Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority Signs Come to Crystal Lake

>Signs in favor of creation of a Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority in the western part of McHenry Count keep getting torn down, as you can see from the email below from a friend of McHenry County Blog:

Just to up date our report to you on the KVWA signs being taken. I just spoke with a neighbor.

Her daughter put out about 20 signs yesterday along Garden Valley Road and that general area.

An hour later they were all gone!

I forgot to ask if the mysterious “wind” had replaced them with blue and white Vote No signs.

I continue to get reports similar to this in many of the areas of the proposed KVWA area.

It seems a pretty low type of trick to me. The water authority idea must really be making a few deep-pocketed people nervous.

In a counter attack of sorts, proponents have put signs up in Crystal Lake on Routes 14 and 176.

I almost got a new, larger one designed to compete with the 4 by 8-foot signs of the Taxpayers Alliance of Northern Illinois.

Unfortunately, a Tweeter closing poster holder was standing in front of part of it.

This corner, by the way, is a location that former McHenry County College President Jim Davis told me that a citizens’ committee recommended the college be located. Davis told me it was a peat bog.

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