Perhaps A Clue as to Inmate Medical Care Complaints

Perhaps we now have a clue as to why inmates of state prisons complain about their medical care.

Former Illinois Director of Corrections Don Snyder has been indicted for taking $50,000 in kick-backs on not one, but two health care contracts.

On one, lobbyist John J. Robinson of Barrington Hills, is alleged to have received $2,500 a month through J. Patrick Noll (JPN), plus five percent of Vendor A’s income from Corrections contracts. Snyder got $20,000 in cash, about one-fourth of the lobbyist’s take from an Illinois firm. Robinson was undersheriff from 1999 to 2001. He was a lobbyist from 1996 to 2003.

Another Larry E. Sims from Pleasant Plains fronted for a Pennsylvania health care company from which Snyder is said to have received about $30,000 in cash.

If the Director of Corrections were on the take, it is also possible that complaints about inadequate medical care would not be taken seriously.

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