Developers for Shepley

I first noticed that land being developed or for sale had big Shepley for Mayor signs on South Main Street.

I had seen the Main Street Crossing Development just south of the railroad spur next to Farr Manufacturing.

It appears to be on the property where homeless people in Crystal Lake used to camp.

At first there was only a Shepley sign there.

But by Sunday it had turned into a literal Crystal Lake city council and park board sign ghetto.

Signs for Brett Hopkins, Howie Christensen, Kathy Ferguson, Bernie Van Ham, Eric Anderson, John Burton, Ellen Brady Mueller.

Did I miss any?

When I drove out to McHenry County College, I noticed a big Shepley signs across from Ridgefield Road on property that used to be (and still may be) owned by Flowerwood.

And across the street from the main Flowerwood building, where there used to be a collection of antiques kept outside behind a wrought iron fence, there is still another big Shepley sign.

And, I noticed an empty lot behind Mr. A’s had a big Shepley sign.

Then, I remembered how Walgreen’s tried to get land zoned along the west side of McHenry Avenue from Route 14 to the street that runs in front of St. Thomas School.

There was a neighborhood uprising and the idea was nixed by city council.

This sign on Dole Avenue is located in the in relationship to Mr. A’s as the apartment building is located behind Ron’s Repair Service.

Finally, I found one at Huntley and Bard Roads near the water tower and the fire station just south of Lakewood.

Is this a potential strip mall site?

= = = = =

All pictures can be enlarged, if you want to read the details.

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