Patrick Fitzgerald Does Not Appear Headed for Reappointment in Mitt Romney Presidency

I wasn’t taking notes during the Republican presidential debate on MS-NBC last night, but it surely appears to me that Patrick Fitzgerald will not be reappointed Chicago’s U.S. Attorney, if Mitt Romney is elected president.

Fitzgerald’s name was not mentioned, but Romney went into a virtual rant about what the Federal prosecutor did to Vice President Scooter Libby in a question of whether each thought Libby should be pardoned. Fitzgerald, of course, was that Federal prosecutor.

Nothing was mentioned about Fitzgerald’s fight against corruption in Illinois.

In the analysis after, Chris Mathews did mention Fitzgerald’s name.

Bob Kjellander is Romney’s Illinois chairman.

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Sat. 1:26 PM

A commenter on Illinoize says he has seen no evidence that Kjellander is Illinois chairman. Upon reflection, he may be correct. I talked to Bob about being able to come to Romney’s event earlier this year and he sounded as if he were in charge of it. That, of course, does not mean he is is the Illinois chairman. If I am incorrect, I apologize for the misrepresentation.

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