Flash in the Pan

How did I miss this Daily Herald article by Chuck Keeshan?

It begins with my name and is entitled,

McHenry County ban on flash photography tabled, could soon be dead

I wrote about the McHenry County Board’s attempt to ban flash photography and require all photographers to go to the back of the room to take pictures.

Keeshan got this quote from Woodstock’s Tina Hill, who chaired the committee that brought forth the restriction in the rules:

“My guess is we’re going to ask for courtesy with flash photography, not ban it.”

Keeshan got more of Algonquin board member Marc Munaretto’s allusion to the rules being sophomoric than I caught. Here’s what I missed in his comparison to study hall rules:

“No chewing gum. No talking in class. No flash photography.”

Virginia Peschke of Bull Valley was worried that it would send the wrong signal on the desire for public participation.

eeshan did note the presence of McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Cynor.

And, that Hill wants to put county board meetings on the internet.

She advising people to prepare to get their hair done.

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The top picture is of McHenry County board member Tina Hill. Below her is a photography of Virginia Peschke. At the bottom left is McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Tom Cynor.

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