Greens’ Press Conference Ignored

2008 Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney held a press conference in Springfield last week to chastise the power (my word, not his) parties’ inability to pass a budget.

Springfield Journal-Register political reporter Doug Finke didn’t write a story about the press conference, but did mention the Greens’ political appearance in his Sunday column, the Statehouse Inisder:

Former Green Party candidate for governor, RICH WHITNEY, weighed in last week on the state’s budget imbroglio. He called a news conference to opine on how Republicans and Democrats have made a mess of things and how the Green Party would do it better.

I could find only one article in the whole state about the press conference, in the Bloomington Pantagraph (by Mike Riopell).

And you wonder why third parties don’t get anywhere in Illinois.

(There was an editorial in Kankakee, but one has to be a subscriber to read it.)

Whitney spoke to the McHenry County Defenders.

Whitney got 10% of the ballots for governor. I got 2% in 2002.

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