MCC Finally Posts Agenda for Last Night’s Meeting Last

Maybe my little call to the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office this morning did some good.

When I checked at 1:17 this afternoon, after doing some shopping and getting some family and cat pictures printed, I found

  • last night’s McHenry County College board meeting agenda has been posted, and
  • the agenda for Thursday night’s meeting is now up.

Thursday night’s is the one that should have been posted last Friday, according to the bottom of this image, which I encourage you to enlarge.

Posting last night’s agenda today is not a case of “better late than never.”

The reason?

I and other citizens were denied advance notice of what was going to be discussed last night.

And, if you look at the front pages of the Northwest Herald and the Daily Herald, it seems to have been an important meeting.

I won’t be able to get a tape, because Committee of the Whole meetings aren’t recorded.

At least that’s what Sandy Kerrick, the MCC attorney attending the last Committee of the Whole meeting I attended, told me after I spoke in the public comment period. (This is the meeting three guys who stand to make money on a minor league baseball stadium met in secret with the board.)

So, what was the agenda last night?

Well, the most important part was

Facility Master Plan
Health, Wellness and Athletic Complex, Board Report #07-48

And, how about Thursday night’s meeting?

Committee of the Whole – April 23, 2007
Facilities Master Plan – Health, Wellness, and Athletic Complex, Board Report #07-48

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