IL-11: Susan Hathaway-Altman Introduces Herself to Voters

Susan Hathaway-Altman Surprise candidate filing on the last day of filing to run for Congress makes her first public pitch through Facebook about her candidacy On Monday the final day of filing petitions to be a candidate in the Republican … Continue reading

IL-11: Catalina Lauf Op-ed in The Washington Times Proves Her Cultural Conservatism and is not same as Social Conservatism UPDATEDx2

Catalina Lauf “We must continue to disrupt radical policies and influences. We must stay involved. We must demand the truth and challenge the status quo. We are taking back our freedoms and our country. Remain vigilant.” — Catalina Lauf, 3/9/22, … Continue reading

IL-11: Catalina Lauf and Cassandra Tanner Miller Added to Elise Stefanik’s Elevate PAC “Women to Watch” List

Elise Stefanik From Elevate PAC (E-PAC) press release of March 8: Continuing The Historic Effort To Elect GOP Women, E-PAC Announces Second Round of 2022 “Rising Star” Endorsements and “Women to Watch” WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, Republican House Conference Chair and … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATED: Catalina Lauf LinkedIn Page and Citizens for Rauner

Catalina Lauf Instead of Lauf showing the maturity and intestinal fortitude when confronted about her lie by omission of not listing by name her 10-month employment with Citizens for Rauner in 2018 in her LinkedIn job history, Lauf still yet … Continue reading

IL-11: Campaign Roundup Week Ending March 6

Cassandra Tanner Miller Cassandra Tanner Miller confirmed guest Monday night in Cary at We the People of McHenry County, Catalina Lauf’s ageism displayed again, Johnny Ramos files with FEC and is 2nd Hispanic candidate, Mark Carroll launches campaign website McHenry … Continue reading

IL-11: Catalina Lauf Continues Subtle Ageism at McHenry County Meeting

Catalina Lauf “I think there’s a HUGE need for young business owners and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap with our elected officials. For example— how many of our 75+ yr old Senators who have been there for 40 years…understand things … Continue reading

IL-11 UPDATED: Mark Carroll Formally Announces Candidacy for Congress

Mark Carroll Write-up in Daily Herald reveals in addition to being the only Republican in race with elected office experience and a back-office financial services attorney, Carroll interned for Congress in the mid 1990s UPDATE 3/2/22, 11:05AM CST: Yesterday, McHenry … Continue reading

New York Times Statistician Sets Odds on Illinois Congressional Districts, Sees Two District Pickup for GOP

Here’s a map with a link to all 435 congressional districts. Click on a district and you will see what odds statistician Nate Silver gives each candidate for victory. Let’s look at those in Northern and Central Illinois. McHenry County … Continue reading