MCCD Bonds Get Almost 57% Approval

Get ready for your McHenry County Conservation District tax bill to go up 27%.

That’s the decision of 17,538 of your neighbors.

They amounted to 56.7% of the total votes cast on the measure.

Amazing what using “other people’s money” from a tax exempt charitable foundation to finance a campaign costing scores of thousands of dollars can do.

That’s more than the 51.3% it got last time around when there was active campaigning against the $68.5 million.

Now, that’s it’s passed take the time to see where land was purchased from that last bond issue.

If the purchasing trend continues, MCCD holdings will mirror those of the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

Lots of open space around the edge of our county, just as there is in Cook County.

Buy land in western or northern McHenry County and you, too, could live next to open space.

13,390 voted against the proposal.

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