Women Power Wins in Huntley School Board Race

I’m getting addled as I age.

I put up a story earlier tonight about the Huntley School Board election results without remembering to consider the Kane County portion of District 158.

How silly of me.

With all 15 precincts reporting in McHenry County and extremely low voter turnout, the two women, I wrote the first time around, didn’t make the cut.

With three to be elected here are the results for the McHenry County precincts:

Mike Skala – 1385
Kevin Gentry – 1,351
Jim Carlin – 1,184
Aileen Seedorf – 1,116
Linda Moore – 1,057
David Larkin – 822
Roger Henderson – 480

Seedorf was trailing by 69 votes, Moore by 127.

But, look at the results for the five Kane County (read Sun City) precincts:

Seedorf – 811
Moore – 719
Carlin – 539
Gentry – 385
Skala – 299
Larkin – 250
Henderson – 167

And, add the two together and here are the preliminary results:

Seedorf – 1927
Moore – 1,776
Gentry – 1,736
Carlin – 1,723
Skala – 1,684
Larkin – 1,072
Hendrson – 647

I said “preliminary,” because in the 179 McHenry County precincts, there are 1,111 early votes that have not yet been folded in, plus a paltry 531 absentee ballots outstanding.

That totals 1,642. That’s about 10 votes per precinct.

Unless one side or the other in District 158 was running an early voting campaign and/or an absentee ballot campaign, the results should stand, although they will end different than the ones being reported by the Kane and McHenry County Clerks tonight.

Gentry is 40 votes behind Moore, while Carlin is 13 votes behind Gentry and Skala is 39 votes behind Carlin.

Running unopposed for a 2-year term, Tony Quagliano got 2,082 votes.

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