More Views from “An American” on Election

Commenter “An American” has still more to say about the counting of Election Day ballots:

There are definitely irregularities.

I’m not all that convinced by the “there’s way more registered voters” meme, because there was a huge push to register people (especially young people to vote Democrat).

“This election does deserve to be looked into though. Unfortunately, according to the Daily Herald, it won’t be.

“Illinois Board of Elections spokesman Matt Dietrich said the agency contacted McClellan’s office and was satisfied with the explanation given for the error.

“He said because the problem was solved before the results were certified, there won’t be any further investigation by the state board.

“McSweeney said the election board should continue its investigation, but he was pleased the error was fixed.

“’I’m glad for two reasons,’ McSweeney said.’“One, that the vote is finally right, and two, that the person responsible for this disgusting incompetence is leaving office.’”

SBE doesn’t care, media doesn’t care, politicians on both sides don’t care.

Clean Energy Consideration at MCC Tonight

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County:


Thursday, November 15, 6 PM to 8 PM at MCC’s Liebman Science Center, Building F, Room F208 McHenry. 8900 US Highway 14, Crystal Lake.

Liebman Science Center

The clean energy transition is underway in Illinois!

As the state moves towards more renewable energy, we want to hear from you!

How can the transition to clean energy best fit McHenry County’s needs?

How can we best leverage new jobs in the clean energy economy?

Come join the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) and McHenry County College Sustainability Center for an open discussion about what’s next for Illinois.

We will begin with a short presentation on the current state of clean energy policy in Illinois, before breaking into groups to discuss topics including:

  • infrastructure
  • job training programs
  • community solar, and
  • economic development

These listening sessions will be happening throughout the state to inform energy negotiations.

David McSweeney’s Township Abolition by Referendum Bill Passes Senate

State Rep. David McSweeney’s House Bill 4637 was voted out of the Illinois State Senate Executive Committee today by a vote of 11-5

Who voted how is below:

The Senate Executive Committee’s vote on State Rep. David McSweeney’s township abolition by referendum bill was 11-5.  I don’t recognize any of the affirmative votes as bring from Republicans.

The bill passed the Illinois House by an 80-22-1 vote:

House Bill 4637 roll call. The bill would allow abolition of township government by voter referendum.


Man Sentenced on Child Porn Charges

A press release from the McHenry County State’s Attorney:


Martin Vilchis-Caralampio

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that Martin Vilchis-Caralampio, age 42, pled guilty to the offense of Child Pornography, a Class 3 Felony, following a negotiated plea on November 14, 2018, before the Honorable James S. Cowlin.

He was sentenced to four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Upon completion of his sentence he will have to register as a sex offender for his natural life.

Between February 22 and February 25, 2018, the defendant unlawfully videotaped one of his household members, a female child under the age of 18, as the child prepared to shower in the bathroom of defendant’s home.

The depiction contained the lewd exhibition of the genital area and breasts of the child.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Victor Escarcida of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office and investigated by the Huntley Police Department.

Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Planning Tax Cut for Next Year

Tonight is the monthly Algonquin Township Board meeting at the Township Hall.

Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser cut his levy 5% last year.

The last year that predecessor Bob Miller was in office, his levy was cut 3%.

The first budget of successor Gasser it was reduced 5%:

Let’s look at the tax levy numbers for the last four years first:

The Algonquin Township Road District levy for taxes collected in 2015.

The Algonquin Township Road District tax levy for taxes collected in 2016.

The Algonquin Township Road District tax levy for taxes collected in 2017.

The Algonquin Township Road District tax levy for taxes collected in 2018.

Let’s summarize.

Here are the bottom lines for the four tax collection years and proposed for next year.

Tax levies for the tax collection years of 2015-2019. The 2019 figure is proposed.

But Gasser’s proposal is also interesting beneath its bottom line reduction of 1.8%, coming after his 5% tax cut last year.

The Road District levied for six funds throughout recent years.

Tax protest suits have been file because of excessive accumulation.

