IL-11 UPDATED with COMMENTS: No Surprises with Congressional Filings as all Five Candidates Filed Monday

Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville), his Democratic primary challenger Qasim Rashid of Naperville, and the three Republicans campaigning throughout most of 2023, Jerry Evans (R, Warrenville), Susan Hathaway-Altman (R, unincorporated Geneva) and Dr. Kent Mercado (R, Bartlett), all filed at … Continue reading

IL-11: Jerry Evans Emerges as Only Viable Republican Candidate for Congress

Jerry Evans at October 9 prayer rally in Woodstock for Israel With Republican rivals Susan Hathaway-Altman & Dr. Kent Mercado self-funding their respective campaigns, Evans firmly establishing himself as frontrunner with his fundraising over first 18 days of his campaign … Continue reading

IL-11: Challengers to Bill Foster from Far Left to Far Right Proving to be Comical

Exclusive to McHenry County Blog by John Lopez Bill Foster Qasim Rashid Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) announced on July 5 he would seek reelection to represent the 11th Congressional District in the 119th Congress, which would be his 9th … Continue reading

IL-11: NRCC Places Catalina Lauf in Third-Tier in Young Guns Program

Catalina Lauf With the open IL-17 the decided top target to flip in 2022, elevation of IL-06 and IL-13 nominees to “Young Gun” level in NRCC rating places Lauf in 3rd tier with IL-14 and IL-08 Early Tuesday morning July … Continue reading

IL-11: Catalina Lauf First Comparison Piece with Congressman Bill Foster

Catalina Lauf Bill Foster Placing the nickname “Failed Foster” into use for first time, Lauf posts generic comparisons with Foster in campaign email sent Friday Late Friday afternoon, Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) sent a fundraising email which included to my … Continue reading

IL-11: Congressman Bill Foster Casts Two Abortion-on-Demand Votes, The Truth and No Reaction from Catalina Lauf or Stance on National Abortion Ban

Bill Foster From Bill Foster (D, Naperville) congressional office press release of Friday, July 15: Foster Votes to Restore Reproductive Rights and Abortion Access Nationwide Washington, DC – Today [Friday], Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) released the following statement after the … Continue reading

FEC Fundraising Through June 30 Shows Only Two Realistic Republican Pick-up Opportunities

Bill Foster began 3rd Quarter with just under $5 million compared to Catalina Lauf’s $26K a nearly 200-1 cash-on-hand advantage The 2nd Quarter Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings are in the books, as the latest campaign disclosures in Federal races … Continue reading

IL-11: First Lady’s “Breakfast Tacos” Quote Monday Part of Bigger Message Awaiting Country November 8

Catalina Lauf 7/12/22 While Lauf not at the maturity level of other Latina Republican nominees across the country who’ve won their respective primaries, she has a chance to capitalize on the “Latina Red Wave” in spite of her long-shot November … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATED: Republican Campaign Notes with NRCC Statement for Catalina Lauf

Catalina Lauf UPDATE 7/14/22, 10:40AM CDT: The NRCC did acknowledge Catalina Lauf’s victory on June 29, but it was not distributed through the NRCC communications channels including Twitter. The NRCC section has been updated to include their statement. ==== END … Continue reading

IL-11: Mark Carroll Files FEC Report Through June 30

Mark Carroll With donations void of State Central Committeeperson Laura Pollastrini, state Representatives Jeff Keicher and Keith Wheeler and many other endorsers, Carroll reports raising little over $47K for 3rd place finish North Aurora Village Trustee Laura Curtis, Naperville Township … Continue reading

IL-11/66th House District: Catalina Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC First Financial Donation to Republican Candidate from Illinois

Catalina Lauf Arin Thrower Dundee Township Supervisor Arin Thrower First Illinois Candidate to Receive Financial Support from Lauf PAC A first for nominee Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock). Dundee Township Supervisor Arin Thrower (R, West Dundee) was the first Illinois candidate … Continue reading

IL-11: Grow up Catalina Lauf and Remember Over 68% of Primary Voters Wanted Someone Else and Latest Tweet Would Almost Qualify as a Sunday Funny

This little guy Does NOT have birthing parents… but DOES have a mom and dad and a fun auntie (me!) Also, gives one hell of a workout wanting to be held all day… 🤣🤣— Catalina Lauf (@CatalinaLauf) July 9, … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATEDx5: Early June Brings No Change to Rankings of Republican Candidates as Catalina Lauf Publishes Financial Disclosure Statement & Susan Hathaway-Altman Files Amendment

From my own observations including feedback shared by multiple friends of McHenry County Blog, here is the rankings of the 6 Republican candidates competing for IL-11’s Republican nomination.

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IL-11 UPDATED: Mark Carroll Endorsed by Batavia Township Republicans

Mark Carroll UPDATE 4/27/22, 11:23AM CDT: Commenter “Correcting” credited with applying discernment concerning the Batavia Township Republican Organization (BTRO) composition having only 5 precinct committeepersons currently listed by the Kane County Clerk. Batavia Township consists of 21 precincts, and 99% … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATED: Revised Rankings of Republican Candidates Makes Primary a 2-person, Maybe 3-person Race

From my own observations including feedback shared by multiple friends of McHenry County Blog, here is the rankings of the 6 Republican candidates competing for IL-11’s Republican nomination.

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IL-11: Is the Right Lauf Running for Congress?

Catalina and Madeline Lauf with Friends from Begin Health website Catalina Lauf reacts to Jerry Evans interview with business update of sister’s company Last Wednesday night, IL-11 candidate Jerry Evans (R, Warrenville) shined bright during his livestream interview with Chrissi … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATEDx9: Q122 Fundraising Reshaping Republican Primary Race

From my own observations including feedback shared by multiple friends of McHenry County Blog, here is the rankings of the 6 Republican candidates competing for IL-11’s Republican nomination.

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IL-11: Catalina Lauf Relaunches Campaign Website for 2022

Fact or fluff? You decide and comment From 4/5/22 On Tuesday, April 5, 12 weeks before the June 28 Republican primary, congressional candidate Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) launched her 2022 campaign website. It can be viewed here. McHenry County … Continue reading

IL-11: Catalina Lauf Publicity Stunt in Aurora Proves Again Lauf Challenged Telling the Truth and Lack of Integrity

Lauf said completely the opposite is yet another instance in my honest opinion of Lauf being challenged with telling the truth

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