Sanity in HIV Reporting…Finally

Recommended in the late 1980’s by President Ronald Reagan’s AIDS/HIV Commission–on which Illinois State Rep. Penny Pullen (R-Park Ridge) served–the Illinois General Assembly finally seems to be following the advice that she and to-be-Clinton AIDS Czarina Christine Gebbe agreed upon.

The Daily Herald’s Amber Ellis wrote the story on Friday.

The legislation was “overwhelmingly approved” by the Illinois House, the article says.

It doesn’t say that the AIDS Foundation of Chicago opposed the bill.

Now, patients have to give written consent to get an HIV test.

It has not been a routine test like it will be when this legislation becomes law. Even then, people can opt out, if they wish, but that’s the case with any test.

The virus has its own civil rights protection. No other disease has been treated like HIV.

And, if you were a germ, wouldn’t you want to make it hard to be found?

Why would you want to let your host know he was sick?

So, why did an Illinois House dominated by Democrats change its mind?

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (sic) finally decided to require it- -almost 20 years after the recommendation was made by the Presidential Commission- -if states were to continue to get subsidies from the federal government.

Nothing like money as a motivator.

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