Weekend Update on Algonquin Village Races

An Algonquin friend of McHenry County Blog offered this update after opening the mailbox on Saturday:

Direct Mailing Update

Algonquin Village Trustee Jim Steigert and Candidate Steve Serafin did it again.

Another joint mailing hit Algonquin active voters’ mailbox on Saturday, April 14th.

This was the 2nd joint mailer to hit village mailboxes within a week, and hitting on the Saturday before the election, it could have some impact to swaying the undecideds.

More importantly, neither Trustee John Spella nor Candidates Debby Sosine nor Steve Kaniewski had village-wide mailings for active voters. If any of these three candidates have sent mailings, they are very very targeted and limited in reach.

The Steigert campaign 8 ½” x 11“ flyer highlighted the endorsements of the three newspapers for Steigert, and included excerpts from the Northwest Herald, Daily Herald, and Algonquin Countryside (weekly newspaper from Pioneer Press).

The Serafin insert was his white palm card, with quotes from various elected officials, including Jim Steigert.

Signs, Signs Everywhere Signs

Driving around the village, it’s being observed that many yards have 2 of the non-incumbents signs in their yards. Some of the more prominent yards in the village have this pattern, too. Of course, if a household is committed to voting for 2 of the non-incumbents, that means at lease 1 incumbent trustee will not be receiving those votes.

McHenryCountyBlog “drive net” observed these prominent yards on Saturday afternoon:

  • Village President John C. Schmitt – Debby Sosine (2 signs) and Steve Kaniewski(no surprise, since both incumbents opposed him in 2005 president’s race)
  • Senior Trustee Bob Smith – Debby Sosine
  • Village Clerk Jerry Kautz – John Spella
  • Planning & Zoning Chairman Maggie Auger – Debby Sosine and Steve Kaniewski
  • D300 School Board Member Dave Alessio – Debby Sosine and Steve Serafin
  • D300 School Board Member Joe Stevens – Steve Serafin
  • Township Clerk and County Board Member Marc Munaretto – Jim Steigert
  • Former President and County Board Member Don Brewer – Jim Steigert and Steve Serafin
  • Activist Jeannine Soldner – Jim Steigert and Steve Kaniewski

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