From the Gay Games’ Vault of “Heck of a Guy” Blog

You have to love the graphics in this article from Allan Showalter’s “Heck of a Guy” blog.

Showalter and I are both from the Crystal Lake area and both were inspired to cover the Gay Games Rowing Regatta.

He was less compulsive or, more likely, had something better to do than write 70-some articles on the Crystal Lake aspects of the Gay Games.

I found one where he got a picture of the rainbow flags that had disappeared with the TV cameras by the time I tried to get a shot.

But I missed this imaginative article entitled,

Crystal Lake to Permit “Whatever Floats Your Boat” Rowing Event

And, yes, the Rev. Dan Larson of the Congregational Unitarian Church is given credit for coming up with the phrase at the first Crystal Lake Park Board meeting at which permission was denied on a 2-2 vote.

I love the Teletubby in the skiff.

Showalter ridicules the influence that the Gay Games might have on McHenry County with a delightful map labeled “Gay Wave Radiation from Lake Zero.”

And he reports heretofore unknown (at least by McHenry County Blog readers) aspects of the dispute:

While it went unreported in the press, a compromise solution was discussed, faltering only when local builders could not commit to completing construction of the closet surrounding the lake by July.

If you decide the read the original article, be prepared for rowing double entendres.

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Illustrations are from Allan Showalter’s Heck of a Guy blog.

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