Liberty First PAC Endorsements

From the Liberty First Political Action Committee:

Today’s the Day! The Illinois Primary Election is TODAY! Please remember to vote for our Liberty First endorsed candidates:

  • Joe Tirio, McHenry County Clerk
  • Sen. Craig Wilcox, IL Senate Dist. 32
  • Donna Kurtz, McHenry County Treasurer
  • Diana Hartmann, Regional Superintendent
  • Jeff Thorsen, McHenry County Board Dist. 2 
  • Mike Shorten, McHenry County Board Dist. 4 
  • Terri Greeno, McHenry County Board Dist. 5
  • Carl Kamienski, McHenry County Board Dist. 6
  • Jeff Schwartz, McHenry County Board Dist. 7
  • Jim Kearns, McHenry County Board Dist. 9

Political Sign Vandalism in Crystal Lake

Found at the Veterans Acres polling place last night by Chris Yaeger:

Frank Held

Doesn’t seem to be any particular candidate was targeted.

The Crystal Lake Police say,

“…we arrested Frank B.X. Held (21) of Crystal Lake with

  • Criminal Trespass to State Supported Land,
  • Criminal Damage to State Supported Property by means of Fire x2,
  • Resisting Arrest and
  • Aggravated Battery to Police x2. 

“He is currently confined at MCSO Jail.”

IL-11 UPDATED: Going Into Primary Election Day, Nomination Between Sizzle and Steak

Catalina Lauf
Jerry Evans

Will Catalina Lauf’s sizzle be enough to overcome the substance of Jerry Evans’ proven record in life and business as the two Millennials battle for the nomination?

Primary Election Day has dawned, and the Republican nomination for the 11th Congressional District comes down to Woodstock’s Catalina Lauf’s “sizzle” versus Warrenville’s Jerry Evans’ “steak” or substance. With final sets of financials and all marketing, including mailings, texts and digital campaigning spends to date, the nomination clearly a contest between Lauf and Evans.

Final FEC reporting, including funds collected by candidates post June 8 from donations of at least $1,000 include:

In addition, Jerry Evans-aligned super PAC, the Conservatives for a Better America, has kicked-in an additional spend of over $50K to support Evans’ campaign through mailers, texts and digital marketing, bringing Evans’ spend to $200K.

UPDATE 6/28/22 10:06AM CDT: Latest super PAC independent expenditure posted election day mid-morning:

From California Target Book

Will that be enough to offset the the over half million spent by Lauf’s campaign since the first of the year since moving her campaign to the IL-11? Neither candidate purchased TV advertising through commercials on either broadcast or cable TV.

Lauf’s endorsements are all out-of-state including six members of the current Congress, plus the Club for Growth. Evans’ endorsements include pro-life groups including McHenry County GoPAC, plus elected/former elected leaders all over the district including McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler (R, Crystal Lake), former state Representative Jeanne Ives (R, Wheaton) and former Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Thomas, and last night, A.B.A.T.E. Leader Chris Hansen (who backed Catalina Lauf two years ago).

While Lauf enters Primary Election Day as the frontrunner, it was not enough of a lead to convince former President Donald Trump and his people to endorse Lauf’s campaign. In addition to Congresswoman Mary Miller’s (R, IL-15) reelection and state Senator Darren Bailey’s (R, Xenia) gubernatorial bid, the only other Illinois Republicans Trump endorsed this past weekend were incumbent Congressmen Mike Bost (R, IL-12) and Darin LaHood (R, IL-16).

Approved Congressional Map 10/29/21
Mark Carroll
Susan Hathaway-Altman

With Lauf and Evans fighting it out for the nomination, Mark Carroll (R, North Aurora) and Susan Hathaway-Altman (R, unincorporated Geneva) will battle it out for 3rd place, based on campaign fundraising and spending.

To McHenry County Blog‘s knowledge, Carroll did not send any mailings and had a limited radio ad buy. No media, including digital, was spent to advance Carroll’s message on a budget of under $50,000 where six-figures spends by Lauf and Evans will prove to separate the frontrunners from the rest of the pack.

Altman’s campaign launched a small media buy, both digital and TV, but her total spend, as she told WIND’s Dan Proft last Wednesday was self-funding of $20,000, which is the classic case of running for Congress on a county board campaign budget.

Originally published on Illinois Family Action 6/24/22

In spite of Altman’s spend, being endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, and having solid debate performances including at Sun City Huntley, where she used God’s word to cut deep against Lauf causing the frontrunner to become unhinged in a testy exchange with Carroll plus a solid interview last week on Morning Answer, and Altman could best Carroll.

