District 300 Secret Meeting About School Safety, Opps, Graduation Location, Returns with a Twist

Remember when District 300’s outgoing Board President Mary Fioretti justified the closed door meeting to rent the Sears Centre for Graduation on the grounds of safety?

David Fitzgerald of the Northwest Herald discovered this violation of the Opening Meetings Act in January while reviewing minutes from closed meetings. District 300 got whomped for it.

This is what the board president told Fitzgerald:

“This last time, they darn near did get hit by lightning [at the outdoor graduation ceremony]. We were going to break a culture of having [graduation] at Carpenter Park. But I think we did it the right way.”

Mary Fioretti did not win re-election, being defeated by John Ryan, a vociferous opponent of the 55-cent tax hike and $185 million bond issue last year.

Well, it seems the school board may have decreased the safety of its graduating seniors significantly.

The following is from the daily announcements at Jacobs High School:


Your Graduation Rehearsal is on Thursday, May 31st. We will be
leaving the school at 8am and returning around 11am. If you are unable to drive or carpool with another senior to the Sears Centre, please come down to the Main Office and sign up for bus transportation by the end of this week.

One might wonder if it will be safer to have hundreds of kids find their own way to the Sears Centre than to walk to the athletic field for rehearsal.

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