More on Urinals

Who would have thought McHenry County Blog would write twice about urinals within a week?

Last week I touched on how McHenry County Board members were poised to relieve themselves in public on me for taking flash pictures of them the day they considered the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax.

What a coincidence, the main part of the meeting last week was about a $700,000 increase in the cost of a new Animal Control Facility. And how was it to be financed, according to the Animal Control folks?

With the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax.

The other part of the meeting was about new camera rules. To the back of the room and no flashes. You’ll have to read this article to find out the results.

But, back to now.

Sunday the Chicago Sun-Times put a urinal on its front page.

I know most of you won’t believe that, so I’ve posted a copy of it here.

A 13-person contingent, a bunny and a cat, drove down to Springfield for the Old Capitol Art Fair this weekend and on the way home some of us stopped at the Belvidere Oasis on the Tollway to, well, relieve ourselves.

Here’s what the urinals look like.

My, my.

They look a lot like the ones being installed for legislators, except the automatic flusher laser is on the wall above the urinal, instead of part of the urinal itself.

You can enlarge the images, including that of Keely cat being quite bored by the almost four-hour trip home from Springfield, by clicking on them. Keely had to hold it until he got home, but we did let him use his litter box in the Burger King parking lot across from Cozy Dog after we discovered out first choice for eating was closed.

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