Carroll, for his part, built an impressive coalition of support through endorsements from establishment Republicans including state Representatives Jeff Keicher and Keith Wheeler and conservatives including Illinois Federation Right-to-Life and Illinois Family Action, and other local Republican and municipal leaders. Carroll even visited Mar a Lago and met former President Trump at the Mary Miller fundraiser at the end of April.

The primary campaign for the Republican nomination in IL-11 is over except election day get-out-the-vote and the actual voting. Then at 7PM, polls close, and all await the returns from the 8 counties in the IL-11.

Whether it’s a close race (enough to keep Trump from making an endorsement pre-primary) or Lauf runs away with it given her over 2-1 spending advantage in 2022, remains to be seen but will be known early Tuesday night after polls close.

Cassandra Tanner Miller (R, Elgin) and Andrea Heeg (R, unincorporated Geneva) are also running.

Jeff Thorsen Running for Republican Party Chairman

Looks as if Orville Brettman will have competition for the Chairmanship of the McHenry CountyuRepublican Central Committee.

His opposition will be County Board member Jeff Thorsen.

Below is Thorsen’s biography and what he would like to do as GOP Chairman:

Jeff Thorsen 2015
  • I am a lifelong Crystal Lake resident
  • CLCHS class of 1976
  • MCC class of 1980
  • NIU B.S. Finance with minor in Philosophy 1987
  • MBA NIU Finance 1993
  • 30 years in McHenry County banking industry
  • Crystal Lake City Council 1999-2015
  • 2015-Present McHenry County Board Member
  • Vice Chair of the McHenry County Board 2016-2018
  • Current Chair of the County Law, Government, Liquor and Legislative Committee
  • Current Vice Chair of the Valley High Operating Board
  • Current Chair of the McHenry County Salvation Army Advisory Board
  • Current First Vice President and Treasurer Horizons for the Blind
  • Past President Crystal Lake Lions 2001/2002 and 2013/2014
  • A Lifetime of community leadership and service

I have a demonstrated a history of property tax consciousness and holding the line on levy increases.

I am an originalist when it comes to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

I have been involved with the McHenry County Republican Party For over 30 years.

I am retired.

I have goals that I would work toward during this next term:

  1. I will keep my finger on the pulse of the Party through direct communication with the precinct
    committeemen, the candidates, and the Republican elected officials. This alone is a fulltime
    endeavor and requires a unique ability to work with all factions. I will hit the ground running as I
    haven’t burned any bridges with any subgroup within the Party
  2. I will work with each of the township central committees to recruit and appoint the very many
    Precinct Committeeman vacancies. To this end, I will attend all township central committee
    meetings that I can.
  3. I will lead the Central Committee in the development of an established outreach initiative with
    focus on education and recruitment

Snowbird Alert

While i was in Florida, the McHenry County Clerk mailed me a new voter registration card.

It was not forwardable.

Because it was returned to the Clerk’s Office, I was taken off the voter rolls, although I have been registered and voted since I was twenty-one.

When I discovered I was no longer registered, I called and had my resigtration reinstated.

If one has spent the winter in warmer climes and get challenged when at the polls, one can always cast a provisional vote.

More Federal Gun Indictments

From the U.S. Attorney:

Two Indiana Men Charged in Federal Court With Trafficking Guns from Indianapolis to Chicago

CHICAGO — Two Indiana men have been charged with federal firearm violations for allegedly trafficking ten guns, including four semiautomatic rifles and two “ghost guns,” from Indianapolis to Chicago last week.

DEVANTE T. BROWN, 27, and COREY SARTIN, 19, both of Indianapolis, Ind., are charged with conspiracy and willfully dealing firearms without a license. 

Brown is also charged with illegally possessing firearms as a previously convicted felon.  Brown and Sartin were arrested Friday.  They are scheduled to make initial appearances in U.S. District Court in Chicago today at 2:00 p.m. before U.S. Magistrate Judge Young B. Kim.

The charges and arrests were announced by John R. Lausch, Jr., United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois; Kristen de Tineo, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Chicago Field Division of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and David Brown, Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department.  Valuable assistance was provided by the Dolton, Ill., Police Department.  The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jasmina Vajzovic and Paige Nutini.

According to a federal criminal complaint, Brown and Sartin on June 24, 2022, illegally sold ten firearms, including four semiautomatic handguns, four semiautomatic rifles, and two privately made “ghost guns.”  A firearm is considered a “ghost gun” when it contains no identifiable serial number and was manufactured from parts collected from various sources.  

