Evidence of Sign Vandalism Against Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority Supporters

As their signs continue to disappear, at least one of A-LAW (Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water) Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority supporters has retained a sense of humor.

The email said,

“Receiving more reports of missing signs from supporters.

“Almost all gone in Dunham Township, other places stripped bare where there were several.”

The first photo shows:

“Three KVWA signs are completely gone and two TANI signs are on the ground. No idea how what happened here. Corner of Bull Valley Rd. and Queen Anne Rd (top left).”

The second photo shows:

“Large KVWA sign that was here all week has gone missing. Corner of Country Club and Bull Valley Rd (top right).”

The third shot shows:

“Tire treads visible after I reset the signs back farther on Sunday. They had been run over. Corner of Fleming and Country Club.”

Finally, the sense of humor comes through in the final photo:

“Guess we better hold on to what we have left.”

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