D300 School Board Considering Covid Resolution Sunday, But Contents Unrevealed

On Sunday at 6 PM, the Algonquin School District 300 will hold a special meeting

1. Litigation 2(c)(11);

2. Collective negotiating matters between the public body and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees 2(c)(2); and

3. Security procedures, school building safety and security, and the use of personnel to respond to an actual, a threatened or a reasonably potential danger to the safety of employees, students, staff, the public or public property 2(c)(8).

Then the Board will act on a

  • Resolution regarding local control to mitigate COVID-19

Maybe you can find the contents of the resolution, but I can’t.

Algonquin Dollar Tree Commotion Yesterday Was a Drug Arrest

From the Mchenry County Sheriff:

Carpentersville Man Arrested on Drug Charges

The McHenry County Sheriff’s arrested Carlo V. Yescas-Noriega, 45 of Carpentersville, on an outstanding warrant for theft.

At approximately 1:00 p.m. on January 27, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Investigators followed Yescas-Noriega from his residence, located on the 2000 block of Limestone Lane, Carpentersville, to the parking lot of the Dollar Tree store located at 1402 E. Algonquin Rd., Algonquin. 

As Investigators approached him, he attempted to flee and was ultimately apprehended inside the store, at which time Yescas-Noriega provided a false name and identification.

During his attempt to flee, Investigators located 114 grams of suspected cocaine that he tried to hide on a store shelf.

While collecting evidence from the scene the store was closed for a couple of hours. 

No employees or customers were involved in the incident and no injuries were reported.

As a result of the cocaine recovered from the scene, a search warrant was conducted at his residence. 

Carpentersville Police Department assisted with the investigation. 

At the conclusion of the search warrant, an additional

  • 18.5 grams of cocaine,
  • 59.5 grams of cannabis,
  • drug packaging materials,
  • a handgun, and
  • a shotgun were seized from the residence. 

A 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe was also seized as a result of his arrest.

Additional charges may be sought at a later date through the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Message of the Day – Signs

It’s five months before the Primary election, but McHenry County Sheriff hopeful Tony Colatorti, who started putting up signs late last summer, is at it again.

The picture you see below was taken in Woodstock:

Signs for Gary Rabine for Governor and Tony Colatorti for Sheriff found in Woodstock.

Dems Ignore McHenry County When Passing Out Home Covid Tests

Fropm the JB Prizker Adminstration:

The Illinois Department of Public Health Announces 225,000 Free, Rapid, Self-Administered COVID-19 Tests Available 14 Counties

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is announcing the availability of 225,000 free, rapid COVID-19 self-administered test kits through Project Access Covid Tests (Project ACT) to residents in certain zip codes in 14 Illinois counties. 

Project ACT is a new direct-to-consumer mail order program in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, health care technology company CareEvolation, test manufacture iHealth Labs, Inc., and logistics provider and distribution leader Amazon.com.

IDPH encourages eligible residents in vulnerable communities in 14 counties to order these free COVID-19 tests.  Counties include

  • Cook,
  • DuPage,
  • Henry,
  • Jackson,
  • Jefferson,
  • Kankakee,
  • Lake,
  • Macon,
  • Madison,
  • Marion,
  • Peoria,
  • St. Clair,
  • Will, and
  • Winnebago

Residents living in specific zip codes (see below) can go to AccessCovidTests.org to sign up for a free home delivery. 

These tests are available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Each household will receive five tests within one to two weeks after ordering.  In this initial phase, there is a limit of one kit per household and each kit will include five tests. 

The tests and shipping are free to eligible residents.

“Testing is still a critical component for slowing transmission of COVID-19 and helping prevent further infections,” said IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike. 

“With readily available at-home testing, individuals can find out very quickly if they are positive and take action to isolate for five days while alerting those with whom they had close contact that they should also test. Readily available tests can help us chart a course for the new normal and help us learn how to coexist with COVID-19.”

Rapid, self-administered testing has potential to disrupt the spread of COVID-19 that occurs when people are infected, but don’t yet have symptoms.  These free COVID-19 tests have been given emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can be used at home. Tests require a quick swab inside each nostril and results can be read in just minutes. 

Individuals who have not yet been vaccinated or who have the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19, such as people working or going to school outside the home, are ideal candidates for testing, but anyone two years and older is able to test.

IDPH determined initial eligibility based on the Social Vulnerability Index, which looks at 14 social factors in the areas of socioeconomic status, household composition and disability, minority status and language, and housing and transportation. 

