Firestorm Over Crystal Lake Gala Festival Entrance Fee

Tuesday the Northwest Herald published a letter to the editor from Dan McMullen, who lives in Crystal Lake.

He apparently read the booklet and found that people would have to pay $5 to get into the grounds ($3, if before 3 PM.).

The site certainly seems well fenced.

It goes all the way around where the food concessions and drinking will be.

Skinner’s (no relation) Carnival is unfenced and I’ll bet that its food concessions will do a lot better than in prior years.

As I post this about 9:45 Wednesday night, there are 139 comments.

Comments have taken on a life of their own.

Not exactly the kind of publicity that the Festival desires, I imagine.

The photographs of the Crystal Lake Gala Festival’s fencing can both be enlarged by clicking on them.

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