As a result, Gasser figured that any levy for three of the fund would result in tax protesters winning.

So, he cut their levies to $10 apiece.

Tax levy requests for each of the funds in the Algonquin Township Road District.

Gasser said he set the three levies at $10 after consultation with new auditor George Roach.

Details of the tax protest loss and fund accumulations for the taxes collected in 2015 (the 2014 tax year) can be found in this article:

Algonquin Township Loses 2014 Property Tax Protest Case, Excessive Taxation Found

Judge Thomas Meyer found

  • The Social Security Fund was 2.82 times too high.
  • IMRF accumulations were 2.17 times higher than they should have been.
  • The Audit Fund was an astonishing 24.33 times higher than could be justified.

The Illinois General Assembly has since passed legislation allowing townships to have two and a half times the amount spent in a year.

Another Commenter Weighs In on County Clerk Mary McClellan’s Vote Counting

This comment is from “An American:”

State Rep. Jack Franks and McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan. at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade in 2015.

On Thursday morning she told the paper that the numbers being off was due to bullet voting, but the paper is now reporting that on Wednesday night she was called by Jack Franks who told her something was off and she acknowledged that night that there was an anomaly.

So, at best, she lied to the press and to the voters about the nature of the problem.

She also said the early voting numbers had been included as of Tuesday night, but later in the article it says numbers were not inserted and timestamped until 12:32 p.m. on Thursday.

And why was this?

According to Jack it was due to “computer programming.”

What kind of computer programming would count a ballot for a total but not record the actual votes?

And did her staff even bother to do a test run of this to see how it would work before the election?

Also, the numbers were initially 24,000 off and they say it was fixed after early voting was counted (even though it sort of was counted, but apparently the candidates weren’t counted?), but the early voting numbers were over 33,000.

Why don’t those numbers match?

So if 24,000 of the 33,000 early votes were not counted, how come the other ones were?

The explanation does not work.

There are major concerns that still need to be addressed. I don’t see any politicians or the media doing their job.

Local Man Invents Forest Fire Fighting Machine

Local resident Gary Christ is an inventor.

A couple of decades ago he figured out how to use tarps and old tires and rope to provide temporary housing for homeless veterans. Over the  years about 70 folks stayed in these shelters until McHenry County government finally  stepped in and enforced code violations.

More recently, he has invented a mine exploder that he has used in Cambodia.

Gary Christ’ Robotic Lane Mine Exterminator , his second idea for clearing mines in Cambodia.  His first is here.

Most recently, Gary was inspired when his brother’s house in CA was threatened by  fires last year.

The present way of putting water on a forest fire.

Watching helicopters dumping water from buckets it seemed very inefficient so he invented a better device.

He named it  the Rainbow Fire Extinguisher.

His most recent invention was brought to mind by an ABC newscaster announcing that there was an “urgent effort to knock down the fire.

The method used today is helicopters finding a source of water,  then, scoop it, fly back to the fire and dump it.

In dumping the water, targeting is not very specific.

Christ’s device would be filled with water and compressed air and trucked to the area where it is needed.

They can be re-filled on site, saving the helicopter considerable time.

The water would be sprayed onto the fire line.

Gary Christ in front of invention.

from the sky.”

It was inspired by how fire departments use mist to knock down structure fires the inefficiency inherent in dumping water from helicopters.

The helicopters have to find a source of water, then, scoop it, fly back to the fire and dump it.

In dumping the water, targeting is not very specific.

He calls it the “Rainbow Fire Extinguisher.”

Christ’s device would be filled with water and trucked to the area where it is needed.

The water would be sprayed onto the fire line.

Here is a two-minute 50 second video explaining the invention, which can be used to protect homes, as well as application from a helicopter.

Gary Christ can be contacted at 815-261-8023. This is his email address: [email protected]

Christ is looking for money to build a full-scale prototype to be tested in actual fires.

A patent is pending.

Randall Road Backups Begin

From the McHenry County Department of Transportation (Randall Road web site):

The temporary traffic signals at Bunker Hill/Huntington and Randall Road, as well as the temporary traffic signal at Algonquin and Randall Road will be activated Tuesday, November 13.

