Photo Rules Back to the Darkroom for More Development

Thursday, the Northwest Herald’s Kevin Craver continued his coverage of the fallout from my photo flashing of McHenry County Board members at the meeting where the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax was defeated…by Republicans.

Craver focuses on what I thought was the most colorful opposition:

The photography rule was inspired by blogger Cal Skinner, who took steady flash pictures for one minute at a February meeting. Member Dan Shea, R-Fox River Grove, supports the ban – he equated such photography to the flash-bang grenades used by law enforcement to stun criminals.

Management Services Committee Chairman Tina Hill (R-Woodstock) said that only three members outside her committee provided any comment.

The changes provided by her committee received so little support that they were sent back to committee for more work.

Craver notes that McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Cynor defense of the Open Meetings Act.

If you would like to read some other details and quotes–complete with pictures, some taken with a flash, some without–you can find them in this McHenry County Blog story.

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