Skinner’s a “Pain,” But Come On

A friend of McHenry County Blog points out the following mini-editorial published Saturday in the Daily Herald:

Flash, boom, ban:

State politician-turned-blogger Cal Skinner, he of some rather strident and loudly voiced views, certainly can be a pain.

But the McHenry County Board’s overreaction to Skinner’s flash photography at board meetings is bizarre, especially since Skinner desisted when asked to do so by the board chairman.

The board is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal to ban flash photography at public meetings and confine all photographers to the back corners of the board room.

Board member Barb Wheeler got it exactly right when she said, “To change a rule because of one man’s actions on one day is ridiculous.”

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Editor’s note: most, but not all, of the objecting county board members worked to get me out of the Illinois House. Did they think my interest in public policy would just disappear?

Click to enlarge the graphic, created by a Friend of McHenry County Blog with a sense of humor I appreciate.

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