Randall Road the last Tuesday of October.

These installations will replace the permanently mounted traffic signals allowing the intersection to be fully functional while construction is ongoing.

The temporary installation allows the lanes, and the corresponding signal heads, to be moved for the various stages of work. the existing traffic signal installations are in the way of the improvements and will be updated to the latest LED technology.

On Friday November 16, the temporary traffic signals at Acorn/Polaris Drive and Randall Road, and at Crystal Lake Ave and Algonquin Road will be activated.

The sequence will be the same as the Tuesday event and will be ongoing throughout the day.

Once the temporary signals are activated, the contractor will immediately remove the existing signal equipment so, as always, use caution while traveling through the work zone and please watch for workers.

This work is in preparation for the staging of traffic south of Huntington/Bunker Hill Road scheduled to occur the week of November 19. Once staged, work can begin on the installation of the east retaining wall, half of the pedestrian underpass, and box culvert.

= = = = =
The backup on Randall heading south was so bad last Tuesday, I went through the Jewel parking lot and took Algonquin Road.

“Out of Towner” Reflects on Election Results

Here is an analysis by a commented calling him/herself “Out of Towner:”

Re: “Democratic Party candidates for Congress won McHenry County.”

Kristina Zahorik

Due to the efforts of [Kristina] Zahorik and McHenry County Committeemen or due to what a Politician can do with phenomenal amounts of political contributions and weak candidates versus strong ones plus throwing in some questionably immoral / illegal activity?

As of Oct. 17, [Randy] Hultgren raised $2,039,078 and [Lauren] Underwood raised $3,957,261; Hultgren spent $1,388,015 while Underwood spent $2,786,072.

Randy Hultgren speaking to a Pro-Life group.

It also appears that the Underwood campaign started in June of 2017, but Hultgren did very little or nothing until

Peter Roskam speaking to Republicans at an unannounced gathering in Lake Zurich in 2017.

September of 2018.

When Hultgren failed to hold Town Halls due to the intimidation of the ‘Resistance’ rabble, his political goose was half-cooked and when he failed to start campaigning until too late, the red popper on his goose popped up.

In addition, the Democrat candidates made a financial investment in getting people to vote early and absentee.

They were aware that the negative ads which come out right before election day would not work in their candidates favor (just look at the results for County Board D-5).

I think [Peter] Roskam lost his Republican base due to his negative comments about the current President.

While Roskam out spent [Sean] Casten (Roskam $6,366,044 raised and $5,680,530 spent; Casten $5,319,273 raised and $4,119,996 spent by Oct 17), just like Hultgren, the Roskam campaign was late getting off the ground and the negative ads came out too late.

A lot of lessons were learned by the Republicans and I would expect the results in 2020 will paint a very different picture especially after the voters find out what a mess they have sent to Springfield (this includes some local Republicans).

McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s County Fair fan.

Also of interest is that [Joe] Tirio (Republican) beat his opponent (Democrat) 62,043 to 51,494 while in the Congressional races, the Republican vote total was only 56,646 versus 59,636 for the Democrats.

Tirio started his campaign [for County Clerk] during 2017.

Joe Walsh on the Election

Here is the email that former Congressman and WIND-Talk Show Host Joe Walsh sent to his list:

To all our Walsh Freedom Volunteers and Supporters,

Barb, Helene and I want to thank you for all your efforts this election cycle. So many of you worked your tails off for months on end and for candidates near and far.

Unfortunately, Tuesday was a bloodbath for Illinois Republicans and Conservatives.

Illinois, especially the collar counties, turned even more blue this election, I am sorry to say.

Mike Madigan, using JB Pritzker’s money, was able to spend millions defeating very good state and local Republican candidates in the suburbs.

I am sorry that our efforts were not more effective.

I do want to thank each and every one of you who worked tirelessly, when you could, however you could, to get good Conservative Republicans elected to the State House and to County Boards.

