McHenry County Board Flinches on Flashes

I’m a little behind on covering the phobia some members of the McHenry County Board have at having their pictures taken.

When we last looked at this controversy, the county board had blinked:

County Board Blinks on Flashes

Photo Rules Back to the Darkroom for More Development

Panel gets the picture

Then, last week Kevin Craver of the Northwest Herald reported in a story entitled,

Flash in the Pan

that when suggested rule changes go back to the county board from Tina Hill’s committee,

“Limits on photography at McHenry County Board meetings did not make it into the final version of proposed board rule changes.”

Craver said my photo-taking was “prodigious” at the meeting when the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax was narrowly defeated.

That trip to Woodstock led to the proposal to prohibit flash photography, combined with a punitive requirement that photographs could only be taken from the back of the board room.

Well, it was better than being squashed like a cicada.

Hill (R-Woodstock) told the committee “she had received little positive feedback from fellow board members and the public regarding the rule.”

Little wonder.

In any event, late Wednesday night when I was typing a story about McHenry County College’s attempt to gain permission to violate Crystal Lake’s ordinance which protects the watershed of Crystal Lake and a not-too-subtle threat, if approval were not given, the headline above came to me in a flash, so to speak.

I had to write a story to go with the headline and this is it.

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