The PACE Hole

Everyone who purchases anything in McHenry County sees one-quarter of one percent of the cost go to finance the Regional Transportation Authority.

But in the Crystal Lake area, only residents of Crystal Lake can climb on board, even if the bus goes right past the front of their house.

No, let me personalize this post.

The PACE bus uses Lake Avenue, the street with 6,500 vehicles per day the last time I checked a traffic count.

But, no one on Lake Avenue in Lakewood can take the bus.

That’s because Lakewood does not pay money in addition to its shoppers’ sales taxes in order to provide this door-to-door bus service to its residents.

Because I’m an old guy, Algonquin Township will send a bus this western edge of Algonquin Township, if I called, but that makes little sense.

Similarly, Grafton Township has a township-wide bus service which would serve the other side of Meridian Street, if anyone cared to call it.

Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley was named a member of the PACE board about the time he decided to support an opponent of mine in a Republican primary election.

When he came to speak to Crystal Lake Kiwanis, I asked him for subsidy figures for each PACE bus service in McHenry County. He said he would provide it, but it has not yet come.

I also asked why the City of Crystal Lake did not sign an intergovernmental agreement with Algonquin Township under which Algonquin Township would just pay Crystal Lake for the very few Lakewood calls for door-to-door bus service, which might occur.

He said that would be worth considering, but I haven’t seen any follow-up.

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The picture of Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley was taken when he spoke to Crystal Lake Kiwanis.

At least this PACE bus slowed down in front of our house as a Lakewood Policeman in this police car was issuing a ticket. It is the closest a PACE bus has come to stopping in Lakewood in years.

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