For a variety of reasons, we did not get the job done, but know that your efforts were valiant as well as noble.

One race that has still not been called is for my bride, Helene Miller Walsh, IL District 51.

Before counting mailed in votes, Helene Walsh is ahead by one vote.

At the end of Tuesday night Helene was up by 1 vote.

YES….one vote!!!

The process is now underway at the Lake County Clerk’s office to

  • collect the mail-in-ballots (MIB’s)
  • verify signatures
  • send out letters to challenged ballots and
  • gather all the valid MIB’s for a final count on 11/21 when the election for that seat and all others in Lake County will be verified.

Others who are greatly affected by this process are Sheriff Mark Curran and County Board member Chuck Bartels.

Helene along with a number of volunteers have been overseeing the process on a daily basis.

I am pleased to report that all seems to be going according to the stated procedures and that Carla Wykoff runs an outstanding Clerk’s office (unlike what we are seeing/hearing about in Broward County, FL).

It is almost criminal that Carla did not win another term.

I fear what will come once the Democrats control Lake County.

This entire MIB process has the potential for massive fraud.

Althoff Called Out by Sun-Times for Sponsoring Bill Favored by Firm that Hired Her as Lobbyist

Here’s a headline no retired legislator would want to see:

Chicago Sun-Times headline about Pam Althoff

The story in the Chicago Sun-Times is about then-Senator Pam Althoff having sponsored a bill supported by Enterprise Rent-a-Car during the spring session.

It lays that off against the retired legislator’s being hired as a lobbyist by the firm.

Comment from One Named “In Favor of All Paper Ballots”

More commentary on McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan’s conduct of the fall election:

Crystal Lake Main Beach House polling place.

Re: “McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.”

Another flat out lie by the “bully”.

The Clerk had a running ‘ticker’ displayed on the County website. I have pictures of what they showed on election day and the day after.

Early vote Clerk ‘ticker’ on 11/06/18 33,044

Absentee vote Clerk ‘ticker’ 11/06/18 7,131

Turnout Election Day on ‘ticker’ 11/07/18 74,827

Here are the numbers when the two files displayed on Clarity’s website are compared.

One file copy from Nov, 7 and one from Nov. 8.

Increase in votes for Congress 23,855
Increase in votes for Governor 23,849
Increase in votes for Attorney General 23,835
Increase in votes for Sec of State 23,862
Increase in votes for Comptroller 23,815
Increase in votes for Treasurer 23,712
Increase in votes for State Senators 23,734
Increase in votes for State Legislators 21,412
Increase in votes for County Auditor 20,506
Increase in votes for County Clerk 23,559
Increase in votes for Sheriff 20,669
Increase in votes for County Treasurer 20,644
Increase in votes for Board Term Limits 23,850
Increase in votes for Chair Term Limits 23,449
Increase in votes for Regional Super. 20,709

Have the ‘bully’ look at the numbers and explain to me how over 33,000 votes can suddenly become less than 24,000!

In addition why did the number of ballots cast change?

If we add the ‘ticker’ numbers together 115,002

Ballots cast reported on 11/07/18 116,703

Ballots cast reported on 11/08/18 117,515

I also have another question.

The Clerk supplied the State with voter registration data in June.

That file indicated we had 224,006 active voters in the County.

On election day the Clerk is reporting 238,290.

Where did the additional 14,204 active voters come from?

Can someone explain to me what checks and balance are in place for ‘machine’ voting?

This is where you carry a blank piece of paper to the ‘machine’ you make your selections and print what you chose.

You carry that piece paper over to the tabulation ‘machine’ and insert it.

What is to stop ‘stuffing’ the ballot box?

That blank piece of paper with your choices printed does not have the Judge’s initials on it like normal ballots do.

Where any poll watchers present when the ballots were counted?

