Hooked on the Mob Trial?

If you are, you can obtain access to the U.S. Attorney’s exhibits, including tape recordings, by clicking on this page on the U.S. Attorney’s web site.

Judge James Zagel has allowed their dissemination, but only by the internet.

That’s what U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s spokesman Randall Samborn wrote earlier today:

“Please be advised that Judge Zagel has authorized the Government to release trial exhibits publicly only via the Internet on the U.S. Attorney’s Office website. We are endeavoring to establish a webpage containing the trial exhibits that have been admitted and published to the jury so far, but I do not expect it to be available until sometime this evening, hopefully, and probably not until after the 6 p.m. news cycle. I will send out another email notice when it is launched with a link to the page. It will contain the photos that were admitted yesterday, along with the audio/video tapes and transcripts that were presented today.”

How’s that for an innovation?

Samborn later advised,

“The exhibits are now available on the Internet via the link above. Please note that audio/video recordings are embedded in the pdf transcripts of each consensual conversation; that is, if you click on the pdf link corresponding to the date of a conversation, separate links to the audio/video recordings will appear beneath the transcript.”

The top photo was labeled “group photo” by the prosecutors. Can anyone name the diners?

Below left is Joseph Lombardo with dark hair. A bit lower and to the right appears to be a booking photo of Anthony Spilotro. Frank Schweihs is seen below Lombardo. Below Spilotro is Anthony Daddino. Marshall Caifano is below Spilotro. Mike Glitta is next to the bottom on the left. Louis Eboli is bottom right. Alva Johnson Rogers is on the bottom left.

I haven’t listened to the tape recordings yet, but you might find them interesting in their entirety after you read or hear snippets.

The tape recordings are from way back in 1987 and 1988.

All are labeled consensual.

Probably not by both parties to the conversation.

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