Indeck Peaker Plant Threat No More

That’s what I’ve been told.

The gas-fired electric generating plant Indeck desired would have been built at the intersection of Routes 47 and the north leg of Route 176.

Why there?

That’s where NICOR gas lines and Com Ed come close. An idea location from the point of view of developer Indeck.

A citizens’ movement arose.

“Stop the Stacks” was the slogan and signs appeared in the neighborhood.

So, apparently this water sucking facility no longer threatens to lower our water table.

I wonder if the withdrawal from the lawsuit against McHenry County for not granting the zoning has anything to do with the recent indictment of Indeck’s transportation manager Del Monico.

I see the Daily Herald has posted an article before I retire this Monday night.

Reporter Chuck Keeshan reminds me that the county’s insurance carrier paid Indeck $5 million in 2002, against the wishes of the county board.

Keeshan notes that the county still faces binding arbitration with that insurance company, which sued McHenry County. That arbitration will start next week.

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