McHenry County Democratic Party Chair Heads Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association

A press release from the Illinois County Chairs’ Association:

President Doug House Resigns; Democratic party Chairs Unanimous in Electing Kristina Zahorik as new leader

McHenry County Chair is first female to serve a President of the statewide Democratic association

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois – Illinois Democratic County Chairs gathered in Springfield on Saturday to not only celebrate the 2018 Blue Wave gains, but also select a new President after Rock Island County Democratic Chair Doug announced his resignation on Wednesday.

“For nearly four years, the IDCCA has trusted me with leading the effort to grow our association’s relevance and impact within the Democratic party, said House.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done together.

“However, I’ve determined that the level of success we experienced on Election Day gives the IDCCA the opportunity to reinforce what works and recalibrate the focus on party building in new ways.”

In a letter distributed to association members, House explained his passion to build Democratic party strength remains strong, but he has sacrificed his family obligations throughout the process.

“This time away from regular work and family, to which I owe a great deal of repayment for their patience and support, cannot be made up – nor can I extend it,” House said.

Mid-day on Saturday, November 10, Democratic County Chairs gathered to select House’s replacement.

Kristina Zahorik

At the urging of the outgoing President, the association chose McHenry County Democratic Chair Kristina Zahorik.

Zahorik becomes the first female to lead the longstanding Democratic Party group.

“It is an honor to be entrusted with the task of leading continued growth at the IDCCA,” said Zahorik.

“I’m determined to make sure we continue to be an important part of the anatomy of the Democratic Party in Illinois.

“In places where we’ve grown muscle, such as suburban areas, we’ll need constant exercise.

“In regions where we still have electoral aches and pains, we’ll look for new and innovative therapies.

“I’m prepared to do this with an eye toward party unity and partnership.”

In addition to serving as the Democratic Party of McHenry County Chair, Zahorik is also an elected party official, serving as State Central Committeewoman for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District, where Democrat Lauren Underwood was successfully propelled to Congress, eroding the longstanding Republican stronghold.

As a former policy advisor with U.S. Senator Paul Simon, Zahorik has strong familiarity with every region of Illinois.

In the coming weeks, Zahorik plans on highlighting projects that the IDCCA aims to undertake in an effort to maintain and grow Democratic Party strength.

About the IDCCA

The Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association (IDCCA) is a statewide, grassroots Democratic Party organization comprised of the elected Democratic County Chairs in all 102 counties in Illinois. The mission of the IDCCA is to help elect Democrats in every county and region of Illinois while continuing to grow the Democratic Party throughout the state. Rock Island County Chair Doug House is the President of the IDCCA.

Veterans Day

Retiring State Rep. Steve Andersson offers the following commentary on Veterans Day:

The Washington Monument with American Flag waving.

November 11th is the official day to celebrate and honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

It has been a federal holiday since 1926, however because November 11th falls on the weekend, the holiday is being observed on November 12th this year.

Veterans Day honors all of those who have served the country in war or peace — dead or alive.

But there’s more.

Most people don’t know that the entire month of November is also designated as National Veterans and Military Families month.

Military families, too, have a special duty to kin and country.

The wives and husbands and children of our military take care of the home front while their service person is often deployed.

From settling children in new schools to helping their service member’s parents navigate care when their loved one is far from home – military families do what needs to be done and never stop giving.

We need to continue to give thanks, recognition and support to our veterans and military families year round – but especially on Veterans Day and during National Veterans and Military Families Month.

Here are some ways that you can thank a Veteran on Veterans Day (and every day!)

  • Fly an American flag outside your home.
  • Participate in a Veterans Day parade.
  • Personally thank a Veteran for their service!
  • Attend an official Veterans Day ceremony.
  • Send a care package to a military service member at home or overseas.

I am very proud to recognize all the veterans and their families and their commitment to the Armed Forces, both in Legislative District 65, as well as throughout the entire State of Illinois.

I want to extend my heartfelt “thank you” and my sincere appreciation for your service to our country!

