Left Behind – The Second Conservation District Tax Hike Mailing

Now I’m just like the reporters who haven’t lived locally long enough to be getting election mail.

The McHenry County Conservation District tax hikers, called the McHenry County Conservation Foundation, and its campaign front group, the McHenry County Citizens for Clean Water and Open Space, have both taken me off their mailing list.

Using the correct return address this time—unlike the deception the first time around—the McHenry County Conservation Foundation mailed second the second of what I have called, “Vote April 17, 2007,” pieces.

It was a glossy four-color, four-page piece that, from the one copy I obtained, was mailed to the females among us.

But not to my wife.

Its cover page headlines are

“McHenry County Conservation District”

above three pictures of four boys hiking in the woods, a boy that’s just caught a fish and a Dad and son canoing and above the bigger headline,

“Protecting Open Space.”

When one looked at the mail, there was a fall picture of a bundled up man and a woman holding hands walking.

The legend above the address was

McHenry County
Conservation District
Proposition to issue
Open Space and Watershed
Protection, Wildlife Habitat
Preservation, and Recreation
Bonds not to
exceed $73,000,000

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For more information please visit the Conservation District website at www.mccdistrict.org

Inside left is a spectacular picture which made me think of the Rockies when I first looked at it. The bottom shows a reflection in a lake which looks for all the world like a reflection of a mountain and clouds. I assume it is somewhere in McHenry County, but there is no way to know, because the location is not identified.

The text is headlined,

“A History of Protecting Open Space.”


”The McHenry County Conservation District owns or manages over 20,000 acres of beautify open land with young and old trees, prairies, wetlands, ponds, creeks, and rivers. (Then there is a footnote.) The Conservation District’s 25 conservation areas include trails, picnic facilities, fishing sites, wildlife habitat, educational facilities, and essential watersheds for clean drinking water. (Footnote 2.)

”On April 17, the McHenry County Conservation District will have an Open Space and Watershed Protection Proposition Bond Question on the Ballot.”

Next comes the ballot question.

On the right hand side of the inside of this second pamphlet from the McHenry County Conservation Foundation there are three bullet points:

  • Protecting Watersheds to Improve the Water Quality of Rivers, Lakes, and Streams. The proposition would provide funding for the purchase of land around rivers, lakes and streams, including essential watersheds that help improve water quality in McHenry County. (Footnote.)
  • Purchasing Natural Areas and Wildlife Habitat McHenry County is the fifth fastest growing county in Illinois. (Footnote.) Growth and development is consuming the County’s natural areas and open space. (Footnote.) The proposition would provide funding to purchase open spaces and remaining natural areas. (Footnote.)
  • Proposition Costs and Audit Provisions. For every $100,000 of a home’s market value, the proposition would cost the homeowner $13.51 per year. (No footnote.) The median home value in McHenry County is $239,100, which means the median homeowner would pay an additional $2.69 a month ($32.30 per year). (Footnote.) The McHenry County Conservation District is subject to an annual public audit to ensure funds are properly spent. (Footnote.)

That’s it.

All warm and fuzzy.

What it does not mention is that not one bit of protection has been provided to the most fragile lake in McHenry County. That’s Crystal Lake by my reckoning.

Not a single penny since the Conservation District was formed in 1971.

Someone please correct me, if I am wrong.

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