Chemtool to Boone County

It is truly tragic that a manufacturing firm begun in Crystal Lake and seeking to expand could not be accommodated in McHenry County.

Oh, it will be just across the Boone County line in Garden Prairie.

But, its tax money will go soon go to Boone County and the Belvidere School District.

Liz Wolgemuth of the Northwest Herald was the first I’ve seen to report the 10-1 vote in favor of the manufacturing, research, world headquarters and distribution facility.

Nine votes were required to achieve the three-fourths majority for the re-zoning. A super majority was needed because of objections from neighboring property owners.

President Jim Athans has made significant contributions to the Crystal Lake area and deserves our thanks.

I wonder if anyone will step forward to accept the responsibility for the failure of Chemtool to remain in McHenry County.

As I posted on the Northwest Herald’s comment section,

“What’s the opposite of economic development?”

I am sure there is a story of why McHenry County lost this gem of a company, but I suspect Athans is too much of a gentlemen to tell it.

Here’s the Rockford Register-Star’s story by Kevin Haas.

75 were in the audience and the main concern was safety for the children attending the Kishwaukee Grade School across the street and of the watershed below.

Haas has this quote from board member Michele Courier:

In my opinion this petition for special use boils down to Chemtool’s record.

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