The transaction occurred in the Chicago suburb of Calumet City, Ill., the complaint states.  Unbeknownst to Brown and Sartin, the individuals to whom they allegedly sold the firearms were undercover law enforcement officers. 

In a text message to one of the undercover officers prior to the deal, Brown allegedly stated, “Trust me we gone keep you with all the artillery.  I come across guns all day long.  We gone do good business together.”

In addition to the ten firearms allegedly trafficked from Indiana, the complaint also accuses Sartin and Brown of selling four other firearms to an undercover officer on May 31, 2022, in a retail store parking lot in the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago. 

Sartin also allegedly sold a firearm to an undercover officer on April 9, 2022, in the Chicago suburb of Lynwood, Ill., the charges allege.

Disrupting illegal firearms trafficking is a centerpiece of the Department of Justice’s cross-jurisdictional strike force aimed at reducing gun violence. 

As part of the Chicago firearms trafficking strike force, the U.S. Attorney’s Office collaborates with ATF, CPD, and other federal, state, and local law enforcement partners in the Northern District of Illinois and across the country to help stem the supply of illegally trafficked firearms and identify patterns, leads, and potential suspects in violent gun crimes.

Holding illegal firearm possessors accountable through federal prosecution is also a focus of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) – the Department of Justice’s violent crime reduction strategy.  In the Northern District of Illinois, U.S. Attorney Lausch and law enforcement partners have deployed the PSN program to attack a broad range of violent crime issues facing the district.

The public is reminded that a complaint contains only charges and is not evidence of guilt.  The defendants are presumed innocent and entitled to a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  The illegal possession charge is punishable by up to ten years in federal prison, while the unlawful dealing and conspiracy charges each carry a maximum sentence of five years.  If convicted, the Court must impose reasonable sentences under federal sentencing statutes and the advisory U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

Time to Take Another Look at Sheriff’s Candidates’ Campaign Financing

Below are the contribions of $1,000 or more given to McHenry County Sheriff’s hopeful Tony Colatorti reported after his first quarterly report was due to the Illinois State Board of Elections, including $6,000 from State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally P{olitical Action Committee and a $50,000 loan from himself.

At that time, Colatorti reported hacing $141,641.37 in the bank.

  • 3/14 Tino Sauces, Algonquin – $1,150 ad book
  • 3/12 Brittany Colatorti, Algonquin – $1,600 for food from Cucina Bella
  • 3/26 $2,000 – Northwest Pulmanary Sleep Center, Algonquin
  • 4/7 $1,000 – Favia Primary Care, Algonquin
  • 4/28 $1,000- Citzens For Patrick Kenneally
  • 4/28 – $2,000 – Tricast Presfore Corp, Crystal Lake
  • 4/29 – $1,000 – Meghan Kramer, Marengo
  • 5/2 – $1,000 – Northern Illinois Recovery Center, Crystal Lake
  • 5/6 $1,000 – JL Accounting, Woodstock
  • 5/6 – $1,000 – Gary Lang, McHenry
  • 5/11 $10,000 – NIR Roof Care, Inc, Union
  • 5/20 $1,000 – Kyle Berger, Wauconda
  • 5/20 $1,400 – Kevin Byrnes, Crystal Lake
  • 5/20 $1,500 – Mark & Julie Chamberlin, Wauconda
  • 5/20 $5,000 – Excavators, Inc, McHenry
  • 5/20 $1,000 – Snelten, Inc., McHenry
  • 5/20 $1,000 – Curran Contracting Company, Crystal Lake
  • 5/25 $1,000 – CAICA (Chicago Area Independent Construction Association), Lake Barrington
  • 5/25 $1,000 – Orange Crush, LLC, Hillsdale
  • 5/26 $1,000 – Teamsters Local Union 731, Burr Ridge
  • 5/31 $10,000 – Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor Management PAC, Countryside
  • 6/8 $15,000 – Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor Management PAC, Countryside. fpr a mailing
  • 6/12 $2,000 – Marc Fricke, Melrose Park
  • 6/17 $2,544.90 – Brittany Colatorti, Algonquin for Advertising – newspaper
  • 6/17 $2,896 – Brittany Colatorti, Algonquin for Advertising – radio
  • 6/22 $1,000 – Cuda Law Offices, Oak Brook
  • 6/22 $5,000 – Antoinette Waitkus, Roselle
  • 6/24 $1,000 – MCGoPAC, Woodstock
  • 6/24 $1,000 – Profection Fleet Services, Franklin Park

Here are the contributions to Robb Tadelman since he reported having $79,380.95 in his first quarterly report.

