Gary Pack-Initiated Murder Charges Dropped by Successor State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi

In a headline-grabbing effort right just before the 2004 election that replaced former State’s Attorney Gary Pack, two already convicted motor cycle gang members were indicted again in McHenry County.

Although the two were in Federal prison, Pack decided to try to dictate his successor’s use of manpower.

Pack had already convicted Gary Gauger, the son of the couple murdered in Richmond. Gauger is one of the men released from Illinois’ Death Row as a result of a pardon by Governor George Ryan.

To the best of my knowledge, Pack has yet to apologize to Gauger for his wrongful conviction. Perhaps that is because there is a suit pending, but, if so, the law is so inadequate. If Pack is remorseful for his rather incredible misjudgment in prosecuting and convicting Gauger, he surely should be allowed to apologize for it without hurting his case.

Gary’s sister called me shortly after he was arrested. I was state representative then, but not hers. She explained quite passionately that her brother Gary could not have murder their mother and father.

I wish I could have done something other than advise, “Get him a good lawyer.”

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