While the program is currently limited to one order, per residential address during this first phase, The Rockefeller Foundation is actively working to bring in new partners to scale the program.  In addition to building in lessons learned from the initial phase, the Foundation will engage its public charity, RF Catalytic Capital, Inc. (RFCC), to serve as the cost aggregator for the states, providing an “all-in” price that drives down the costs of tests, logistics, and distribution. 

Ness to Meet Constituents on January 31st at CL Library

From State Rep. Suzanne Ness:

Mobile Office Hours: Crystal Lake Public Library

Date: Monday, January 31st
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: 126 W Paddock St,
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Attention Crystal Lake Residents: The Office of State Representative Ness will be hosting mobile office hour events near you! Constituents are welcome to walk in or schedule an appointment with our office ahead of time at: info@repsnessil66.com.

Stop by to say hello, share ideas or concerns, and ask questions!

What can we help with?

Unemployment Resources | Navigating State Agencies | Senior Services
FOID Card Applications | Small Business Support | Mental Health Resources
Veterans Benefits

GOP Gubernatorial Hopeful Richard Irvin Heads City Apparently Sold on TIF District Diversion of Property Tax Money from Schools

Embedded in a Chicago Tribune article written by Aurora Beacan-News reporter Steve Lord is the news that the City Council is planning to use taxpayer money to subsidize a Fox River front resodemtoa; development:


So, $6.6 million, plus interest money, would be diverted from local schools and other tax districts for a prime residential location that should need no subsidy.

The Saturday Woodstock Pro-Life Prayer Vigil

People were bundled up in the cold on the Woodstock Square last Saturday night.

One of the orgnaizers who is a Friend of McHenry County Blog sent the following commentary:

It was cold Saturday night.

January 22nd the McHenry Right to Life Vigil is an event to pray and have reverence for the lives that were lost to abortion and is held every year

Beautifully done, reverence always given. 

The youth group walked to the vigil carrying candles slowly, silently arrived.

Teens walked from St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

About 200 people in attendance.

However I was saddened to see it politicized by the Tony Colatorti and Joe Tirio campaigns

This event has never had this happen in all the years I have attended.

Colatorti campaign wearing clothing with his name on in large letters.

Vechicles parked with his name largely visable

He himself with Colatorti Sheriff on the back of his jacket. 

Colatorti people passing his petitions.

Tiro and his group wearing his name tags on clothing carrying petitions for signatures. 

Is there any respect?   

Robb Tadelman at Pro-Life Prayer Vigil.

I then came across Robb Tadelman with his wife and daughters. 

Nothing with his name any where on him or anyone else. 

No people passing petitions for him. 

I watched as he and his family bowed during prayer, silent. Listening respectfully to speakers.

When the bell was tolled  62  times for every one million abortions, the Tadelmans were silent with heads bowed. 

His children were about 9 or 10 and they were silent and heads bowed holding their pro life magnets with the baby feet on it.   

At the end it was announced that elected officials or candidates can raise their hands. 

Tony did. 

Robb did not. 

Someone near him told Robb to raise his hand. 

Robb said “No, this is not my event”.

What a contrast. 

People would not even know who he was. 


= = = = =

It’s not that policitians did not attend the event.

These had their photos taken:

Kelly Tadelman, Michael Rein, Robb Tadelman and Craig Wilcox.

Senate Republicans Offer Ethics Reforms

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Senator Wilcox Joins Republicans in renewed push for tougher ethics reforms

Springfield, IL – State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-McHenry) is standing with other Senate Republicans to once again push for tougher ethics reforms that will hold politicians more accountable and better equip officials to investigate public corruption.

On Jan. 27, Republican senators outlined several much-needed and long-overdue reforms to help restore Illinoisans’ faith in their state government.

“Illinois is very well-known for the depth of its political corruption, yet the majority party seems disinterested in cleaning up state government,” said Sen. Wilcox.

“Senate Republicans will continue to push for reforms that will raise the bar for ethical standards.”

During the press conference, the Republican senators announced Senate Bill 3636, which they say will help ensure that lawmakers are looking out for their constituents rather than special interests, and give prosecutors and the Attorney General enhanced tools to effectively investigate and prosecute public officials who break the law.

Specifically, Senate Bill 3636:

· Prohibits a General Assembly member, their spouse, or any immediate family member from lobbying as long as the individual is a member of the General Assembly.

· Prohibits a legislator during their term of office from negotiating employment with a lobbying firm (such as a job after their term of office), if that firm lobbies the General Assembly.

· Strengthens the revolving door for General Assembly members to prohibit them from lobbying for 12 months after leaving office (currently 6 months).

· Limits a lobbyist’s political activity so that anyone who is a lobbyist cannot be an officer for a candidate’s political committee or be a candidate supported by a political action committee.