Illinois Leaks Looks at Andrew Gasser’s Case Against the Algonquin Township Board

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Algonquin Township Road District seeks Preliminary Injuction, Mandamus, Declaratory Judgment and other Relief against Algonquin Township

McHenry Co. (ECWd) –

Summary of the Case: “Defendants illegally reduced the Algonquin Township Road District budget for fiscal year 2018 – 2019 by one-hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), thereby preventing Plaintiff Andrew Gasser, the Highway Commissioner, from performing his statutory duties and meeting the contractual obligations of the Road District as it relates to ongoing, pending litigation commenced by third parties. Plaintiffs seek to overturn the Defendants’ illegal action.

Moreover, on June 13, 2017, the Defendants assumed the power to command duties and actions over the Algonquin Township Road District (the “Road District”).”

Algonquin Township Board

As we have pointed out in a past article, we believe the Township overstepped their authority and we believe the courts will order the Township to correct their improper actions.

We are pleased to see the very court cases we cited in this article were also used in support of the complaint, because it validates the misconception that you have to be an attorney to understand case law.

We believe the direction given by James Kelly, the Township attorney, was wrong and appears to have been done as a mechanism to ensure more billable hours.

We encourage everyone to read the case law cited in the complaint to grasp how wrong the Township was in their actions.

We once again urge the township to terminate their attorney.

The next status hearing is set for November 29th, 2018 with Judge Myer.

This was a result of three motions of reassignment that removed Judge Chmiel, Sullivan, and Costello from the case.

You can download a copy of the Complaint at this link or view below.

Poets Apparently Uninspired

No one was inspired to write a poem this past week.

There is certainly enough material, especially the way that Jack Franks assumed the role of spokesman for McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan in the Chicago Tribune.

Here’s the press release that Franks and McClellan posted at 1:30 Thursday afternoon, about eleven and half hours after this article appeared on McHenry County Blog:

Statement from County Board Chairman and County Clerk on Election Results

Post Date:11/08/2018 1:30 PM

State Rep. Jack Franks and McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan. at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade in 2015.

WOODSTOCK, Ill. – The following is a joint statement from McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks and County Clerk Mary McClellan regarding the results of the Nov. 6 midterm election:

On Wednesday evening, County Clerk Mary McClellan noticed an anomaly in the county’s posted voting results in which a number of countywide races had a significant undervote.

McClellan and County Board Chairman Jack Franks were in consultation through Wednesday night into Thursday morning to determine the problem.

McClellan discovered early Thursday afternoon that the county election website had not updated with early voting numbers.

The situation has since been rectified.

The outcome of two races as of right now have changed. Lauren Underwood, the Democratic candidate for the 14th Congressional District who defeated Republican incumbent Randy Hultgren, carried McHenry County.

Also, as of now, Democratic McHenry County Board District 5 candidate Carlos Acosta has pulled ahead of Republican incumbent Michael Rein.

McClellan advises that vote results are still unofficial, and that there are 2,000 ballots still outstanding with two weeks until the deadline for her office to accept vote-by-mail ballots.

Questions should be referred to McClellan’s office at 815-334-4242.

Looking at County Board Vote Jumps after “Lost” Vote Found

Here is a comment from “KnownExtremist:”

There appears to be a clear anomaly in the ACOSTA vote gain after the addition of the early and mail in votes when compared to other candidates in both his own District 5 and Districts 1 and 2, which are the only other districts in which the vote totals were reported by the NWH when they reached 100% counted.

Here are the number of the GAIN in votes for each candidate.

The District 5 totals were taken off of this website when 97% were reported as in, which is sufficiently close to 100% that it should be representative.

DISTRICT 1: VIJUK 1831 gain, NOWAK, 1916 gain; SPOERL, 1486 gain.

DISTRICT 2: NESS, 3317 gain; SCHOFIELD, 3115 gain; HOWELL 2120 gain

DISTRICT 5: ACOSTA, 4045 gain; WEDIG, 2843 gain; JUNG, 2835 gain, REIN, 2725 gain.

So, for some reason, ACOSTA outperformed all other candidates by a considerable margin, in both the Republican and Democratic parties when mail in and early votes were added.

What does this mean?

= = = = =
Anyone want to do the research on District 3?