Those Secret School Administrator Contracts

Looks like Prairie Grove School District 46 is not the only one whose board is fuzzy on the requirements of the Open Meetings Act.

You will remember that the little school district between Crystal Lake and Cary granted its Superintendent Mary Fasbender a three-year extension on her contract–worth $450,000–in a secret meeting, according to the NW Herald.

McHenry County Blog dipped into the controversy the night of the April school board elections.

Right. That was the night I was threatened with arrest for taking pictures and laughing too loud. This is the confrontation that inspired “Heck of a Guy” Crystal Lake blogger Allan Showalter to make up a “Wanted” poster for me.

The Daily Herald reported on its web site on Tuesday that the St. Charles school board violated the Open Meetings Act for the same purpose.

And the Kane County State’s Attorney got involved, the same way the McHenry County State’s Attorney did.

School boards hiding superintendents’ contracts.

My, my.

= = = = =
The top picture is Prairie Grove Grade School Superintendent Mary Fasbender while the board was in open meeting.

The bottom photo is inside the secret meeting at which her previously secretly granted raise was apparently being debated. This was taken after she jerked her head right and then left in an attempt to get out of the camera’s range. (You had to see it to believe.)

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