Humorous Take by Allan Showalter on Carpentersville

Again I have the privilege of pointing you to a funny “One Heck of a Guy” Allan Showalter story.


Carpentersville Outlaws Joie de Vivre – English Now Lingua Franca

In Compromise, Board Agrees To Speak Very LOUDLY and S-l-o-w-l-y To Furriners,

First, I should warn you that it contains an illustration of partially clothed men.

But the copyright has expired, so feel free to look.

Showalter refers to the Carpentersville village mothers and fathers as “philosopher-kings and philosopher-queens” in his post about the 5-2 vote to pass

“a non-binding resolution that confers upon this decision an authority and prestige equal to that of legislative actions establishing National Pickle Day, Backpack Safety Month, and Dairy Goat Awareness Month as official commemorations…”

I don’t think Pickle Packers International, Inc., located on One Pickle and Pepper Plaza down St. Charles way would approve of Showalter’s derision.

On the days he sponsored resolutions honoring the pickle, former State Rep. John Grotberg (R-St. Charles) used to promote the industry by giving away hand-sized pickle toys that made a distinctive noise when squeezed. This led to stranger sounds than heard normally on the Illinois House floor for several days thereafter.

In the 1970’s, these folks donated a big pickle that was used as a traveling award each year, given to the most bone-headed Illinois politician at the old Illinois Legislative Correspondence Association Gridiron Dinners. Actually, the award was “for getting into the biggest pickle.”

But I digress.

The inimitable Showalter, truly “one heck of a guy,” outlines the consequences of enforcement by the “Language Police.” I won’t even try to summarize how he envisions Carpentersville’s future.

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The graphic of a man calling for a recount has been unabashingly taken from Allan Showalter’s article. Good knows where he found it.


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