· Expands the authority of a statewide grand jury to investigate and indict offenses involving the corruption of a public official, to include theft, fraud, extortion, or a violation of the official misconduct and public contracts articles of the criminal code of 2012.

· Expands Illinois’ R.I.C.O. law to include bribery, official misconduct, solicitation of misconduct, and legislative misconduct.

The announcement of Senate Bill 3636 comes on the heels of the resignation of former Legislative Inspector General, Carol Pope. Currently, that position remains vacant after Democrat members of the Legislative Ethics Commission failed to accept the recommended candidate brought forward by an independent search committee.

“Democrats showed us just how little concern they have over ethics when they disregarded the LIG recommendation of an independent search group, and allowed that position to become vacant,” added Sen. Wilcox.

“There is currently no watchdog over the ethical behavior of legislators, and that’s just wrong.” 

On January 6, following Pope’s resignation, Senate Republicans announced Senate Bill 3030, which would give the Legislative Inspector General more power to investigate potential corruption.

Neither Senate Bill 3030 or Senate Bill 3636 have been released from the Senate’s Assignments Committee.

Rigidity Concerning Algonquin Water Bills

From Patch comes this comment from Zach Bellizzi:

I was charged a $70 late fee from the Village of Algonquin for water.

Was one day late.

I called them and advised when I had mailed the bill which was 12/29.

They received it 1/6/22.

Was told the mail service was not their fault.

So how is it mine?

The water bill in Algonquin is a major utility with no end in sight.

I asked to have my due date changed.

No again.

All bills for $35000 people go out on the same day.

The water dept is unkind and rigid.

IL-11 UPDATED: Democrats Officially Say Bill Foster is Vulnerable in 2022

Bill Foster

UPDATE 1/28/22 4:45AM CST: From the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Frontliners Page:

“Congressman Bill Foster is a Ph.D. scientist and businessman representing the (IL-11) District in the far suburbs of Chicago. Prior to Congress, Bill was a member of the team that discovered the Top Quark, the heaviest known form of matter, and received awards for his invention and construction of giant particle accelerators.

“Prior to physics, he and his younger brother successfully co-founded a company that now makes most of the theater lighting equipment in the United States.

“Bill began his political career in 2007 by winning the seat of former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert in one of the most famously Republican districts in the nation, becoming the first Democrat to represent the district in over 60 years. After taking many tough votes including the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, Bill lost in the 2010 Tea Party wave election before battling his way back to Congress two years later.

“Throughout the Trump Administration, Rep. Foster served as the voice for science, facts, and logic in the face of an unprecedented assault on science and the rule of law.

“Due to 2020 redistricting Bill’s IL-11 lost 55% of its constituents, became much more rural, and is once again a top target for Republicans. Three Republican opponents have filed, including one who served in the Trump Administration and has raised over $1M, by dubbing herself the ‘Anti-AOC’.

“The GOP is already running ads attacking Bill and has signaled it will spend whatever it takes to win back this historically red district.”

From DCCC Frontliners website



From the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC):

DCCC: Bill Foster is vulnerable

January 27, 2022

The DCCC added seven new names to its list of vulnerable members today, bringing the total number to 32.

Among the new additions: Bill Foster.

NRCC Comment:

“It’s no surprise that Bill Foster is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the country. At every turn, he continues to support Nancy Pelosi’s toxic socialist agenda that has led to skyrocketing inflation and rising crime.”

–NRCC Spokeswoman Courtney Parella


Republican candidates who’ve filed or are circulating petitions for the honor to challenge Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) this fall, in alphabetical order:

  • Jerry Evans of Warrenville of DuPage County
  • Andrea Heeg of unincorporated Geneva/Blackberry Township of Kane County
  • Catalina Lauf of Woodstock of McHenry County
  • Cassandra Tanner Miller of Kane County
  • Dean Seppelfrick of Aurora of Kane County

As of now, there has been no “ratings changes” by either Cook Political Report with Amy Walter or Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

Ivermectin Effectivenss – Controlled Study

Here’s the only controlled study on the effectiveness of the use of ivermectin against Covid-19 which I hsve found.

A Friend of McHenry County Blog searched, but could find no controlled study indicating it is ineffective.

Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide, Prospective, Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects Using Propensity Score Matching

Lucy KerrFlavio A. CadegianiFernando BaldiRaysildo B. LoboWashington Luiz O. AssagraFernando Carlos ProençaPierre KoryJennifer A. HibberdJuan J. Chamie-Quintero

Published: January 15, 2022 (see history)

DOI: 10.7759/cureus.21272

Cite this article as: Kerr L, Cadegiani F A, Baldi F, et al. (January 15, 2022) Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide, Prospective, Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects Using Propensity Score Matching. Cureus 14(1): e21272. doi:10.7759/cureus.21272


Background: Ivermectin has demonstrated different mechanisms of action that potentially protect from both coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection and COVID-19-related comorbidities. Based on the studies suggesting efficacy in prophylaxis combined with the known safety profile of ivermectin, a citywide prevention program using ivermectin for COVID-19 was implemented in Itajaí, a southern city in Brazil in the state of Santa Catarina. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of regular ivermectin use on subsequent COVID-19 infection and mortality rates.

Materials and methods: We analyzed data from a prospective, observational study of the citywide COVID-19 prevention with ivermectin program, which was conducted between July 2020 and December 2020 in Itajaí, Brazil. Study design, institutional review board approval, and analysis of registry data occurred after completion of the program. The program consisted of inviting the entire population of Itajaí to a medical visit to enroll in the program and to compile baseline, personal, demographic, and medical information. In the absence of contraindications, ivermectin was offered as an optional treatment to be taken for two consecutive days every 15 days at a dose of 0.2 mg/kg/day. In cases where a participating citizen of Itajaí became ill with COVID-19, they were recommended not to use ivermectin or any other medication in early outpatient treatment. Clinical outcomes of infection, hospitalization, and death were automatically reported and entered into the registry in real time. Study analysis consisted of comparing ivermectin users with non-users using cohorts of infected patients propensity score-matched by age, sex, and comorbidities. COVID-19 infection and mortality rates were analyzed with and without the use of propensity score matching (PSM).

Results: Of the 223,128 citizens of Itajaí considered for the study, a total of 159,561 subjects were included in the analysis: 113,845 (71.3%) regular ivermectin users and 45,716 (23.3%) non-users. Of these, 4,311 ivermectin users were infected, among which 4,197 were from the city of Itajaí (3.7% infection rate), and 3,034 non-users (from Itajaí) were infected (6.6% infection rate), with a 44% reduction in COVID-19 infection rate (risk ratio [RR], 0.56; 95% confidence interval (95% CI), 0.53-0.58; p < 0.0001). Using PSM, two cohorts of 3,034 subjects suffering from COVID-19 infection were compared. The regular use of ivermectin led to a 68% reduction in COVID-19 mortality (25 [0.8%] versus 79 [2.6%] among ivermectin non-users; RR, 0.32; 95% CI, 0.20-0.49; p < 0.0001). When adjusted for residual variables, reduction in mortality rate was 70% (RR, 0.30; 95% CI, 0.19-0.46; p < 0.0001). There was a 56% reduction in hospitalization rate (44 versus 99 hospitalizations among ivermectin users and non-users, respectively; RR, 0.44; 95% CI, 0.31-0.63; p < 0.0001). After adjustment for residual variables, reduction in hospitalization rate was 67% (RR, 0.33; 95% CI, 023-0.66; p < 0.0001).

Conclusion: In this large PSM study, regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates.

= = = = =

The family of my friend who died of Coronavirus asked Northwesten Medical Huntley Hospital doctors to treat him with ivermectin. They refused.

IL Supreme Court: Mark Curran Launches Website for Supreme Court Justice Candidacy, District 2

From press release of Mark Curran’s Illinois Supreme Court Campaign:

Mark C. Curran, Jr.

Mark Curran’s Campaign for Illinois Supreme Court Launches Curranforcourt.com Website

Libertyville, IL (January 27, 2022)

Friends of Mark Curran, the official committee to elect Mark Curran, Jr. to the Illinois Supreme Court, District 2, has announced today, the launch of the official campaign website: www.curranforcourt.com

Visitors may donate, volunteer, download the petition to secure Mark’s name on the ballot and read the case for his being the best choice in the primary and the best fit on the court.

Mark Curran has served as the Attorney General’s Gang Crimes Bureau Chief, a senior prosecutor, the longest elected Sheriff of Lake County and most recently, he was the Republican Candidate against Dick Durbin for U.S. Senate.

“Mark’s passion for fighting crime and corruption and putting principle over politics make him the right choice for this office,” said a campaign spokesperson. “The party majority on the court now stands at 4-3, majority Democrat. A win by Mark Curran, running in the Republican Primary, is the best chance to shift that balance and bring real reform to Illinois.”

The Illinois Supreme Court not only has final say in matters of state law but also administers the state’s judicial system. Mark Curran’s experience as both a top level administrator as well as his career as an attorney, law enforcement official and Professor of Business Law and Criminal Justice, make him uniquely suited to serve our state, reducing corruption and upholding our laws and Constitution.

