Blagojevich Doing Big Favor for Legislators

Somebody has probably written about this, but I haven’t seen it, so here goes.

In a fit of logic, the General Assembly enacted legislation that denied legislators per diem payments after the Constitutional deadline beyond which a super-majority was required to make a law effective immediately upon signature.

Because of this law, those legislators who cannot finance their hotel rooms and meals out of their own pockets or out of their campaign funds have had a disincentive to be in Springfield since June 1st.

It shows in the attendance figures this year.

But, once a Governor calls a special session, the state reps. and senators start getting money for every day they are in Springfield.

And, folks, as I well know, this is tax-free money.

That means anything that is not spent is pure gravy for the legislator.


Blagojevich Doing Big Favor for Legislators — 1 Comment

  1. That was a good excuse to get readers over from Illinoize to here. I’ll have to hand it to you.

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