Gay Game Regatta Votes

Having probably written more articles on the Gay Games than anyone else in the world, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to point out who voted to bring the rowing regatta to Crystal Lake.

That information is an article entitled “Gay Games Honor Roll.”

All of the incumbents running for city council voted to allow the Gay Games to take over Crystal Lake on a prime weekend day in mid-July.

They include Mayor Aaron Shepley, who was a cheerleader for the event and told the Chicago Tribune it showed his leadership abilities.

Council folks running for re-election who voted for the regatta were Ellen Brady Mueller, Kathy Ferguson, and Howie Christensen. Their photographs are shown in that order.

In case you are from out of the area, Mayor Shepley is to the one with the microphone.

Two of the incumbents running for the Crystal Lake Park Board—Candy Reedy and Michael Zellman—voted for the Gay Games.

They voted for it the first time around when the motion lost because of a 2-2 tie and were in the three-person, second-time around majority that allowed the lake takeover.


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