an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) for Emergency Medical Dispatching.

NERCOM is the 307th Medical ACE in the world.

IAED is the standard-setting organization for emergency dispatch services worldwide.

Accreditation (and subsequent re-accreditation) from the IAED is the highest distinction given to emergency communication centers, certifying that the center is performing at or above the established standards for the industry. Centers who earn ACE status are the embodiment of dispatch done right, and have demonstrated strong local oversight, rigorous quality processes, and a commitment to data-driven continuous improvement.

NERCOM, currently dispatches for 16 different agencies.

During the 2021 calendar year, NERCOM answered approximately 41,445 Emergency 911 calls and approximately 79,842 non-emergency administrative calls.

With 22 highly trained full-time telecommunicators, along with the Center’s Supervisor, Jenny Synek, NERCOM operates as one of the area’s largest centers, providing professional dispatch services.

McHenry Police Department Chief, John Birk, said,

“We are thrilled to receive this award, it supports our organizational value of “service” to others through excellence in emergency medical dispatching.”

“Accreditation is truly a pinnacle achievement”, said Christof Chwojka, Accreditation Board Chair at IAED.

“We applaud the dedicated call-takers, dispatchers, and leadership team at the McHenry Police Department / NERCOM for their commitment to quality, and for meeting that high standard that few achieve.

“We know their community can count on these first, first responders to do an outstanding job.”

IAED will present the McHenry Police Department with an Accreditation plaque that commemorates their
achievement. IAED Accreditation is the culmination of a lengthy, arduous process that includes the completion of the 20 Points of Accreditation, a detailed evaluation of performance by industry experts, and a final review and ruling by IAED.

For more than 40 years, the IAED has been the standard-setting organization for emergency dispatch and response services worldwide and is the leading body of emergency dispatch experts. IAED is a member-driven association working to serve the public through the professional development of dispatchers. Accreditation is valid for a three-year period, during which all standards must be upheld.

UPDATE: Skillicorn Seems to Have Learned the Absentee Voting Game, Wins Arizona City Council Seat

Running for a spot on Arizona’s Fountain Hills City Council, former Illinois State Representative Allen Skillicorn was out of the money on election night.

In the counting of absentee ballots, however, he has been picking up votes.

Coming from behind on election night, he edged ahead of Cindy Couture after the absentee ballot count was released Friday night.

He was in third place, nineteen votes behind the woman who bested him in the election day count.

Allen Skillicorn leading by 25 votes.

Now, Monday night votes show Skillicorn up by twenty-five.

Final unofficial results show Skillicorn leading by 44 votes as of August 10, 2022:

Skillicorn leading by 44 votes.

= = = = =

And he is not the only conservative Republican using absentee ballots to win a race.

In the State of Washington, Epoch Times reports,

Joe Kent, the GOP candidate, trailed Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.), who voted to impeach Trump, by thousands of votes soon after the Aug. 2 election.

But as more ballots have been counted, Kent began to gain on Beutler, and on Monday went from 303 votes down to 960 votes up.

Skillicorn started his political career in Illinois when he was elected to the East Dundee City Council.

A demonstration against red light cameras Allenb Skillicorn stimulated.

There he fought tax hikes and red light cameras.

Voter Turnout

It’s pretty clear from the Kansas abortion referendum results that liberals have been energized by the U.S. Supreme Court decision giving abortion regulation back to state governments.

Now, it appears that the Biden Department of Justice has done the same for conservatives.

Consider the following poll results, found on WIND’s morning email today:”

A quickie Trafalgar/Convention of States poll following Monday’s FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago winter home boosted voter enthusiasm among Republicans and independents, most of which believe the search was politically motivated to punish the 45th president. 76.7 percent of Republican voters believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI raid on Trump’s private home. 53.9 percent of independent voters believe Trump’s political enemies are behind the FBI raid on Trump’s private home. 83.3 percent of Republican voters say the FBI raid on Trump has increased their motivation to vote in the 2022 election. 71.7 percent of independent voters say the FBI raid on Trump has increased their motivation to vote in the 2022 election (Washington Examiner).