  • 4/11 $1,000 – LouAnne Majewski, Barrington Hills
  • 4/20 $2,000 – Pamela Kunz, Cary
  • 4/20 $1,500 -Peter Kunz, Cary
  • 5/3 $1,000 – Bill Parrot, McHenry
  • 5/5 $5,000 – Pat Foglia, North Barrington
  • 5/9 $1,500 – Jude Properties, LLC-UTEG St, Crystal Lake
  • 5/9 $1,000 – Brian Kelly, Woodstock
  • 5/9 $1,500 – Peter Kunz, Cary
  • 5/20 $2,500 – TTS Group Inc., Hanover Park
  • 5/20 $1,500 – Carol Defiore, Huntley
  • 5/20 $3,000 – Mathew Turk, Crystal Lake
  • 5/25 $2,000 – Drendel’s Corner, Huntley
  • 6/1 $3,900 – Jerome C. Majewski, Crystal Lake
  • 6/2 $5,000 – DeFiore Funeral Home, Huntley
  • 6/7 $2,000 – LouAnne Majewski, Barrington Hills
  • 6/10 $3,600 – Theodore Payton, Algonquin
  • 6/10 $5,500 – Thomas Skoniecke, Lake in the Hills
  • 6/16 $4,000 – Jude Properties, LLC-UTEG St, Crystal Lake
  • 6/16 $2,500 – Erin Kelly, Woodstock
  • 6/16 $4,000 – Pamela Kunz, Cary
  • 6/20 $5,000 – SAFE McHenry County, Woodstock
  • 6/21 $1,000 – Gregory Gliniecki, Cary
  • 6/21 $15,000 – Robb Tadelman loan
  • 6/22 $5,000 – Alliance Contractors, Inc., Woodstock

Let’s hear reader analysis.

Sullivan Comes Down Hard on Bailey

From gubernatorial hopeful Jesse Sullivan:

Bailey at Rally: “I will not lie to anyone”
Bailey at Debate: Lies 3x

PETERSBURG, IL – On Saturday, Darren Bailey told a rally crowd “I will not lie to anyone.” (VIDEO) But just two days prior, Darren Bailey blatantly and casually lied about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, his own tax record, and his stance on woke indoctrination in schools. 

“Conservatives deserve–and demand–a governor we can trust,” said Jesse Sullivan, businessman and outsider candidate for governor. “My values are rooted rock-solid in my faith, and that’s a night-and-day difference from these lying politicians who sell out their conservative base the first chance they get.”

The last Republican governor in Illinois, Bruce Rauner, campaigned as pro-life, but signed a stunning betrayal of pro-life values by putting Illinois taxpayers on the hook for elective abortions. Rauner campaigned as a fiscal conservative, but allowed income taxes to rise on his watch. 

Darren Bailey isn’t waiting until he’s in office – he’s blatantly lying to conservative voters already.

Bailey Lie # 1, on Taxpayer Protection Pledge: (VIDEO) “It must be your made-up pledge, because I am not aware… Gary, and Paul, did this guy make this up? Because I don’t know what he’s talking about…” (Background)

Fact: Darren Bailey SIGNED the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a state representative in 2018 (Source). But that pledge does not apply to his run for governor (Source). Now that Darren Bailey was reminded about the pledge onstage, will he join Jesse Sullivan in pledging to not raise taxes – and if not, why?

Bailey Lie # 2: Sullivan: “I think people deserve to hear, to actually answer the question – don’t dodge it like Richard Irvin – did you raise property taxes 14 times? Bailey: “No I did not. No I did not.” (VIDEO)

Fact: Bailey served on the North Clay Unit 25 School Board for 17 years (1996-2012), during which he voted to raise property taxes at least 14 times for a total increase of 83%. (Source: Clay County Treasurer’s office / Illinois Department of Revenue and WCIA-TV)

Bailey Claim 3: Moderator: “They saw you on Fox News, and you said you’d allow a Skokie school district to teach sex ed to preschoolers, so how do you give local control but still protect our children?” Bailey: “Thank you, and I clarified this at the end, and it was actually in the end of the article and I wish they would have read farther…” (VIDEO)

Fact: (Fox News, 6/7/22): “Bailey has no intention of banning subjects from being taught from the governor’s desk, a departure from Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ new education law that made national headlines earlier this year.” Bailey: “If a local community wants to adopt these woke policies, then let them! That is their decision.” … “but if that’s what they want, that’s their community.” (:09 of video – Fox News: GOP hopeful Darren Bailey vows to restore ‘local control’ as Illinois governor, touts ‘America First’ agenda)

“Darren Bailey seems to have become such a politician that he can’t keep his facts straight,” said Andrew Welhouse, spokesman for the Sullivan campaign. “Last night he blatantly lied about his own record on taxes, and then he ‘conveniently forgot’ about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that he himself signed previously! Voters aren’t going to fall for it, and after being burned so many times before, we deserve answers.”

