Freedom of Speech Debated by County Board

It must be so tiresome to listen to one’s and other people’s constituents on county zoning matters.

That’s what I concluded some McHenry County Board members must think when I read Kevin Carver’s Northwest Herald article Sunday.

Tina Hill’s lightning rod Management Services Committee was playing the role of Rules Committee last week.

You’ll remember that the last time around the recommendations failed to pass.

Something about camera flashes reminding one colorful board member of flash bang grenades used to confuse the enemy.

I didn’t even read the article at first.

It’s title, “Comment rules debated,” made me think it was about comments below NW Herald stories.

Come to find out some members may be thinking about the next round of citizen uproar over the Duda Corporation’s de-annexation from Barrington Hills.

Again Nunda Township county board member Barb Wheeler was quoted in the NW Herald:

Like her opposition to a proposed flash photography ban on account of blogger Cal Skinner taking pictures at one meeting, Wheeler said the solitary legal threat was not enough cause to dissuade public comment on zoning matters.

“Fear of a lawsuit is a lousy reason,” Wheeler said Friday. “One person threatens something, and all of a sudden we’re reacting or overreacting.”

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