David Moore of Moore Turf Care Says Huntley School Administrators Lied

I couldn’t make the May 17th Huntley School District 158 board meeting, so I asked for a copy of the recording. It’s about five hours long.

The first item of interest was three minutes of public comment from David Moore, owner of Moore Turf Care.

Mr. Moore was one unhappy camper.

Here’s pretty much all he said:

I’m here to speak to you tonight regarding the article in the Northwest Herald today.

Mr. Carlin has spoken publicly defaming my business and I’m here to address this matter.

My reputation and my company’s reputation are a serious matter.

And, I repeat, my and my company’s reputation is a very serious matter.

I do not like conflict.

As anyone knows me I, do not tell lies.

I’ve worked too hard to let this go without responding.

I have asked to meet with Dr. Burkey in private and I’m not happy about being here to talk in public.

We’ve had another article in the paper today defaming Moore Turf Care.

We have received legal notice from District 158 accusing me of non-performance of aeration.

I’m here to tell you this is an outright lie.

The administrators are lying and I have written proof of their lies.

The notice to cure was sent to three levels of administrators. It states they have inspected the athletic fields three times and found no visible signs of adequate aeration taking place at Harmony Road and Reed Road Campus.

Aeration work was done the same at all three campuses.
I have written documentation from the Athletic Director, the baseball coach and the varsity soccer coach stating that this work was done. I have two affidavits from two Moore Turf Care employees stating the aeration work was done.

The administrators have lied.

We have received legal threats from these administrators stating that the work was not don and they are based on lies.

Is it absurd and irresponsible for administrators not to speak to school employees?

Your allegations of non-performance are not true and I have the proof to back it up. That’s those packets I passed out to you guys.

I cannot take another public bashing and not reply to it.

The administrators are lying and they know they are lying.

I have a letter from my lawyer.

He then read from his lawyer’s letter, which included comments about a “vendetta,” among other pretty strong comments.

“I have one closing statement,” Moore said.

“Your time is up,” Board President Green interjected.

“This is our 11th…”

“Your time is up, sir,” Green said again.

“OK,” Moore said and left the podium.

Board member Kim Sjaka then asked, “Has the board been given information about the spill, who the spill was given to? Do we know who the environmental specialist is? Do we know where the sod is currently?

“These kinds of questions weren’t answered at the last meeting I was at the he was not at,” she continued.

“We did discuss this at the Building Committee meeting,” board member Larry Snow replied.

“At the Building meeting Dr. (John) Burkey stated that he had asked three questions in n email. I don’t think that’s been answered, has it, Dr. Burkey?“ Carlin asked.

“He has not,” Superintendent Burkey replied.

“It seems to be a customer services issue, as well,” Carlin added.

Green deferred the discussion until later in the meeting.

You can read what happened tomorrow.

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