Colatorti Gains FOP Endorsement

From the Tony Colatorti for Sheriff campaign:


We are completely humbled by this endorsement which proudly represents over 33,000 active duty and retired police officers – more than 10 percent of all FOP members nationwide. With a proud tradition of officers representing officers, the FOP is also the most respected and most recognized police organization in the country and we are honored that they have joined our movement. 

State Rep. Candidate Connie Cain Sends This Reaction to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

From Republican State Rep. hopeful Connie Cain:

“The Constitution spoke when the Supreme Court decided to reverse Roe v Wade thus saving millions of babies in our future. How can my Democrats stand for the killing of life?

“The Democrats talk about reproductive rights yet they promote a woman’s right to eliminate a newborn.

“I promote saving lives.

” I praise our court for their decision with no apologies.

“It is time we take a stand for the gift God has given us.


Apparently the Chicago Tribune disagrees with House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, the Illinois Republican Party and the two Super Pacs who have sent out fourteen mailings for her opponent, Dundee Township Supervisor Arin Thrower.

CIL-11: Congressman Bill Foster Does Not Look Healthy

Take a look at photo of Democratic Party Congressman Bill Foster posing next to McHenry County Board members Kelli Wegener and Michael Vijuk, plus caniddate John Collins.

Bill Foster and McHenry County Board members Kelli Wegener and Michael Vijuk, plus caniddate John Collins.

Any of the 11th District Republican hopefuls would look vibrant next to Foster.

Pro-Life Rally in Woodstock Friday Night

Got some photos from the celebration of local Pro-Lifers Friday night after the U.S. Supreme Court deicision overturning Roe v. Wade was issued.

About 60 people attended.

Speakers were

  • Pastor Jordan McGowan-Shiloh Church,
  • Chris Iverson-Pro-Life Action League & Chicago Pro-Life Future,
  • Fr Michael Black-Diocese of Rockford,
  • Dr. Mark Waters-author, professor, & sidewalk counselor, and
  • State Representative Stecve Reick

We pointed out and announced the names of Prolife candidates who turned out:

  • Andrea Heeg, running for Congress in the 11th District,
  • Susan Hathaway-Altman, running for Congress in the 11th District,
  • Suzanne Delaney, running for the McHenry County Board in District 4 and
  • Andrea Heeg, a representative for a Gary Rabinea rep for a Gary Rabine,  

A few pro choice hecklers showed up as well.

Father Michael Black-Diocese of Rockford,speaks to those gathered.
Chris Iverson is in light blue tshirt with shorts. He’s from Pro-Life Action League and Chicago Pro-Life Future. Pastor Jordan McGowan of Crystal Lake’s Shiloh Church is in white shirt with light blue shorts. Fr ichjael Black is in back.
Man waring his thoughts on the back of his tee shirt.
This man has visited Holy Hill in Wisconsin.
View from behind most of those in attendance.

Do Negative Campaigns Work?

Political consultants typically advise candidates to send a positive introductory piece first.

Next, if one wants to dirty up the opposition, go negative.

Then, end the campaign on a positive note.

My Emmaus Reunion Group was discussing negative pieces on Saturday morning and one man said he was planning to vote for Tony Colatorti until he started getting multiple negative mail about his opponent Robb Tadelman.

He siad he had changed his mind about whom to vote for.

Besides Colatorti, the biggest negative campaigner has been Illinois Supreme Court hopeful Daniel Shanes.

While totally ignoring the candidate with the most experience, 2nd Appellate Court Justice Susan Hutchiseon, Shanes blasts former Lake County Sheriff and 2020 GOP Senate candidate Mark Curran and Kane County Judge John Noverini.

And now, there is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the Illinois Supreme Court–Nancyt Rotering–whose last mailing attacks opponent Liz Rockford.

Her mailing is below:

Nancy Rotering criticizes Illinois Supreme Court opponent Liz Rochford of donating to Republicans and “corrupt, anti-choice politician” Ed Burke.

Will negative campaiigning work as well for these three candidates as it did against billionaire Ken Grivvin chosen guberntorial candidate Richard Iring?

Tune in Tuesday night.