NW Herald Endorses Civil Unions for Homosexuals, Lesbians and Heterosexuals

I know editorial are opinion and the Northwest Herald’s endorsing of “gay civil unions in Illinois” is certainly in keeping with its promotion of the acceptability of homosexuality in McHenry County.

Just think of its outright promotion of the Gay Games, while ignoring the latest rowing regatta on Crystal Lake last weekend, if you think rowing had anything to do with the Herald’s support of the Gay Games regatta.

But, accuracy counts, even in editorials.

And, the first sentence of the editorial is, at best, incomplete.

The bill authorizes civil unions for heterosexuals, too.

The bill really guts the concept of marriage as the preferred relationship in society.

The best title of a book by a legislator was one written by now retired California State Senator Bill Richardson. Richardson founded Gunowners of America.

It’s title?

What Makes You Think We Read the Bills?

Where are those Protect Marriage petitions for an advisory referendum on gay marriage/civil unions?

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