Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority Faces Tsunami of “No” Votes

Almost 78% of the voters in McHenry, DeKalb and Boone Counties reject the creation of the Kishwaukee Valley Water Authority.

The new unit of government, proposed by A-LAW, the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water, was soundly reject in each of the three counties where votes were cast.

In McHenry County it creation was rejected by a vote of 3,512 to 1,774. The 66% defeat marked the high water mark of the county election results.

The companion measure, which would allow the taxes to be levied, went down the drain 3,822 to 1,574.

In DeKalb County, the issue went down by an even larger margin—83%.

The vote for creation of the water authority lost by 8,813 to 2,139.

The tax side failed by more, just as in McHenry County: 8,964 to 1,923.

In Boone County the measure also lost by big margins. 81-19% (5,625 to 1,298) for its creation and 5,651 (83%) to 1,125 in favor of lifting the tax cap to allow an increase in the property tax.

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