WMAQ-TV’s Dick Kay Agrees on All Kids’ Coverage for Children Illegally in the Country  

Blogger Jim Bowman’s Chicago Newspapers ran my comment concerning the ignored aspect of Governor Rod Blagojevich’s All Kids program, specifically,

The only Chicago mention (or elsewhere, for that matter) that [Gov. Blagojevich’s] AllKids [health insurance program] includes for the first time those children in the US illegally was by Dick Kay on a WTTW show. Don’t you think that ought to be at least part of the debate?

Dick Kays’ reply:

He has it exactly right! They will not apply under Kids Care because that is a federally funded program. All Kids is state-only and will cover illegal immigrants so long as they can pay the monthly premium and the co-pay. For that matter it would cover children of billionaires so long as they could pay the much higher premiums that would require. Our sister station, Telemundo, has done a couple of stories on the program.

Guess you have to understand Spanish to get the news in Chicagoland.

Jim has more about how the Governor will use All Kids in his re-election campaign.

Chicago Newspapers is the only place I have found that critiques Chicagoland media.

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