Development Forces Finance Citizens for a Better Wonder Lake Village Trustee Campaign

The names of the four who gave $3,000 apiece to pay for the $12,000 Citizens for a Better Wonder Lake escaped my attention before the election.

All of the individuals and business organizers share the common last name of Keegen.

A Nov. 16, 2006, Jenn Wiant Northwest Herald story about Thatcher Meadows reported that Andrew Keegen was “manager of land investment company NRB Land Investment Group.”

A Wonder Lake source wrote me,

“The Teegans are the people who wanted to develop south of Wonder Lake, and are now planning 3000 homes between Donna Schaefer and Kathy Kuchta’s house in McHenry and East Wonder Lake.”

A friend of McHenry County Blog pointed me to the State Board of Elections web site, where they are not listed, but can be found by asking. Here are the four contributors:

  • Ridgeview Development, LLC, 714 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry
  • Volo Diamonds, 714 Ridgeview Drive, McHenry
  • Andrew R. & Bonnie Teegen, 2,812 Slyline Drive, Crystal Lake
  • Carolyn Teegan, 5,623 Chessapeak Drive, McHenry (It appears there are two typographical errors in this entry by the political action committee.)

The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office web site says that Howard R. Teegen is the Ridgeview Development’s agent and 714 Ridgeview Drive in McHenry is given as its address. It was started on August 17, 2004.

Volo Diamonds has Howard R. Teegen’s name as its president, but the address is 5,623 Chesapeake (spelled correctly) Drive in McHenry.

Did you know that if any person or other corporation gives more than 33% of the contributions to a campaign committee that it has to use the name of that contributor as part of its committee name.

It’s called a “parentheses committee.”

Had any of the contributions exceeded 33%, the name of the sponsoring entity has to be included in the committee’s name. The name can be deleted if they don’t get 33% from the same entity for a year.

My guess that is why none of the donations exceed 25%.

Tomorrow: What was the cost per vote for Bill Arnos and Ed Stygar, the losing trustee candidates, supported by Citizens for a Better Wonder Lake?

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And be sure to read the correction at the top of the Wonder Lake post-election analysis, plus thought for the future of Wonder Lake from this friend of the McHenry County Blog.

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