District 158 Numbers Change

When I wrote “Women Power Wins in Huntley School Board Race” last night about 11, the McHenry County Clerk’s web site said all the precincts from McHenry County had reported.

Somewhere between the time I wrote the article and this morning, the results changed on McVote.

I was told that the early voting results had now been folded in.

In any event, here are the numbers I have now:

McHenry Kane Total
Seedorf 1214 811 2025
Gentry 1543 385 1928
Carlin 1342 539 1881
Skala 1569 299 1868
Moore 1148 719 1867
Larkin 908 250 1158
Henderson 539 167 706

The top three are the apparent winners, but I was also told that absentee ballots are still outstanding and any ballots postmarked by election day which arrive in the next two weeks will also be counted.

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