Carpentersville Majority Settles for Symbolism in Immigration Vote

Call me cynical, but the timing of the English-only campaign in Carpentersville—leading up to the municipal elections—has had me thinking it was primarily a way to re-elect the two village trustees leading the fight.

I can identify a “wedge” issue when I see one.

Proponents Judith Sigwalt and Paul Humpfer won election.

So, if it was a campaign tactic, it was a good one.

The village president, Bill Sarto, a political opponent, called the new board majority’s bluff a couple of weeks ago by asking for a vote on the English-only ordinance his two opponents had introduced.

They demurred.

Now, they seem to have settled for a non-binding resolution, which passed 5-2.

In Springfield, resolutions are rarely worth the paper on which they are written.

In any event, Elgin’s Courier-News had the best headline of four I saw yesterday:

goes before
C’Ville board

I assume the paper went to press before the resolution passed.

The Chicago Tribune’s story seemed least accurate:

Carpentersville Oks English-only law
Language ordinance
criticized by mayor

Here’s what the Northwest Herald thought the story was all about:

C’Ville goes English only
Village Board opts for declaratory resolution over ordinance

Finally, the Daily Herald’s headings:

Carpentersville makes English official

But measure in non-binding, so village business still will be multilingual

There was something in the Elgin reporter Ben Lefebvre’s article that I have never seen before. He actually used the word “left-wing” to describe leftwingers.

How about that?

Here’s how he described the Chicago demonstrators:

about 50 members of the left-wing, Chicago-based Emergency Response Network.

I guess you can see some of them in the Tribune’s photograph.

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Carpentersville Majority Settles for Symbolism in Immigration Vote — 1 Comment

  1. Good stuff, Cal.

    In reality, President Sarto called for the trustees to bring the Illegal Immigration ordinance back to the table for discussion, rather than simply bring up the English-only ordinance.

    The response of the Trustees Sigwalt, Humpfer and Hinz — who were all elected on “The All-American Team” platform to combat illegal immigration and get the ordinances passed — was … silence. Nothing but crickets chirping in the boardroom.

    Seems they’ve now taken the same position Sarto originally proposed, even after vowing, on the eve of the election celebration, to “get this passed”.

    Too bad they wasted all the time and energy of the residents and the Board.

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