Family Taxpayers Network Mails Postcard in Support of Aileen Seedorf and Linda Moore in Huntley School District 158

Postcards in support of the two women running for the Huntley District 158 School Board are being sent out by Jack Roeser’s Family Taxpayers Network.

Those two women are, of course, Aileen Seedorf and Linda Moore.

They have also been supported in a mailing by incumbent school board member Larry Snow and his political action committee Solutions NOW.

Here is part of the text:

Dear Friend,

I am 83 years old, and have been fighting for tax payers for a long time. Our website, www.TheChampion.Org, presents the facts showing the excess costs. This postcard is about District 158 trying to take more of your money.

D-158 has been more concerned with raising your taxes than educating their students. That was evident in the financial debacle during the last referendum.

There is talk in D-158 of a new $80 Million Dollar high school and a $40 Million Dollar middle school. This is how big building referendums and tax increases start. This school board election is critical. The candidates you elect on April 17th will approve or deny another referendum.

The referendum committee wrote on its web site: “District 158 actually has fewer senior citizens than most communities.” They knew Del Webb’s existing size at the time. They aggressively misled people about plain simple facts.

In contrast Aileen Seedorf and Linda Moore would be independent thinking, open-minded, and well-informed board members. We need them as school board members who are not part of the clique of friends running our Board of Education. Our students deserve better, and we deserve better.

Please only vote for Linda Moore and Aileen Seedorf. It is time for a change.

On the address side, quotes from Northwest Herald columnist Brian Slupski and Roeser appear:

District 158 was not broke, even though school officials said otherwise.” – Brian Slupski, Northwest Herald, 8/14/2005

Misleading information and bad administration should not be tolerated from the D-158 Board. They don’t have a funding problem, they have a spending problem.” – Jack Roeser, Family Taxpayers Network, Chairman

The postcard asks voters to vote for only the two candidates.

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