Two Incumbents ReElected, Three Newcomers Elected to Crystal Lake Park Board

With nine seats up and five to be elected to the newly-expanded Crystal Lake Park Board veteran commissioner Candy Reedy ran first, as McHenry County Blog predicted after looking at her first place position on the ballot. She got 3402 votes.

Fellow commissioner Michael Zellman also gained re-election, running third behind Richard Sexton, owner of the Ice House, the private ice rink in town.

Also in the winner’s circle were
Eric Anderson, a park district attorney for districts elsewhere in Illinois, and
Michael Walkup, local Democratic Party activist, whose family has a street named after it.

If Walkup ran a campaign, I surely did not see.

Here are the results

Candy Reedy – 3402
Richard Sexton – 3038
Mike Zellman – 2946
Eric Anderson – 2927
Mike Walkup – 2623
Angel Collins – 2445
John Burton – 2027
Bernie Van Ham – 1932
Bud Schmauss – 1560

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