The website features the campaign theme of restoring faith, trust and freedom in Illinois.

The secondary theme, “We know Mark” is also prominent, touting his life in the community “in broad daylight” as opposed to back rooms, where Illinois candidates are often coronated by political operatives, instead of selected by the people they are swearing to represent and serve.

The new website also includes a download of the Illinois Constitution in its entirety along with a map of the new District 2, where Mark Curran is running to serve Lake, McHenry, Kane, DeKalb and Kendall Counties.

Updated with Images That Did Not Take First Time: Bailey Draws Audience Boos for Opposition to Election Audit

From a Friend of McHenry County Blog:

Republican Governor Candidate’s Forum on 11/04/2021 at the Diplomat West

A forum on 11/04/2021 featured four Republican gubernatorial candidates: Darren Bailey, Gary Rabine, Christopher Roper, and Max Solomon. 

2 minutes and 45 seconds into the video, moderator Jeanne Ives asks the candidates for a yes/no response (indicated by whether they show the green side or red side of their sign) on whether or not Illinois should have a forensic audit of the 2020 election.

Rabine, Roper, and Solomon all said yes.

Bailey said no. Snip taken at 2:55

When the question was asked, three candidates (Rabine, Roper, and Solomon) quickly put the green side of their signs up to indicate they favored an audit.

Bailey hesitated, then finally raised the sign showing the green side, right before flipping it over to reveal the red side.

This was the only part in the entire forum where the crowd booed a candidate.

First, you see 3 of the 4 candidates enthusiastically raise the green side indicating they support the audit. Bailey is hesitating. Timestamp is 2:50.

Then, Bailey lifts his sign with the green side facing out just like the other candidates. Timestamp is 2:51.

But then, in a twist, Bailey flips his card over to reveal the red side. This occurs at 2:52.

After the flip, the crowd starts booing Bailey. This happens at about 2:53 or 2:54.

Round Lake Man Arrested in Cary after Gas Station Robbery

From the Cary Police Department:

Cary PD Aggravated Robbery Arrest

On Tuesday January 25, 2022 at approximately10:05 p.m. officers from the Cary Police Department were dispatched to the Marathon Gas Station located at 8 E. Main St. (intersection of First St. and U.S. Route 14) for a report of an armed robbery that just occurred.

Bryan Leider

The clerk, who was the victim of the robbery, reported a male subject entered the business, displayed the grip of a pistol in the waitband of his pants, and demanded money.

The offender took USC and a bottle of soda.

The offender left the business on foot, got into a white SUV and drove a short distance before crashing his vehicle into a traffic signal and sign belonging to a private business at the intersection of First St. and U.S. Route 14.

The offender was last seen fleeing on foot, southbound across U.S. Route 14.

Officers attempted to locate the offender in the immediate area with the use of a Police K9, but were unsuccessful.

In the morning on Tuesday January 26, 2022, patrol officers were dispatched to what was believed to be an unrelated incident.

The second incident was an assist to the fire department for an individual with an able injury.

Officers on scene of that call recognized distinct items of clothing that matched clothing worn by the offender in the robbery. 

In the course of investigating the incident, officers recognized similarities in the descriptionof a subject involved in the incident, and the offender from the armed robbery.

Further investigation revealed evidence connecting the subject to the armed robbery.

Through additional investigation, the offender was linked to the original incident and charged with one county of Aggravated Robbery, a Class 1 Felony.

The offender, 23 year old Bryan J. Leider, was processed and transported to the McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility in Woodstock to await a bond hearing.

Additional charges against Leider are possible.

The Cary Police Department was assisted by the Carpentersville Police Department’s K9 Unit.

Charges are not findings of guilt by a court, and all arrestees should be assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Message of the Day – A Question

Capitol News Illinois has an article about the Supreme Court case concerning whether politicians like Jack Franks can use their campaign funds to pay criminal defense attorneys.

Appointed to replace our Justice Robert Thomas, Michael Burke (no relation to fellow Jusrticew Anne or her husband, embattled Alderman Ed Burke, ask this question:

“Are we at that point in Illinois where we’re going to say that that’s an ordinary expense of holding public office?”

The state law on permissible expenditures from campaign funds reads they may be used

“to defray the customary and reasonable expenses of an officeholder in connection with the performance of governmental and public service functions.”

The story also reported a part of the State Constitution with which madates decisions receive at least four votes.

The Court has seven members.

Two of the three Justices from Cook County–Anne Burke and Mary Jane Theis–have recused themselves.