Tribune’s John Kass Proposes $1,000 Annual License for Dogs Heavier Than 15 Pounds, Based on McHenry County Pit Bull Attacks on Ten-Year-Olds

The pit bull attacks on 10-year-olds Nick Foley and Jourdan Lamarre in rural Cary has engaged John Kass, Chicago Tribune columnist and father of twin 10-year-olds.

In his column today, he proposes that owners of dogs weighing over 15 pounds be charged $1,000 a year, unless “the dog is sprayed or neutered and passes temperament and obedience teszts at least two times a year under the supervision of state-licensed animal trainer…

“If you don’t like it, then move. Or socialize your dog,” he writes.

And, there’s more.

Kass wants implantation with identification microchips, for starter.

“You consider this draconian? Consider the alternative,” he suggests before explaining what happened to the elementary school children while they were trying to sell Girl Scout candy.

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